Viet Hoa, Perth, WA

If you have read my previous entry here, you should have known that we have had a really long day. 

By dinner time, we were all worn out and tired. As the temperature continue to dip, all we had in our minds was having a bowl of hot noodle soup, to keep us warm, and keep our tummy happy. 

For the abovementioned reasons, we went straight into Viet Hoa, which is located just opposite of our hotel! I really love living in Northbridge as the food options are endless! 

Viet Hoa is an Asia restaurant that serves mainly Vietnamese food, but they do serve some other variants of Chinese food too! 
We picked out a few to try! 

GOI CUON ($7.20)
Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (pork and prawn)

MÌ BÒ KHO ($12.00)
Stewed Beef Egg Noodle Soup

Wantan Egg Noodle Soup

HU TIEU DO BIEN ($12.50)
Seafood Hofan Soup. 

This place is always packed with patrons! But we were considered really lucky to be able to snag a seat within 10 minutes. So if you want to dine here, you might need to stand in the beeline for a bit or make your reservation ahead of time. Portions were really generous and all of the noodles were flavourful. I highly recommend trying out their beef stew as it is truly bursting with flavours, and the egg noodles were great at absorbing all the soups! One plus point that I'd like to point is that their food are all reasonably priced! 
Downside though is that this place is really casual, hence the lack of decor. Furniture was really simple too. Service was all right but expect to be relatively slow as it is really busy. 

All in all, it's still worth a visit if you want delicious Asian food without breaking your budget! 

Address: Shop 1, 349 William Street, Northbridge, Perth, WA
Hours : 10am - 10pm
Phone number : (08) 9328 2127

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