Penang Day 2, Balik Pulau, Bukit Bendera

It is definitely a beautiful morning waking up the sound of the waves hitting the shore and the sunlight beaming through our window! I decided to put on a red top because we were going to visit my mum's relatives today! 

After taking breakfast served by the resort, I went sunbathing with my sister. But... No not really. I am not a sun person, so I just stayed at a shady place and snapped photo. HAHHAHAHAHAHHA. 

We departed towards Balik Pulau once everyone got ready! And immediately we hunted down for the best Asam Laksa in town!!!

Ohhhh... SO yummy!! I regret that I have only eaten once bowl! I should have gulped down another 2 bowls! Hahahhahahahahahah.

Then it was a long visiting session, with all of them reminiscing old times and updating each others' lives. Us kids, were seated down, served with snacks and drinks, and listening to their stories. But they were speaking with such a strong Penangite accent that we could scarcely fathom. Hahahhahahahha.

Before leaving, we asked them if there is any nice places to visit around the place. And they suggested the Hakka Village. They said initially, there is a shutter bus that will bring us to a hill, where the Hakka ancestors resided in the ancient times. The house was full of antics and old school decorations. But they had some problem with the routes, and now this is all that's left. It is such a shame that they didn't come to a consensus and maintain the business.

This place is actually a restaurant. But I heard it is overpriced. LOL. So photos only!! :P

While we were on our way out of Balik Pulau, my dad saw this place where we could view the island. I actually liked this place a lot! We could feel the breeze and it was shady with all the tress above us. I know I took horrible photos of the view, because I am slightly afraid of height. And I was also worried that I will drop my camera. HAHAHHAHHHAHA.

Then we drove further and stumbled upon this beautiful restaurant!

Which of course, again, we only went there for sightseeing. No dining. But I bet this must be a great restaurant because they were really busy!

Then we went to Batik Museum. Where I was oblivious to have not taken any photos. You may request to view how the Batik was being processed and it was all free! We did not go for it though. Because the heat was unforgiving. Hahahahahhaa. 

Then, we went to the infamous Balik Pulau Waterfall.

We felt the cold and clean water, and also marvelled at the beautiful images nature can bring!

After these sightseeing and visiting, my mum was already feeling exhausted and we headed back to our resort for some rest. My sister and I spent time by the pool and the beach.

At night, we went to Bukit Bendera. My parents was quite reluctant initially because they thought it is a complete waste of time. But we said we have no memories of us visiting this place as the last time we came we were so so small to even remember everything. So yeah, we bought the ticket, good news, Malaysian get half priced ticket after 6pm.

And gosh, the crowd was just insane. After a lot of pushing, squeezing and queue cutting, we managed to take the ride to the top.

Ohhhhh.. I am in love with place, though there isn't a lot of things to do here. HAHHAHAHAHAHA. But I love how chilly the place is. Hahhahahahah.

And it took us more than an hour to get a ride down the hill. I dislike waiting. Otherwise, it was a really great experience.

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