Grand Opening of Dolly Dim Sum at Sunway Putra

Following the success of its 3 other outlets all located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Dolly Dim Sum has finally opened the 4th outlet at Sunway Putra

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If you have been to any of the Dolly Dim Sum outlets, you would have spotted a ginormous mural of Dolly adorning one of the walls in the premise. She could be seen either holding chopsticks in hand, holding up different types of dim sum all ready to dine! 

Dolly is the central character of Dolly Dim Sum and each outlets is designed based on her oriental chic residence! Have fun exploring different parts of her house in different outlets: relax and unwind in her contemporary glass teahouse at the picturesque Avenue K outlet; invade Dolly's kitchen at the Pavilion outlets; and make yourself her guest at her living area in NU Sentral

Dolly's luscious green garden at Sunway Putra is most definitely the strongest contender to the Avenue K outlet (the flagship outlet) in terms of its interior design. 

The grand opening was hosted by the lovely Aishah Sinclair, some of you may have known her from the MIX breakfast. 

The founders of Asia Mex Concepts. 
Asia Mex Concepts is the brand creator of Fresca Mexican Kitchen and Dolly Dim Sum. 

The Co-Founder of Dolly Dim Sum, Lim Meng Jan pointed out her inspiration for the opening of Dolly Dim Sum was to make Dim Sum conveniently available for everyone in Malaysia (read: pork-free) at any time of the day, hence the easily accessible locations of all the 4 outlets. 
In Dolly Dim Sum, it is believed that making dim sum is an art-form, each piece of dim sum is handcrafted delicately and exquisitely to provide a truly refined experience where authentic cuisine is juxtaposed in a contemporary setting. 

Some of the iconic and must-try dishes for Dolly Dim Sum includes: 
Har Gao Dumplings, Roasted BBQ Buns, Baked Egg Tarts, Panfried Radish Cakes, Egg Custard Buns and Steamed Rice Rolls. 

For those who are borderline obsessed with their carbs, the kitchen also serves up a variety of fried rice and noodles, namely the Signature Royal Golden Fried Rice, Crispy Egg Noodles and Wok-fried Beef Kway Teoh. 

Thanks for the having us Dolly

Dolly Dim Sum has always been the place where we get our oriental cuisine craving fixed. 
If you haven't dined in any of their outlets yet, I highly recommend doing so, not just for the food, but also to appreciate the stunning decor of each of the outlets! 

Dolly Dim Sum Sunway Putra
Address: Ground floor, Lot G-7, Sunway Putra Mall, No.100, Jalan Putra. 
Contact: 011-10405617

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