上井壽司懷石 Kamii Sushi Restaurant

My sister, Kat is such a huge Japanese cuisine fan that everywhere we go, we would always attempt to try a new Japanese restaurant. And all of us, being a foodie, loves to try out new place and new cuisine. So it was definitely a good news to us when we discovered this new Japanese restaurant. 

This shop looks simple yet polished. It has a nice ambiance, and all the staffs were Chinese. I think this is such a bonus because restaurants nowadays are flooded with foreign workers and it makes me really sceptical on the hygiene issue. 

When we were handed the menu, I was quite delighted to see that all the prices were pretty reasonable. But we have always loved the basic sushi anyway, so it shouldn't be super pricey. 

We were given this complimentary appetiser- deep fried salmon. 
I took a bite and gave the rest to my dad. HAHHAHAHAHA. 
But it tasted so good, salty and crispy. 
Never thought salmon would taste so good in deep fried. 

Up next, we have these little squids. One each for the five of us. 
It's sooooo delicious omg. 
So chewy, so full of flavours (sauce), perfect size that it won't make me feel disgusted. 
I really like it!

Then we have this Avocado! 
I think I may have a slight obsession for Avacado. 
Lately whenever I see Avocado, that's what I would order! Hahahhahahaha.

The ordinary cucumber.


Three different fish. Salmon, Tuna and.. Can't remember the other one. But I love this!
Fish fresh and dissolve in the mouth. 

Soft shell crab! 

The typical. 

Unagi! Yummmm!

This is so special! Tomato stuffed with chawan mushi. 
I love this combination! 
The sweet and soury taste of tomato complement the rather bland egg,
and a touch of fish eggs. 
Great one!

California roll, our all time fav!

The total bill was around RM250.00.

Well, I would say this restaurant get a 6/10 rating. I am not a pernickety person when it comes to food, so I would normally eat anything edible. But my sister who is an extreme fussy person when it comes to food commented that the food here is pretty average. And especially for the price that it came with, she thought we could get better food at other restaurant. 

So if you run out of idea and craving for Japanese, you could still give this a go. Enjoyyyy! 

Address:7,Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2,Taman Sutera Utama,81300 Skudai,Johor.

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