Perth Travelogue Day 2: Perth City and Fremantle Tour

It was the second day of our Perth trip, I'd personally like to think that this was the proper first day we were able to explore this place! My excitement was the best biological alarm as I jumped out of the bed about 5 in the morning! Ha! Daryl and I were amongst the earliest for breakfast at the hotel! 

It was also one of the best days because it was the coldest morning (4 degrees Celsius) throughout our trip in Perth! 
We rushed out of the hotel when we saw the strong wind was blowing, and I knew instantly that I belong to live in a cold country! Haha! 

We were told to gather at this road junction for the tour bus to pick us up. It was only 2 mins walk from the hotel so it was really convenient. 

The tour bus was picking up a bus full of tourists, so it took a lot of detours before we headed to our destination- King's Park.

The bus stopped at the Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre to pick up more tourists. And I took the opportunity to get down and get some cold breeze!

I was running and twirling around in joy! 
It was as if I found where I belonged! 

We then went into the convention centre to use their water closet before kick-starting our long day of touring! 

I really am so in love with Perth city! 
This place is scenic and tranquil! 
Every nook and cranny of this place look photogenic! 
It is also the perfect juxtaposition of a bustling and laid back city. 

This is the iconic landmark of Perth- The Bell Tower! 

After some brief explanations of the city and touring around the city in the bus, the bus disembarked at Kings Park!

Kings Park is one of the must visits when you are visiting Perth! This place is absolutely humungous and our one hour tour clearly didn't suffice.

This 750 years old giant boab, named "Gija Jumula' is one of the major attractions in Kings Park! 
 It was relocated from Kimberley to its current location overlooking the Swan River more than 5 years ago.
This tree is said to be able to live up to 2000 years!  

King Park is also the best place to look at Perth from the bird's view! The sweeping views of the Swan and Canning Rivers, the city skyline and the Darling Ranges to the east were absolutely captivating! I relished in looking at the stunning view, with a little quiet moment, appreciating how big the world is, and how small we are, and yet how much we could change the world if we work hand in hand.

We then continued to stroll around, marvel at the beauty of nature. And squealing non-stop whenever we landed our eyes on any of the bizarre looking plants! All of the plants looked unreal!

Australians are utterly lovely! An old woman who was enjoying the beauty of nature alone in the park agreed to take a photo for us. 

I am gutted that this photo is blurred! 
I love it! 

A random kid who played hide and seek with me! 

It started drizzling when we the time was almost up. So we went back into the bus and headed to our next destination. 
I dozed off in the bus. 
But when I opened my eyes, the rain had subsided, and I saw a different side of Perth! 

Despite being the capital city of Perth, Fremantle is surprisingly vintage looking, all thanks to its rich maritime history! Well-preserved 19th-century buildings and other heritage features made this city looked friendlier and more interesting. 

First stop, Fremantle Market.

As much as I wanted to like this place, it was extremely crowded. It was almost difficult to walk around in the market. 
There were SOOOO many stalls selling a vast variety of food, all of them looked delicious, 
and there were tons of handcrafted items on sale too! 

Due to time constraint, we left Fremantle market after a quick walk.

It was about lunch time so we decided to hunt down for the infamous Fish N Chips!

There were a lot of baskers along the street! 
And most of them were youngsters! 
I guess that's why they receive more loves compared to Malaysian baskers. 

GAH! I am so in love with all the heritage buildings! 

It was one interesting experience having lunch with the fellow seagulls! Read more about Kaili's Fish N Chips here!

Toured around the museum for a bit, before we stopped at San Churros for some fresh and hot churros! 

We picked the filled churros combo, which came with the salted caramel and hazelnut chocolate flavours! 
They were really good! 
Churros were freshly made upon ordering! 
The golden brown churros were so appealing to the eyes!
And also, really appealing to our palate too! It was crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. 
With each bite, the fillings ooze into our mouth, blending everything together! 

If it wasn't deep fried, I could eat 10 of those! 

Then we took a cruise back to Swan River!

All the ladies were swooning over the cruise Captain who looks like he came straight out of a movie. LOL. 

Wine tasting on the cruise! 
Very classy! 

We were also extremely lucky to have been able to witness a school of dolphins came out to play! 
But they were moving too swiftly we did not manage to capture it on camera! 

The 45 minutes cruise was divine! 
It was really nice to be able to enjoy the sea breeze and admire the beauty of Perth from a different point of view! 

The cruise docked at Barrack Square so we were able to catch a glimpse of this iconic landmark close up! 

We were famished by then, so we went to Lucky Chan noodle place for a really comforting and nice meal! Read more about it here

You actually don't have much to do at night in Perth. So we went back to our hotel to rest and unwind!

I really think that we need to come back to Perth, to properly explore Fremantle and Kings Park! There was so much to see and so much to do, but so little time! I totally disagree that Perth is a boring place as I had so much fun doing the usual sight-seeing, eating and also resting!

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