Dao Xiang Chinese Cuisine Restaurant @ Nexus Bangsar South

If you have been watching this space for a while now, you probably already know how much of a fanatic I am for upmarket Chinese food. Just when I thought I have found another great one in the market according to INVITED REVIEWS, I am here to debunk it! 


I have decided to vlog over the weekend because I thought I had some interesting agendas that might be intriguing to some of you! 

So, if you have watched my vlog, you should've heard that I mentioned we were going to a branded expo/ warehouse sales kinda event to catch some bargains! I guess I should give you the full info on what happened since I did not record the whole process. 

This so-called branded sale was at Citta Mall, and it was just at an empty shop lot, without any proper signboard, just a bunting. We went there without a clue of precisely where it was located or who was selling the items. We just thought, hey, so many people talked about such sales on FB, they can't be fake. 

To give you an idea, below are some of the photos of similar branded warehouse sales posted on FB that I have managed to capture. 

So we went there, the crowd was there, but nothing too crazy. We went in and took a look. The clothes were all dubious looking. But we thought, oh well, if the discount could go up to 90%, it must be some past seasons' stocks, and that explained why the clothes there weren't looking too appealing. 

I couldn't get anything for myself because the place clearly looked like it was targeting at the men! 
So D went around and started picking out some clothes. He's been wanting to get a nice white shirt which looks exclusive and expensive, but nothing too eye-catching (no big prints / logos), so he decided to get a decent looking white shirt from Thom Browne. 

D likes the fact that this brand is somewhat low profile, but the cloth was really thick and felt almost luxurious as it was thick, BUT, it was incredibly stiff and was difficult to work with. But I have never touched any Thom Browne's shirts before, so I couldn't make any judgment about the awkward material.

Well, if you haven't heard about that particular brand, you might know Fred Perry and Polo Ralph Lauren? The craziest deal has got to be Fred Perry. That was the biggest selling point of all times I guess? Every time I see a branded expo, they talk about their Fred Perry polo shirts get discounted up to 90%. 

Anyway, back to us, D grabbed a Gucci T Shirt, a Thom Browne's white shirt and an AX t shirt. I got my dad Fred Perry shirt. I mean, let's face it, less than 20 bucks for a shirt, it's a steal! 

We were rushing to a food tasting event so we didn't have time to scrutinise those clothes. We made our payment in a haste, dumped those bags at the back of our car and went on with our day. Oh, I gotta mention that the person who was paying before us paid a few thousands bucks in that particular sales.

After a long day, we got home and D started trying out those clothes. We knew it immediately that the clothes were fake the moment D put them on because the sizes and fit were odd and atrocious! We then quickly checked on the labels and bingo! All the shirts were made from China. 

The Thom Browne's shirt that D got, was a total failed replica! If you refer to the picture below featuring the original item, you almost can't tell it's a replica. 


But if you give it a closer look? 

The fishes should be stitches instead of stickers! 
Wow! Great job I must say! 

And next is the total failure Gucci replica! 
I didn't know Italian speaks mandarin -.- 

When we were at the stall we saw this, made in Italy so we're like, okay, shouldn't be a problem. But foolish us... 

The label should look like this!!! 

We were super angry with the seller so we called them and requested for a refund cause we found out the products are fake and if they fail to comply, we would lodge a report against them. 

Super thankful that we managed to get our refunds the next day before they vanish in the air. -.- 

And my gut feelings tell me that, all of these warehouse sales are managed by the same group of people. So don't ever ever ever think of grabbing some good deals in such events, id rather go to an outlet, or just buy Zara. -.- 

Enough of public service announcement, below are some of the random photos I took throughout the weekend! 

So happy that D had finally found a nice and proper white shirt! Super love this one! And I love to see D in white button down like this! 
This is from Sacoor Brothers btw! 

Some random cafe that we popped in after our satisfying lunch in Malacca! Didn't manage to get the name of this cafe, but they serve one of the best coffee in town! 

Watch us in action in the vlog below! Hope you enjoy watching it!

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