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Makamakan by Jibby @ GLO

Who still remembers the days when Jibby & Co. (read here and here)was flooded with throngs of brunch lovers wanting to taste their food and just check-into the pretty interior design on their Instagrams? 

Duddha KLCC - Asian fusion food in KL

Growing up as an Asian and have barely left our country for an extended period of time all my life makes me love Asian food more than anything else. 

And the latest eatery  I was anticipating to add into my go-to list of Asian fusion restaurants was Duddha, which opened early this year, taking up the last unit at the stretch of al-fresco dining street at Suria KLCC. 

We came here not knowing what to expect of this place. 
But later on we found out that this innovative restaurant donning modern chic design and bold neon colours is actually led by the notorious Chef Jet Lo, the former brain behind Singapore's Ding Dong at Ann Siang Hill. 

The design of this restaurant is very much a marmite thing, some adored it, but I personally disliked it. It's probably down to the fact that I am never a fan of comic illustrations and crazy neon colours. 

Al-fresco dining area was definitely not an option for us under the blazing sun. 
So we went straight into the air-conditioned room but were disappointed by the small space and limited tables. 

The waiter who was serving us was not the friendliest staff, so we didn't get to learn about their special dishes whatsoever. 
We picked whatever appealed to us and it was clearly a fail. 

Chicken In The Pot (RM35) 
This dish is an awful mismatch. 
It felt like we were eating mushroom soup / carbonara with hardly any chicken inside. 
It was honestly too overly creamy, borderline disgusting if I may add. 
We were also greatly disappointed with the stingy portion that came with the RM35 price tag. 

Green Chicken Curry RM33
This dish was no where near as good as the ones I have in just any random Thai food restaurant. 
The green curry was too watery for our liking and the taste was lacking something that I couldn't quite pinpoint. It's probably the spice. 
Again, with not more than 5 pieces of chicken in the bowl, it was hardly filling even a quarter of my tummy. 

Overall, they could do with more improvements should they want to continue thriving in this competitive setting. 

Duddha @ Suria KLCC
Address: Lot G48, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Reservations contact: 03-21662257
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