Perth Travelogue Day 2: Perth City and Fremantle Tour

It was the second day of our Perth trip, I'd personally like to think that this was the proper first day we were able to explore this place! My excitement was the best biological alarm as I jumped out of the bed about 5 in the morning! Ha! Daryl and I were amongst the earliest for breakfast at the hotel! 

Carbon Peel Laser at Skin Gym Laser Clinic

I have been introduced to laser treatment for about a year now! I have tried several types of laser, some have failed me, and some have given subtle results. But, I am so happy that I finally found one trusty clinic, that I could go to, should I require any skin fix! 

Oriental Viva @ Viva Home Shopping Mall, KL

 It was Mother's Day, and we were left with only ONE restaurant in the Oriental Group of Restaurants list to fulfill, so we just had to go for this, and sum up once and for all, all our dining experience with the Oriental Group of Restaurants! 

Perth Travelogue Day 1 - Ribs and Burgers; Superstar Waffles

I am finally here to document my Perth trip! 
We went there in July during Raya break, and it couldn't have been a better timing, 
I was so happy that I got to experience their coldest climate, winter time. 

U Pizzeria @ USJ21

Pizza is everyone's comfort food. Italian makes great thin crust pizzas which are also their staple meal; whereas the Americans love their cheesy thick dough Pizza! Just when you think you may have gotten a little bored of your usual pizza choices, I am very sure all the Malaysia Truly Asia options in U Pizzeria will intrigue you!
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