Greenhouse Cafe at Perth CBD

If you have read my blog here, you should have known by now that I have had the best meal throughout my Perth trip in this interesting looking premise, The Greenhouse Cafe. 

Perth Day 4- Perth CBD

We only had our first 2 days pre-booked with tour packages, so that means, from the 4th day onward we would have all the day to ourselves. 

Singapore one day trip: What to see?

We went on an impromptu one-day road trip to Singapore somewhere in August, and we had one of the best weekends in 2016! It was adventurous and full of fun, and even more so for D as it was his first time in the Singa-land and he was the designated driver, so it was definitely an all-new experience for D, and for us, one that's worth documenting! 

SARTORI, Verona Wine Tasting @ Portofino Italiano Ristorante Lucky Garden Bangsar

I must admit that I was never fond of alcohols and I don't have the best knowledge when it comes to alcoholic beverages. But I did pick up a little interest for wine after my first wine tasting experience on Captain Cruise in Perth. 

Ben's General Food Store @ The Gardens Mall

If you haven't already known, Ben's General Food Store has just reopened in The Gardens Mall. 
This time, it's bigger, nicer, and of course more food options! 

Thai Hou Sek @ 1 Utama

I've never really been a fan of this mall, mainly hindered by the ginormous size of this premise, it's almost impossible to walk from one end to another in a short time. And even if I did go there in the past years, I've only been 
But I didn't know I've been missing out a really good restaurant that's situated in the old wing all these while! 

Kapitan Kongsi Hotel & Restaurant, Malacca

I used to be really sick of people enquiring my ethnicity, are you a Malay? Chinese? 
Some would say I look absolutely Chinese, but the majority of people I know agree that I look like a mixed blood.

Dao Xiang Chinese Cuisine Restaurant @ Nexus Bangsar South

If you have been watching this space for a while now, you probably already know how much of a fanatic I am for upmarket Chinese food. Just when I thought I have found another great one in the market according to INVITED REVIEWS, I am here to debunk it! 


I have decided to vlog over the weekend because I thought I had some interesting agendas that might be intriguing to some of you! 

So, if you have watched my vlog, you should've heard that I mentioned we were going to a branded expo/ warehouse sales kinda event to catch some bargains! I guess I should give you the full info on what happened since I did not record the whole process. 

This so-called branded sale was at Citta Mall, and it was just at an empty shop lot, without any proper signboard, just a bunting. We went there without a clue of precisely where it was located or who was selling the items. We just thought, hey, so many people talked about such sales on FB, they can't be fake. 

To give you an idea, below are some of the photos of similar branded warehouse sales posted on FB that I have managed to capture. 

So we went there, the crowd was there, but nothing too crazy. We went in and took a look. The clothes were all dubious looking. But we thought, oh well, if the discount could go up to 90%, it must be some past seasons' stocks, and that explained why the clothes there weren't looking too appealing. 

I couldn't get anything for myself because the place clearly looked like it was targeting at the men! 
So D went around and started picking out some clothes. He's been wanting to get a nice white shirt which looks exclusive and expensive, but nothing too eye-catching (no big prints / logos), so he decided to get a decent looking white shirt from Thom Browne. 

D likes the fact that this brand is somewhat low profile, but the cloth was really thick and felt almost luxurious as it was thick, BUT, it was incredibly stiff and was difficult to work with. But I have never touched any Thom Browne's shirts before, so I couldn't make any judgment about the awkward material.

Well, if you haven't heard about that particular brand, you might know Fred Perry and Polo Ralph Lauren? The craziest deal has got to be Fred Perry. That was the biggest selling point of all times I guess? Every time I see a branded expo, they talk about their Fred Perry polo shirts get discounted up to 90%. 

Anyway, back to us, D grabbed a Gucci T Shirt, a Thom Browne's white shirt and an AX t shirt. I got my dad Fred Perry shirt. I mean, let's face it, less than 20 bucks for a shirt, it's a steal! 

We were rushing to a food tasting event so we didn't have time to scrutinise those clothes. We made our payment in a haste, dumped those bags at the back of our car and went on with our day. Oh, I gotta mention that the person who was paying before us paid a few thousands bucks in that particular sales.

After a long day, we got home and D started trying out those clothes. We knew it immediately that the clothes were fake the moment D put them on because the sizes and fit were odd and atrocious! We then quickly checked on the labels and bingo! All the shirts were made from China. 

The Thom Browne's shirt that D got, was a total failed replica! If you refer to the picture below featuring the original item, you almost can't tell it's a replica. 


But if you give it a closer look? 

The fishes should be stitches instead of stickers! 
Wow! Great job I must say! 

And next is the total failure Gucci replica! 
I didn't know Italian speaks mandarin -.- 

When we were at the stall we saw this, made in Italy so we're like, okay, shouldn't be a problem. But foolish us... 

The label should look like this!!! 

We were super angry with the seller so we called them and requested for a refund cause we found out the products are fake and if they fail to comply, we would lodge a report against them. 

Super thankful that we managed to get our refunds the next day before they vanish in the air. -.- 

And my gut feelings tell me that, all of these warehouse sales are managed by the same group of people. So don't ever ever ever think of grabbing some good deals in such events, id rather go to an outlet, or just buy Zara. -.- 

Enough of public service announcement, below are some of the random photos I took throughout the weekend! 

So happy that D had finally found a nice and proper white shirt! Super love this one! And I love to see D in white button down like this! 
This is from Sacoor Brothers btw! 

Some random cafe that we popped in after our satisfying lunch in Malacca! Didn't manage to get the name of this cafe, but they serve one of the best coffee in town! 

Watch us in action in the vlog below! Hope you enjoy watching it!

GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment

GLAMGLOW had shattered the world since its debut into the high end beauty world some two years ago. 

Viet Hoa, Perth, WA

If you have read my previous entry here, you should have known that we have had a really long day. 

Perth Day 3 - Caversham Wildlife Park, The Pinnacles and Lancelin Sand Dunes

The third day in Perth, this was definitely the most action-packed day of the entire trip! 

Pang's Kitchen @ Voizsup, Taman Desa KL - Michelin Star Dining Experience

Hearty home-cooked dishes served by a Michelin-Starred Chef? I'M IN! 

Ballotin Chocolate @ Kota Damansara

If you have a soft spot for Chocolates, Ballotin Chocolate might potentially be your kryptonite. 

Shinmapo Korean BBQ at SS15 Courtyard

Korea's Number 1 BBQ Restaurant, Shinmapo (New Mapogalmegi) has taken Malaysia by storm since its opening in early August! 

Flower Blooming Teas from Tea Life Asia

They say you're either a coffee or a tea person, I am without a doubt a tea person! 

Wings Music Cafe, Puchong

Almost everyone has dreamt of becoming a singer in their childhood, shamelessly, I am no exception. 

Lucky Chan's Laundry and Noodle Bar, Northbridge, Perth

We'd all remembered vividly that upon passing by this shop the day before, we have seen throngs of people flooding this place. At that very moment, I was really curious as to how can the Oz get so lazy with doing their laundry, and how they'd rather brave the cold standing outside the shop, just to get their chances to get their laundry done. 

Carbon Peel at Skin Gym Laser Centre - Second time

Just like I have promised in my previous blog post, I am here to update on my second carbon peel treatment at Skin Gym Laser Clinic. 

Kailis' Fish Market Cafe, Fremantle, Perth

They say if you ever visit Fremantle, you got to give their Fish N Chips a try! If you don't, you might as well not going to Fremantle altogether. 

Deutsches Haus German Restaurant and Bar at Jaya 33

It was D's mum's birthday. Instead of heading out to dine in just another Chinese restaurant in town, we have decided to try out German cuisine! 

Perth Travelogue Day 2: Perth City and Fremantle Tour

It was the second day of our Perth trip, I'd personally like to think that this was the proper first day we were able to explore this place! My excitement was the best biological alarm as I jumped out of the bed about 5 in the morning! Ha! Daryl and I were amongst the earliest for breakfast at the hotel! 

Carbon Peel Laser at Skin Gym Laser Clinic

I have been introduced to laser treatment for about a year now! I have tried several types of laser, some have failed me, and some have given subtle results. But, I am so happy that I finally found one trusty clinic, that I could go to, should I require any skin fix! 

Oriental Viva @ Viva Home Shopping Mall, KL

 It was Mother's Day, and we were left with only ONE restaurant in the Oriental Group of Restaurants list to fulfill, so we just had to go for this, and sum up once and for all, all our dining experience with the Oriental Group of Restaurants! 

Perth Travelogue Day 1 - Ribs and Burgers; Superstar Waffles

I am finally here to document my Perth trip! 
We went there in July during Raya break, and it couldn't have been a better timing, 
I was so happy that I got to experience their coldest climate, winter time. 

U Pizzeria @ USJ21

Pizza is everyone's comfort food. Italian makes great thin crust pizzas which are also their staple meal; whereas the Americans love their cheesy thick dough Pizza! Just when you think you may have gotten a little bored of your usual pizza choices, I am very sure all the Malaysia Truly Asia options in U Pizzeria will intrigue you!

Mama San @ Suria KLCC, KL

If you know me personally, you will know that I would always claim myself as a Caucasian, not for the way I look (obviously), but due to the fact that I could go on and eat bread or Western cuisines continuously for weeks and months, and I still would not get bored at all. But oh well, one of those days, my Asian blood would just decide to take over, which was why we ended up in Mama San, a restaurant that serves Asian food, with a twist! 

Yoshinoya and Hanamaru Udon Malaysia- New Menu and U mobile perks

Whenever I need a quick Japanese cuisine fix, I would always pop into Yoshinoya Hanamaru if there is any. Just when I thought this place is one of the recent trends of Japanese fast food scene, Yoshinoya has actually come a long way, dating back to 1899. 

Nicsmann 1940s By Lewre at Trec KL

Being a foodie all his life, the established local shoemaker, Dato Lewre Lew (read: Loo-rare) had partnered up with his friends from HK to venture into the food industry, not only to satisfy his own taste buds, but also to bring an extraordinary dining experience to fellow passionate local foodies like himself. 

Caffe Bene at Sunway Pyramid - U mobile Perks

Caffe Bene, an Italian inspiration of the Koreans, carries the meaning of "Good Coffee".

Yankee Candles - Home fragrance recommendations

Originated in the US and made in the US, Yankee Candle was born in 1969, when a 16-year-old boy decided to make a candle for his mother for Christmas due to financial constraint. With just some household wax, a red crayon, some string for a wick and a milk carton for the mold, Mike utilized all the available items in his kitchen to make a personalized gift for his mother. A neighbor who happened to see the candle before he could give it to his mother had convinced him to sell it to her. With just the littlest grubstake in hand, Mike bought enough materials to make two new candles, one for his mother and another to sell. 

Cedar on 15 at Impiana KLCC

The best part about birthdays in my family is that we get to choose restaurant of our choice for a lovely meal! My sister turned 21 on the 11th of April and she had been dying to dine at restaurants that serve some really good cocktail. She'd been dreaming about drinking a glass of cocktail on the night she officially turned 21. There were a few places on my lists, but Cedar on 15's posh interior design, and relatively affordable price tag stood out amongst other competing hotel bars! 

Love18 Cafe at SetiaWalk Puchong - Handmade chocolates

Chocolate has long been associated with love, and Love18 is aspired to cultivate this old, but new concept in the society. Love18, a place that celebrated the first 8th anniversary of this lovely married couple, is determined to spread not just love in this world, but also happiness and kindness. 

Scalp Treatment at Svenson Hair Care Centre

Established since 1956, Svenson is renowned for its expertise in scalp and hair care. Started off with a single shop in London, UK, this hair care centre which is undoubtedly the leader in hair and scalp care programmes, has bloomed and mushroomed all over the world within half century. 

Portofino Ristorante Italiano @ Lucky Garden Bangsar - Authentic Italian Cuisine

Italy has always been on top of my to-travel-to lists all the time. I adore their food, I love how scenic the country is and I too love how they have come a long way with an incredible history behind. 

Acme South @ Bangsar Village

Acme South, the spin off of the highly heated discussed about Acme Bar and Coffee at Troika downtown KL is officially opened about a year ago! After the catapult of the successful ABC, the owner had decided to venture into the South (South of KL, Bangsar), as well as Southern cuisine, hence the name. 

Chinoz on the Park @ KLCC

I started picking up interests for Orchestra since last year and D had known it all along. He once asked me out for an Orchestra show before we were together, alas, his kindness was returned with the harshest rejection. LOL! So it was one of his dreams to catch one with me, and of course, it was mine too to watch one with him.  

UEFA EURO 2016- Complete coverage Of UEFA EURO 2016 only on Astro

The month of June is the opening month of Ramadhan and the long awaited UEFA EURO 2016 too! This year's Euro Cup is really exciting as there will be 24 teams battling against each other to be reigned the champion. 

Living Well Health Talk at Ashley's by Living Food, Bangsar

Mainstream consumers are becoming more health-conscious throughout the last decade. This phenomenon is exemplified by the prospering of various food chains which emphasize on the quality of their food ingredients, from the tiniest details like the oil and cheese they used, to the bigger components of a food such as meat and vegetable options. 

Haraju Cube @ Empire Damansara

An exciting catch up between my BFF and I, as well as D and his good friend, turned into an impromptu dessert tasting session! 

San Nae Deul at Nexus Bangsar South

Korean eateries have burgeoned ever since K-wave hit Malaysia like a pandemic. Guilty as charged, I was once utterly obsessed with Korean celebrities. I would always dine in Korean Restaurants and yes, I even imitated the way they eat. LOL. But that did not last long because Korean food generally costs a bomb! I do enjoy eating spicy and salty Korean food, but I am constantly petrified by the hefty bill that came afterwards. 

The Han Room at The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City

Ever since our discovery of the The Oriental Group of Restaurants, I've been longing to try all of the restaurants and pick out the best from the 9 restaurants. Well, because their restaurants are really posh and upmarket, we are only allowing ourselves to indulge in such luxury for special celebrations. This time, it was for my mum's 50th birthday celebration! 

Tulip by That Latte Place at Sunway Pyramid

If you are a fan of lovely brunch, especially the ones with al fresco dining, you must have heard of That Latte Place. It was once very popular with its garden cafe setting, which its location has witnessed the spurt of several cafes. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, they have relocated themselves to Ikon Connaught. 

Yeast Bistronomy at Bangsar Telawi 2

It was more than two years ago when I last (or first) visited this restaurant. 
This place had been at the back of my mind after my first visit despite my love for it, because it is always a full house, with a long waiting list. 
I love my weekends to be relatively fuss-free, and stress-free, because, my life is highly stressful all the other time, so I prefer a relaxing dine out on my weekends.

Santouka Ramen at Pavilion KL

I love my ramen. And I think my love for Ramen started from this place, Santouka. I can't remember exactly when, but when Pavilion started this Japanese street concept, I came to this street and decided to try out this Ramen place without a single clue of how it would taste like. Guys, this was definitely love at first taste because I fell in love for Ramen instantly.

Chakri Palace at Suria KLCC

KLCC has been one of my favourite malls to go to, not that I could afford all the luxury items there, but I just really enjoy looking at some of the beautiful window displays and draw inspirations from all the designer brands, how the high street brands over there have a whole myriad of choices compared to other outlets, and I love how the mall carries certain brands that we would not normally find in other malls. 

Marco Polo Restaurant, KL

It was the 7th day of CNY, which was also everyone's birthday. What is a birthday without celebration right? Knowing that this year's 7th day of CNY falls on a Sunday, I made a reservation at this infamous luxury Chinese restaurant, not just to celebrate life, but also to wish for a prosperous year ahead! 

This restaurant had a long way since founded in 1980 by the late Dato' Lim Foo Young, who was undoubtedly the pioneer hotelier and restaurateur. Dato' Lim had passed away just a few days ago prior to our visit to one of his legacy. But one thing for sure, his legacy will live on and prosper. 

They have given this place a revamp so I was expecting a really nice interior design with modernised decoration. But my dad commented that the current design though look new and more luxurious, it doesn't differ much from the old design, especially the chandelier that they have preserved from the older days. 

This place is also really to find as it sits centrally in the heart of KL, opposite of the Istana Hotel. And what made us really happy was the fact that we didn't need to pay for parking? I don't know if it's applicable to weekdays where the building is filled with white collars struggling to make ends meet. 

Anyway, let's get right into the food! 

It was CNY! So we can't get away without having Yee Sang,
which is thought to bring loads of good luck and prosperity to the new year! 
The higher you bring the food, the higher you will go in life. 
So yeahhh... Table always ended up in a mess. 
This dish was good but nothing great. 

Allegedly, this place serves the best shark fin soup in KL? 
My sister Jasmine was really obnoxious when she found out that shark fin was one of the dish for the day lol. 
I personally think the gravy was quite nice and I quite like it! 
It was not too starchy, and it tastes sweet and salty but at the perfect blend. 

Smoked Chicken. 
Which D was a huge huge huge fan! 
He absolutely adores this dish and he pretty much finished the whole thing. Hehe. 
The toppings were really good! 
Can't really remember the mixtures of ingredients they used, 
but it was out of the world. 
Never tasted anything like this before. 
But do note that it could get a tad too salty. 

Steamed Grouper. 
They are also really famous for their steam fish. 
Although I am never a fan of steamed fish, 
I must say I absolutely love this dish! 
It is so good! 
They steamed the fish with eggs and soy sauce underneath! 
And gosh, the egg was super soft and fluffy and it tasted like cotton candy, but salty version. 

Prawn which was really very average. 
They used a really nice soup to simmer the prawns, 
so the prawns have retained the freshness. 
But it wasn't too strongly flavoured because the soup was a clear soup. 
But it was really refreshing.

Then we were served this dish, which comprised of broccoli, mushrooms, and tons of bean curd kinda food. BUT I LOVE THEM! 
This dish has a sweet gravy, so it enhanced the already sweet nature of the ingredients. 
Me being a passionate lover of strongly flavoured food, 
 I surprisingly love this dish! 
I love how chewy everything is, and it was really easy to eat them.

Contrary to the usual glutinous rice, they have used normal rice to make these,
which was such a plus point as glutinous rice is really sticky and it takes a longer time to digest. 
So I don't really like the idea of having glutinous rice for dinner. 
The rice was salty and fragrant. 
I thought it was a really good replacement for the usual oily and sticky glutinous rice.

Nian gao covered with shredded coconut. 
I love these! 
Simple yet nice, 
It was a great way to end the meal. 

Sea coconut soup which was obviously a cheat one. 
So there's nothing much to say about it. 

It was the very first time for D to join my family dinner for CNY! 
So we were both really excited and happy we did it. 
It was a really short and lovely evening. 

We were gifted some dim sum vouchers upon making payment. So we might come back again to try out their dim sum, which was claimed to be one of the most delicious dim sums in KL! We shall see...

The total bill came up to RM800++, which was kinda overpriced in my honest opinion. But this place is great for special occasion to dine out, as the place is pleasant to the eyes and the service was really good.

1st Floor, Wisma Lim Foo Yong,
Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hour:
Noon to 2.30pm, 6.30pm to 10.30pm (Monday to Saturday), 9am to 3pm, 6.30pm to 10.30pm (Sunday and Public Holidays)

Contact Info:
03 2142 5595 / 03-2141 2233

Fusion food, Ben's at Bangsar Shopping Centre

Being a frequent visitor of the Bangsar Shopping Centre, it is such a shame that I hadn't visited Ben's. The contributing factor that refrained me from stepping my foot into this nicely decorated space has got to be the mixed reviews I have seen online. 

It was our first Valentine's day together, and because our exact Valentine's day was going to be filled with tons of socialising and visiting, we have decided to have a simple luncheon at this place a day ahead. We were both really glad that we made that decision because we didn't have to squeeze with the crowd and swallowing overpriced food that don't worth the money. 

D has been a frequent patron of Ben's, so I knew this place could not go wrong. As I mentioned earlier, this place is absolutely beautiful! Every corner is a photo opportunity. And that explains why this post is loaded with tons of unrelated photo taken by my Boyf, who was experimenting with different settings on the camera. 

This place was convenient divided into 4 sections, of which two are outdoors and two are indoors. As much as I adore the outdoor space, with tons of greenery and woody furniture, it wasn't the place for us as it was filled with smokers huffing smokes trying to suffocate themselves. 

 D got me a bouquet of flower as my Valentine's day gift, 
so I happily brought them along for lunch. 
I love these anemones. 
They look so cute! 

 And yes.... If you cannot already tell by now, 
we were slightly obsessed with the beautiful decorations, 
and yes we were entirely enthralled by the beauty of this place. 

The food took pretty long to be served, 
which I took as an advantage for this particular day because it allowed us to take tons of photos. LOL.
The staffs weren't the friendliest but they were okay. 

Balsamico Chicken Salad (RM26.00) 
D got himself salad! 
Chopped avocados, semi-dried tomatoes and buttered almond nibs. These were the perfect addition to the nicely roasted and marinated chicken. 
It was refreshing and delicious! 
But the portion was a very devastating. 

 Golden Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti (24.00)
In my honest opinion, I am not a big fan! 
I think the soft shell crab was way too oily. 
I remember taking a bite of the fried bits, 
and ended up in an oil explosion in my mouth. 
Which gave me the guiltiest feelings for the rest of the day, 
because I was so afraid that it will break my skin out, 
and gave me unnecessary calories. 
Taste wise, I really like the sauce, though I didn't expect it to be creamy carbonara. 
I love that they added a hint of spiciness into it with chilli flakes and curry leaves. 

I think this place serves pretty good food with a variety of choices ranging from Asian fusion to Western food. One good thing about this place is that all prices are inclusive of GST and service charge soooooo hooorrayyyyyy!!!

We had a great time there and I look forward to trying more other dishes in our next visit!

Lot-T-06, Level 3
Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maarof
Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour
Monday - Sunday
11:00am - 11:00pm
10:00pm: Kitchen last order
10:30pm: Bar last order

Contact Info
Tel: +603 2095 7988

Website :
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