Brunch at Naj & Belle, Bangsar

When it comes to cafe with a stunning interior/exterior design, it can quite often be a hit or miss. 
I myself had been to many places I would name them as "cute cafes", but I wouldn't necessarily enjoy their food. 

But that's not the case at all at Naj and Belle!

 Naj, the abbreviation for Najib Hamid, the head chef of The Serai Group (also Jibby & Co.), spotted the extraordinary talent and passion for baking in Annabelle who has been the magic hands behind all the cakes in Serai group and therefore decided to work hand in hand to bring Serai's loyal patrons an all-new dining experience with the opening of Naj & Belle, which specialises in mouthwatering desserts and Western cuisine. 

We totally found this place by accident!
The huge signs and an eye-catching all black modern exterior caught our attention while we were looking for parking space to dine at APW Bangsar at Jalan Riong.
Parking space were abundant (in front and beside of the building) in relative to APW so personally, I think it's actually more convenient to dine here than APW.

It is a seriously pretty establishment, featuring a cafe and an event space which can take up to 60 pax. The event space adopted the most sought-after design to date, rustic and industrial look intertwined with interesting geometric prints and intersecting lines. Every single nook and cranny looked like it would be perfect for that OOTD; the cafe on the other hand, boasts an interesting blend of vintage and Scandinavian vibes. The open space concept made this place looked so much bigger than it is, and the bountiful of large green leaves in the space makes the overall ambiance a really soothing one. 

Vintage looking phone that's working! 
How cool is that! 

A mixture of long tables and small tables are scattered around the room to cater groups of different sizes. 
Do note though, this place gets really busy during "brunch" hours on the weekends, so either rise earlier or call in for reservations to prevent disappointment. 

As we arrived during the "brunch hour", naturally, we had to give their brunch menu a whirl! 

Lady Belle RM35
Flaky croissant, salmon scrambled eggs, avocado, salmon caviar 
Made from the quintessential brunch ingredients, this is the dream of a brunch lover! 
The taste from the holy goodness of the salmon oil added an interesting taste to the egg, without stealing its show.
The interesting texture from the awesome creamy concoction paired with the flaky croissant was absolutely genius! 
The sauce at the side, will add in some kick to the egg, which by the way is already delicious on its own. 

Benny the Bull RM32
Pulled beef brisket, poached eggs with wilted spinach, hollandaise, smoked chilli pesto and crispy onion. 
This protein laden dish is absolutely made for the buff ones or people who always don't get enough from the usual brunch portion. 
It's also an interesting twist from the usual poached eggs menu. 
The highlight of this dish was definitely the pulled beef brisket. 
Not only was the taste really appetizing, they also managed to keep the tenderness of the beef. 
Each bite was oozing with the delicious sauce. 
Couldn't have asked for a better mains to go with the toast underneath. 

Sooka Shuka Eggs RM29
Poached in tomato and ras el hanout sauce, onion, toast capsicum, artisan chicken sausage finish with crumbled creamy feta and sourdough bread. 
Yet another palatable dish to kick the metabolism running for the day! 
Different from your ordinary baked egg, this dish packed a punch! 
The sausage and the mixture of vege added so much volume to the dish.
It's really difficult to stop eating once you took your first bite. 
The runny yolk, the unique blend savoury taste with a touch of spiciness and two pieces of sourdough to catch every drop of these awesomeness, it was hard to resist not ordering the second plate.

So far, all three dishes that we have tried vastly impressed us and we are looking forward to coming back for more delicious food which we thought well worth every penny spent.

Naj & Belle at PAM Bangsar
99L, Jalan Tandok, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: 03-2201 7078
Hours: 09:30 - 22:00

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