Pang's Kitchen @ Voizsup, Taman Desa KL - Michelin Star Dining Experience

Hearty home-cooked dishes served by a Michelin-Starred Chef? I'M IN! 
Hong Kong's one-Michelin-starred Pang's Kitchen had finally opened its very first branch outside of Hong Kong late last year! From Happy Valley, HK to Taman Desa, KL, the Malaysian team has recreated the extraordinary Hong Kong dining experience at this humble little shop in Wisma Miramas. Now we don't have to fly all the way to Hong Kong to have a taste of their original recipes!

Pink and vibrant walls adorning the signboard was easy to spot.

We felt extra welcoming rather than intimidating with such a humble and simple looking entrance, despite being a Michelin-starred restaurant. 
Sky blue colour has added a touch of calmness to this place which could get really busy on the weekends and lunch hour during the weekdays. 

Surprisingly, this place turned out to be so much smaller that I thought. 
You're pretty much on the back of the other person behind of you, 
but it is still spacious enough to accommodate more than 100 patrons each time. 

 Pang's Kitchen has an extensive repertoire of Cantonese cooking that sums up to about 150 dishes! It was really difficult to shortlist a few to try out on our first visit. But the friendly staff has made all the ordering so much easier. 
And if you are already a fan of Pang's Kitchen in HK, rest assured that the standards are consistent with the ones in HK as the chef is making regular trips to KL to supervise as well as examine.

My one and only Mama Queen! *insert heart eye emoji*

And my ever so supportive partner aka the manager aka the cameraman, D. 

It took them quite a while to get all our dishes served. But all the dishes quickly followed once the first one was out, so it wasn't too bad. But I don't know for sure when the restaurant gets busy. 

 Scrambled Milk Scallop (RM38)
 This is the most-hyped up dish of this place!
It was simple yet amazingly good.
The scarmble egg was firm yet fluffy,
the taste sits on the creamier and milkier side,
so it's perfect for someone who loves a strong creamy flavours,
but this would struck distaste for people who don't like dairy.

 Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs with Strawberry (RM33)
Another signature dish of theirs, sweet-sour pork with strawberries.
The taste and texture, up to presentation are very much akin to our usual Ku Lu Yok, the one with pineapple.
We thought this was pretty normal, and dare I say,
our local ku lu yok could top this dish anytime.

 Fried Sticky Rice (RM35)
This dish was quite an experience, as it is different from the usual steamed sticky rice wrapped in leaves.
Just because it is fried, this dish is oilier than a normal sticky rice would.
The sweet chinese sausages (lap cheong) complement well with the sticky rice which is flavourful on its own. 

 Stir-Fried Kailan (RM22)
Nothing impressive, but it is absolutely decent.

 Braised Bean Curd with Fresh Mushroom (RM18)
One of my favourite of the day!
The beancurd was slightly fried to golden perfection on the outside, but remained soft and wobbly on the inside. The contrast was well complemented with the sweet and salty broth.
I highly recommend trying this dish!

Stewed Garoupa Tail With Eggplant  
This dish was the most expensive among all, but it is definitely not the best.
Sauce was pretty special, as it is slightly salty and spicy, it is not like anything we have here in Malaysia. The fish was not fresh and the portion was really dejecting.
It is not worth the money but the taste wise, I would give it a 3.5/5.

Although it looks like a place that serves comfort food, the prices are above average. I guess it's because it's an offshoot of a Michelin-starred establishment, so you pay for the recipe and the experience I suppose?

I wouldn't recommend spending a fortune dining here though, although they do have some interesting dishes on the menu, but the price just wouldn't justify. We could easily get anything that taste if not equal then better, at just a fraction of these prices. But of course, if you're an absolute foodie and would love to try out this restaurant, I would recommend checking out their duck dishes, the scrambled eggs and their beancurd! 

Pang's Kitchen @ Voizsup
Address: Ground Floor, Wisma Miramas,  Jalan 2/109E, Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur.
Hours: Daily, 11am-10pm.
Tel: 012-6317971 & 03-79712748.

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