Penang island_Penang Road Chendol, Macalister Mansion, Bora Bora by Sunset, Clarke Quay

I am so pumped for today because it's been years since our last visit to this beautiful island, my mother's hometown. I have loved Penang for the way it is, the food, the western influenced buildings, the great people there. That explained why I was willing to wake up at 3 in the morning just to get ready so that we all could depart before 5am to avoid the horrible traffic.

Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant and Bar, Taipan

In case you haven't already know, I love eating out. I think my family members just love the idea of eating out, because you get to indulge in a great ambiance that the restaurant has managed to compose, and also able to savour the food at its finest, when it is fresh and hot. Someday last year I googled to find for a great restaurant around area of USJ, and I stumbled upon this restaurant.
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