Mama's Nyonya Cuisine

I don't know if it's in the blood, or it's just our preference, but we all love Nyonya food and we could eat it all day everyday. LOL. While we are at a place where it was previously dominated by the Peranakan, it would be such a shame if we did not squeeze in a nyonya meal or two.

上井壽司懷石 Kamii Sushi Restaurant

My sister, Kat is such a huge Japanese cuisine fan that everywhere we go, we would always attempt to try a new Japanese restaurant. And all of us, being a foodie, loves to try out new place and new cuisine. So it was definitely a good news to us when we discovered this new Japanese restaurant. 

Penang Day 2, Balik Pulau, Bukit Bendera

It is definitely a beautiful morning waking up the sound of the waves hitting the shore and the sunlight beaming through our window! I decided to put on a red top because we were going to visit my mum's relatives today! 

Yaw's Roast and Grill, Penang

This time before I return to my mum's hometown, we have decided to rediscover Penang and get to know Penang from the perspective of a local, or someone who had had a sojourn in Penang. I asked for restaurants recommendation from one of my close friend Edmund, and he suggested this Chinese Western place which he claimed serves really good food at an affordable price.
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