Kapitan Kongsi Hotel & Restaurant, Malacca

I used to be really sick of people enquiring my ethnicity, are you a Malay? Chinese? 
Some would say I look absolutely Chinese, but the majority of people I know agree that I look like a mixed blood.

For this 'exotic' look, I thank my baba Nyonya roots (though my dad love to think that we're Thai-Chinese). Hahaha! 

So I've grown up eating all sorts of Nyonya food! And Nyonya cuisine ranks highly on my list of favourite food! 

That's why I'm all pumped to talk about a brand new restaurant in Malacca- The Kapitan Kongsi Hotel and Restaurant. Special thanks to our friend Kim Yong for taking us to this new gem of Malacca, which us, who live away from the state wouldn't have known otherwise. 

This is an entirely new development so I'm pretty sure not too many people have visited this place before! 
It's quite a distance away from the bustling Malacca town, so do expect serenity and almost zero congestion over here, and I guess that's what makes this place so raw and genuine? 

And also because we were the only ones in the restaurant, I was free to take a photo at any spots I desire. And I must say, I can't find a corner in this restaurant that's not picturesque! Just walk and pause at anywhere, that's instantly an insta-worthy backdrop! 

One cute thing that's worth mentioning- the owner of this place seems to have a thing for ancient Volkswagen! Read till the end of this post to see a real life ancient Volkswagen van that actually still works today! 

I ordered a watermelon juice to quench my thirst under such scorching heat! 
Naturally sweet, non-diluted, I'll call this the perfect 100% watermelon juice! 

Chap chai
If I could eat belacan, the vegetable options could've been endless. But we had to order this, as this was the only one without belacan, and I also really liked the idea of mixed vegetables.
This dish sits on the sweeter side, so I'm not a huge fan. My impression of chap chai is salty but flavourful owing to the many varieties of vegetables used. 

Chicken Rendang 
This was definitely the winner of the day! 
It's quickly swept clean within minutes! 
The gravy was thick and fragrant, 
a hint of spiciness has definitely enhanced the dining experience! 
It's a dish I'd highly recommend trying. 

Asam Pedas 
We went with Stingray and we couldn't have made a better choice! 
This dish was pretty mediocre, you could get the exact same thing just at any other Nyonya food restaurant in Malacca. But we did enjoy ours nonetheless. 

Omelet has got to be my fave dish to order in a Nyonya restaurant, not for how delicious it tastes, but simply because these fluffy eggs hold enough gravy and would taste absolutely delicious when eaten with rice! Their egg was fluffy yet firm, I cut them into small pieces and soaked them in the Asam Pedas. It's so good! 

Fish cooked in spicy coconut milk 
If you love the milky taste of coconut milk, you would definitely love this dish! 
I would say this dish is like a brother of curry? (Lol) 
It tastes like curry, but with stronger coconut milk taste to it, and also it's less spicy that a curry should! 
So it's perfect for people who adore their curry but could take the spiciness. 
Again, this wasn't the best dish I've eaten. 

I can't leave a Nyonya restaurant without having a bowl of icy goodness, the cendol. 
Their cendol was pretty impressive! It's on par with the other favourite of mine in Jonker street!
They were generous with palm sugar (gula Melaka), and the ingredients were really fresh! 
It was definitely a lovely end to our late lunch! 

Watch us in action in my vlog below! 

This restaurant / hotel definitely stood out amongst the other restaurant in Malacca for its utterly beautiful decoration! It felt as if we were transported back in time to the early 19th century with all the antique on display. Food wise, they definitely need to thrive harder in order to compete with all the existing popular Nyonya restaurants in the town area.

I hope to come back and try their food maybe within a year and see if they're worth a re-visit!

Kapitan Kongsi Hotel and Restaurant
Address: 53, Jalan KLJ 10 Jaya, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 17-907 6723

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