Table and Apron - delicious Asian fusion delight in PJ

A true hidden gem, that's what I'd refer to Table and Apron as. 
Tucked away in a quaint and lovely neighbourhood,
away from busy roads and crowds, 
Table and Apron has somehow managed to attract crowds without too much advertising or publicity (at least none that I know of).

A humble-looking exterior, 
and a clean and minimalist Scandinavian designed interior,
with crowds filled to the brim,
it's not hard to understand why people love it here. 

The cozy ambiance, 
a simple fusion menu, 
an array of baked goods displayed by the counter near the entrance,
and friendly staffs, 
we fell in love with the place as soon as we were seated. 

I was even more elated when I saw a series of vegetarian options on the menu. 
Not that I am a vegetarian, 
but it's always good to have a balanced diet everywhere I go. 

As it was our first time here, 
we went with the safer options. 

served with ricotta, cilantro, celery and red onion.
Cauliflower has definitely gotten a lot of attention in the food industry over the recent years. 
Roasted cauliflower released an incredible aroma. 
The crunchy nature of the vegetable was enhanced further after the merciless fire. 
We took out ricotta cheese because I can't consume dairy,
but it didn't make the dish any less delicious! 
The nicely roasted aroma paired with the perfect seasoning,
this dish was great as a side,
but also equally delicious on its own. 
Whether you like cauliflower or not,
this modern take on cooking cauliflower will make you enjoy your vegetables even more! 

Spicy chimicurri, cilantro.
Okra was nicely charred that it was a little crispy but still tender on the center. 
Never a fan of cilantro but I must say it went really well with the chimichurri sauce. 
The chimichurri sauce added an exciting soury and slightly spicy flavour to the okra, 
making it the most appetising dish on our table the other day. 
The exciting taste was also incredibly addictive. 
There was no way to stop after we took our first bite. 

Sanbanto pork, Kicap Manis Glaze
The flesh was tender and juicy, 
and it was a joy to eat. 
We adore how the moisture was retained in the flesh, makes detaching the flesh from the bones an easy task. 
We also especially love the taste with a drizzle of the lime juice.
It balances out the sweet caramelized coating of the flesh.
Normally ribs can get a little cloying for me due to its high fats content,
but I seemed to be enjoying this quite a lot, probably due to its sour-y appetising taste from the lime juice. 

gula melaka, whipped cream
We decided to forgo the whipped cream to keep our calories in check,
and also because I don't take dairy. 
The winner of this pie was most definitely the crust! 
It was fragrant and buttery, very much akin to a butter cookie, 
but a denser version, if that makes sense. 
We adored the taste of the crust, but we thought it was a little perhaps overcooked? 
The crust was so hard that cutting them was quite a challenge. 
The apple filling though was a little too sweet for our liking. 

We did return again and ordered other food from their menu. 
We had the chance to try out more vegetables options. 
I wouldn't recommend the dish which incorporates beetroot, probably named baby beet or something alone the line. 
It was so raw and it honestly tasted little disgusting. 
Other dishes like their infamous fried chicken and brownies were all on par with my expectation. 

This place also has a lovely upper-level area which could hold more than 20 pax available for rent for events or gatherings. 
This place is definitely for anyone who adores good food and lovely ambiance. 
I highly recommend checking them out! 

Table and Apron
Hours: Tues-Sun: 11.30am - 4.00pm/6.00pm - 10.00pm
Contact: 03-7733 4000

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