Multi-creaming is the new trend- Haruharu wonder cream invades Malaysian market

Just when we have just adopted the new practice of multi-masking into our beauty regime, 
the new trend of Multi-creaming (using different creams on different concerned area/ layering different creams) has just taken over the K-beauty world. 

Grand Launching of The Dark Party

If you haven't gotten your halloween weekend planned out, this post is written especially for you! 

SHO Peptide Ampoule and Soothing Treatment Face Mask Review

The latest trend in Korean skincare is all about strengthening skin's barrier to achieve that glow from within. 
But how do we provide sufficient nutrient the skin without overdoing it? 

October Empties

Hi! Can't believe I have accumulated this much of empty bottles at this point! 
It's only apt if I talk about my thoughts on these products! 

1. La Roche Posay SeroZinc - If you guys have been following my empties blog you would have known that I can't live without this item! I spray it all over my face after cleansing in the morning to prep my skin for the subsequent skincare regime. Zinc has amazing anti-inflammatory property on the skin besides regulating sebum protection.

2. Clarins White Plus Emulsion with SPF20 - I always count on this product if I know I will be out for just a short while and I don't want to have to put on another layer of SPF. Its lightweight texture moisturises the skin without leaving any sticky residue on the skin. Using it consistently with their serum have also given me a brighter skin tone and lightened hyperpigmentation.

3. Panda Lip Balm - I'm pretty sure I got this overseas, probably in Perth when we were shopping one day. I adore how cute the packaging is, but I don't like the fact that I have to apply the lip balm with my fingers. It also has a pretty thick texture, though I don't find it particularly moisturising on the lips. It has a light bamboo-scent.

4. La Roche Posay Effaclar K+ - This is probably my second tube of Effaclar K+ empties. I love using this in the day, especially when my skin doesn't have much problem other than shine. It helps control oil pretty well but it can be a little drying sometimes, depending on my skincare regime the night before. But it really does a good job at keeping skin clear and matte (thanks to the salicylic acid in it). It's also great to be used under make up as it does not balled up when layered under foundation or any base product. If anything, it helps with longevity of make up by keeping skin fresh and matte all day.

5.  Blink contacts drop - Most people would have known that I am the unfortunate one who suffers from contacts allergies, which I discovered a couple of years ago. Since then, my eyes had been crazily dry whenever I wear contacts and there were even times where I felt like my contacts were falling off when I blink my eyes. But I have noticed that if I place a few drops on my contacts before wearing them, it actually does keep the lens moisturised for longer hours. I now can't wear my contacts before using this contact drops!

6. Clarins Hydra-Quence cream mask - This is mine and D's dry skin S.O.S. Smothering a thick layer on the skin before going to bed at night and you will wake up with moisturised skin the next day! You could also use it like an ordinary mask, put it on, wait for 10-15 minutes before wiping off with a toner and proceed with the rest of your skincare. I absolutely love the calming scent that comes with this face mask, definitely a great way to unwind after a long day. Unfortunately, Clarins has discountinued this product and replaced with another hydration SOS mask, worth checking that out!

7. Innisfree Bija Cica Balm (trial size) - Got this on a birthday gift from Innisfree a while back and finally whipped it out when my skin went haywire earlier this year. And I'd been hooked ever since. I now can't go by a day without using the Bija Cica Balm! It has a not quite gel but not quite cream texture that smooths easily over the skin and does not leave a film. Its interesting texture is absolutely lightweight and absorbs really well into the skin. The Bija Cica Balm is the best product for anyone with red and sensitive skin. I used to think that skin barrier thing was a bullshit until I started using this product. I have experienced first hand, how a healthy skin barrier could transform your skin completely. I can go on and on about this product forever, but I think it's so much easier if you experience it yourself.

8. Nivea Fruity and Shine Lip Balm - Honestly, it's quite a mediocre product. It provides moisture to the lips and a hint of colour at the same time. The colour is a little too sheer for my liking.

9. Bio-Essence Miracle Bio-Water face mist - I love this when I travel. I spray it on my skin every 30 minutes whenever I am on board and I have noticed a difference if I do it and if I don't. I would normally disembark with a glowy and well hydrated skin if I use it religiously and if I don't, my face would look like a greasy mess and I'll be visited by my acne friends when I landed.

10. Nutox Advanced serum concentrate - This serum targets issues related to aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation in just one bottle. I love the convenient dropper design and the overall product packaging. The product was also really lightweight and absorbed really well into the skin. The only downside thought was that the product size is really small. I used it up in just a month's time when I was using it daily. I'd recommend this product to anyone who wants to start with their anti-aging skincare but don't want anything too heavy for fear that it would clog their pores.

11. Skindom acne treatment ampoule - I was introduced to this product when my skin was horrible earlier this year. And this product has definitely helped. I used this product in the day, and the one below it at night . This combo has definitely cleared up my skin and minimised the appearance of scarring. People who are struggling with acne can consider trying these ampoules out. I minimised my skin care routine when my skin was at its horrible state and used these as my only skincare products for that period of time. So I am pretty sure that these products were working for me. The only problem with these products is that they are hard to find and they're always out of stock!

12. The Ordinary Azelaic Acid x 2 - This is one of the most hyped up product of The Ordinary, and is especially great for people with acne concern. If you haven't already known, Azelaic Acid is commonly prescribed for rosacea patients to help combat redness, and reduce inflammation on their skin. Acne is another result inflammation. Thus, using Azelaic Acid on the skin would help reduce bacteria growth, reduce inflammation and clear clogged pores. I love the effect of this product, but because I layer a few more products after this step, it always causes severe balling up issues and I feel like either this or my subsequent skincare is going to waste. If you're keen in using this product, I would recommend using it alone before sunscreen for best result.

13. The ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 5%  x 2 - I am a huge fan of niacinamide and I can't sing enough praises for this ingredient! Zinc helps regulate sebum production, great for oily skin of mine; whilst Niacinamide boost collagen production, brighten my skin tone, calm down inflamed skin and removes hyperpigmentation. Anyone with acne-prone skin would notice an immediate difference on their skin after using this product and I can't recommend it enough!

14. The Ordinary High-spreadibility Fluid primer - This product is such a fail? The product hardens itself in the bottle day after day. Whenever I try to use the primer, I noticed that the products have formed a solid mess (pun intended) in the bottle and it makes getting the liquid out so messy. It's also really hard to control how much I needed because it just gets everywhere. I haven't noticed any difference when I use this and when I don't, if anything I think it makes my pores and texture more visible? Not a big fan.

15. N7 Beautiful eyebrow sculpting pencil - I got this at Boots in Thailand when I was visiting. I actually really enjoy using this eye pencil. Its nib is thick but it's perfectly slanted which help with drawing out the shape and filling it my brows whenever I am in a hurry, which is a norm every morning. It also comes with a spoolie for brushing out harsh lines. I love how waxy it is, it holds my eyebrows in place for hours! I also surprisingly love how not pigmented it is as it is more forgiving when I make mistakes.

16. Maybelline Hyper sharp liner in super black - This could be my favourite eyeliner, only if it doesn't budge. I love how thin it is, great for making the perfect wing, and how thinly I am able to draw the lines. I also love how dark the colour is, which means I don't have to go through my the lines a few time to intensify it. One stroke and it's jet black. This would be great for those without oily skin/oily eyelids! Plus point, it's so affordable too when it's on sale!

17. Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence (travel size) - I received this sample and I would normally use it on my healing acne spots to reduce the chances of hyperpigmentation. I wouldn't say that it has done a great job at preventing the formation of hyperpigmentation, but whenever I use this product, I would notice a glow on my skin, and I love how bright and radiant my skin look with this. Please also note that they have since released an upgraded version which is supposed to work better. Highly recommend checking that one out.

18. The original Beauty Blender - Do you know that you're supposed to replace your beauty blender every 6 months or so? My beauty blender has definitely seen better days. Ever since I have tried out the Beauty Blender, I can't go back to blending any foundation on my skin with a brush or my fingertips anymore! Beauty blender gives the most flawless and streak-free make up application and it has the power to make your skin look natural even if you accidentally use too much of anything, be it blusher, bronzer, concealer, it will absorb them all and give you the most flawless looking make up. I would also wet it with my La Roche Posay Sero Zinc before foundation application to keep my skin looking matte and clean all day!

19. For Beloved one Melasleep Whitening Toner - Got this small size during the Sephora Member's sale some time ago as I was looking to change up my toner. As it is a toner, it is hard to tell if it has done any whitening work on my skin. But I did enjoy using this product for the 7 skin method. It gives my skin so much moisture and normally that would suffice and I could even skip moisturiser. So, not sure about the whitening effect, but I can vouch for how hydrating it is!

20. Muacks VIP Handmade Lip Balm - Got this as a door gift when I was attending an event. This lip balm was actually so good! Maybe because it's all natural and it contains no petroleum jelly, it actually DOES moisturise my lips and plump my lips when I use it. It glides on really smoothly and it is has a bubble gum scent, which I adore. Because it is all natural, it does tend to go bad fairly quickly, so make sure to use them up when they are fresh!

21. Mentholatum Maxilip - This was infused with caviar if I am not mistaken. The bullet comes in a moisture rich inner rim which is supposed to be pack with the benefits of caviar. But to be honest I haven't noticed too much of a difference with this lip balm. I mean it does coats the lips but I am not sure if it's genuinely moisturising the lips.

22. Laneige Lip Tint - I got this in a christmas gift set from Laneige a while ago. I loveeeee this colour. It has a natural pinky shade, which could certainly pass with a no make-up make up look. As it is a lip stain, it does not transfer but it is not a pain the arse to get it off either. And this is actually the kind of formula that I like, cause I don't like having to faff with getting the tint off my lips at the end of the day. It also has a cooling sensation and a sweet scent when applied. Would definitely recommend checking their lip tints out!

23. Nivea Lovely Lips in Natural Pink - Oh gosh I really do not like this product at all. I found that not only did it not moisturise my lips, it actually made my lips peeled. It was disastrous using this product as at the end of the day, my lips would end up feeling drier that it already was even when I had been diligent in reapplying it throughout the day. The colour was also too sheer for my liking. Would not recommend.

24. Benefit What's Up highlighter - Definitely one of my favourite highlighter of all time! The champagney tone colour matches my skin perfectly, when applied, it did not look like a harsh line, instead it looked as if my skin radiate that natural glow when the light hit my face. It was natural but absolutely glowing at the same time. It applies really easily and I find it lasting pretty well on my skin. This highlighter is definitely great for anyone who's into the no-make-up-make-up look with a glass skin effect.

25. Eucerin acne and make up cleansing water x 2 - Need I say more? This is the only make up remover I would ever use and I will not change it to anything else, ever. It cleanses the skin well whilst unclogging pores at the same time. It has no scent and it is gentle even on sensitive skin, but still cleanses really effectively. It is my perfect make up remover.

26. Simple Kind to Skin Eye Make up Remover - Can't believe I bought it again despite the fact that it does nothing with getting waterproof mascara off. But it is for that reason, I find myself leaning towards this product on days where I don't wear mascara. I normally wear eyeshadow, brows and eyeliners on a daily basis so this does the job of taking these make up off really really well without stinging the eyes or causing any discomfort.

27. Sanctuary Spa Warming Detox Charcoal Wash - Got this again at Boots in Thailand. It has a very interesting texture to it. It first came out in gel form where you can see bits of charcoal inside, where you should apply onto dry skin. When the product comes in contact with the skin, it heats up. And you're supposed to massage until the gel transforms into a silky oil. Then you should add a few drops of warm water and continue to massage. This time the oil would transform into a light later. Sounds complicated I know. But it's really interesting to use. But I am not sure if it really cleanses the skin thoroughly. I always felt like it leaves a film on my skin. But I still finished it up nonetheless. But because it is so tedious to use, I don't think I would repurchase it.

28. Innisfree Bija Cica Gel - This works the same like the abovementioned Bija Cica Balm, except it comes in a gel form. I like to use this in the morning and the balm at night, cause I like my skin to feel breathable and light in the morning as I layer on sunblock afterwards. It has all the similar benefits to the skin just like the Bija Cica Balm so I would not bore you with the details. All in all, highly recommend!

29. Innisfree Bija Trouble Gel Cream - This is a gel-type moisturiser with 2% salicylic acid. It is absolutely thin and lightweight and it absorbs into nothing on the skin. I love how high the salicylic acid content is and I have noticed a vast improvement after using this product. It helps clear my skin while the Bija Cica Gel and Balm calms my skin. They are honestly the perfect combo for anyone who wants clear skin without all the redness and dry scaly skin.

30. Kate eyebrow mascara - I bought this colour one day when my Kiss Me eyebrow mascara ran out and I wanted to try something different. Honestly if you have really light hair colour, the Kiss Me one is still the way to go. This one does lightly tint the eyebrow but it is not pigmented enough for my super bushy and dark eyebrow. But overall, it still did its job, it sets the brow. It is an okay product but my favourite is still the Kiss Me one.

31. Sephora Creamy Lip Tint - I got this long time ago when the liquid lipstick has just begun to take over the world by storm. I got this colour to try out because the red colour, what I initially wanted sold out. This creamy lip stain stays on the lips for a really long time, providing vivid matte colours for pretty long hours without drying the lips. This product is honestly great for anyone who wants to use liquid lipsticks/ love matte lips but hate the how it dries out the lips. But I am no longer a fan of bright coloured lips so goodbye creamy lip tint.

32. Eucerin Aquaporin Face Mist - The best thing about this face mist is that the mist is super fine and the way it comes out is continuous! It's hard to explain but as long as you have the nozzle press down, the mist will come out in super super fine mist and it feels more like a fog than a mist if that makes any sense at all. It is great for hydrating the skin, but I think this face mist is especially great for when you want to refresh your make up in the middle of the day. The super fine mist will provide your skin with a shower of hydration without disrupting your make up! Highly recommend!

33. La Roche Posay Effaclar AI - This is an effective spot treatment which is made up of salicylic acid. Some people may find that salicylic acid works for them but some may prefer benzoyl peroxide. I personally think that using them both together, one for day and one for night works the best. I like using this nightly on my angry spots and it would normally calm those spots down within matter of days without the irritation that usually comes with spot treatments. However, this product is really really really expensive for what is is.

34. Olens Caribe 3con Brown - Like I mentioned earlier, I have uber sensitive eyes and I can't wear just any coloured lens. But one thing I do know is that, silicone hydrogels has been compatible with my eyes so far. I then went on a hunt for Silicone hydrogels coloured contacts and found this! They have the most stunning colour on the eyes but not enlarging. D's been loving the way my eyes look whenever I have this on. It is comfortable and it's really pretty! I would highly recommend checking them out if you're interested.

35. La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water - Yet another facial mist. I just can't live without them. I especially love this because I think it really does soothe my inflamed skin. Maybe it's just me, but on days when my skin was particularly angry and red, I would skip toner altogether and use only this as my toner before using other skincare and it somehow works? Maybe it's the spring water, or maybe it's placebo, but this is my favourite facial mist of all time!

KITA Pu'Th - Supplement for acne/oily skin

Struggling with acne, acne scars (PIE/PIH) and sebum overproduction? 
Tried a ton of skincare but couldn't seem to solve the problem?
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