Greenhouse Cafe at Perth CBD

If you have read my blog here, you should have known by now that I have had the best meal throughout my Perth trip in this interesting looking premise, The Greenhouse Cafe. 

Perth Day 4- Perth CBD

We only had our first 2 days pre-booked with tour packages, so that means, from the 4th day onward we would have all the day to ourselves. 

Singapore one day trip: What to see?

We went on an impromptu one-day road trip to Singapore somewhere in August, and we had one of the best weekends in 2016! It was adventurous and full of fun, and even more so for D as it was his first time in the Singa-land and he was the designated driver, so it was definitely an all-new experience for D, and for us, one that's worth documenting! 

SARTORI, Verona Wine Tasting @ Portofino Italiano Ristorante Lucky Garden Bangsar

I must admit that I was never fond of alcohols and I don't have the best knowledge when it comes to alcoholic beverages. But I did pick up a little interest for wine after my first wine tasting experience on Captain Cruise in Perth. 

Ben's General Food Store @ The Gardens Mall

If you haven't already known, Ben's General Food Store has just reopened in The Gardens Mall. 
This time, it's bigger, nicer, and of course more food options! 

Thai Hou Sek @ 1 Utama

I've never really been a fan of this mall, mainly hindered by the ginormous size of this premise, it's almost impossible to walk from one end to another in a short time. And even if I did go there in the past years, I've only been 
But I didn't know I've been missing out a really good restaurant that's situated in the old wing all these while! 

Kapitan Kongsi Hotel & Restaurant, Malacca

I used to be really sick of people enquiring my ethnicity, are you a Malay? Chinese? 
Some would say I look absolutely Chinese, but the majority of people I know agree that I look like a mixed blood.
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