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If you haven't heard of this word, or this place, or seen a photo of this place on your Instagram,
I will have to assume that you've been living under the rock all these while. 

New Menu Unlocked at Naughty Nuri

Do you think you are the master of ribs? 

Probably not this year as Naughty Nuri has found their first ever Ribs Master on the 9th of November at Naughty Nuri, Atria Mall
The challenge commenced on the 1st of September, where the public were welcome to participate.
To be eligible for the finals, each participant was required to devour one signature BBQ ribs in the shortest time! 
The final showdown comprised of the Top 8 Finalist where they did their best to secure ONE YEAR SUPPLY OF FREE RIBS from Naughty Nuri! The atmosphere was both entertaining and exciting, as the results were so close.
 But, finally David Troy was announced as the Ribs Master of the year of 2018! 

For those who missed out in participating this year, don’t worry stay tuned for next years challenge!

In conjunction with the announcement of the Ribs Master, Naughty Nuri has also launched a brand a brand new menu to commemorate the this meaningful event.

Known for its mouthwatering Balinese style pork ribs, Naughty Nuri’s is here with a brand new menu. Guest will discover the true flavours of what Naughty Nuri’s restaurant has to offer and will be pleasantly surprised at the portion and pricing as well – another reason why Naughty Nuri’s became so popular ever since it was opened in Malaysia back in 2014.

The refreshing menu embraces the:

all-new scrumptious
  Naughty Nuri’s Signature Flaming Iberico Ribs (RM49)!

Dipped in their homemade sauce and flamed to perfection, guest will find the meat to be incredibly
juicy and tender.

Other new items
include the Sizzling Iberico Belly (RM28)

Grilled Iberico Skewers (S: RM20, L: RM30)

Iberico Burger (RM32)

Signature Vegetarian Salad (RM23)

Signature Balinese ‘Sop Tulang’ (24.80)

Indonesian Style Mee Goreng Basah (RM25)

Among the other differences, you will now find servings of two different portions, S & L on selected items in their menu. 
Though at Naughty Nuri’s, the concept of sharing and bonding over meals have been their core, but they have also take into consideration individual diners who would love to enjoy their meal at the restaurant. 

And if you are thinking of celebrating your birthday somewhere special, Naughty Nuri is definitely the hallmark place to celebrate. They now have a custom birthday package for 5 pax (RM250), 10 pax (RM500), 15 pax (RM750), 20 pax (RM1000). To top it all off it comes with a huge 3 feet cake and a vibrant birthday dance to make it a more memorable day for you and your loved ones.

I have also attached the complete menu for your reference!

Follow Naughty Nuri’s on their social media pages for future exciting updates!

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