Yaw's Roast and Grill, Penang

This time before I return to my mum's hometown, we have decided to rediscover Penang and get to know Penang from the perspective of a local, or someone who had had a sojourn in Penang. I asked for restaurants recommendation from one of my close friend Edmund, and he suggested this Chinese Western place which he claimed serves really good food at an affordable price.

Whilst I was there for 3 nights, I decided to reserve one night for this place.

It is actually not even a restaurant. This is a house turned into restaurant, with really homey design but added a touch of elegance with the lighting and some nicely done gardening. It is such a shame how I did not even bother to take a photo of the surrounding because it is actually quite a comfortable place to dine at, except, they should have installed more fans. LOLOL.

As much as I wanted to give detailed information about all the dishes, I failed tremendously because as usual this was so backlogged and I have forgotten most of the thing. HAHAHHAHAHAH.

 Soup with pie crust. LOL. Random name I gave. But it describes perfectly what this dish is all about. OMG this soup is just the bomb. Soup is thick and nice, and the pie crust, so buttery and fragrant and when it all dissolved in the soup, it just makes the soup taste even better. And this is really filling. It's probably a good idea to share among a few people. (RM8.00 ++)

Thank you thank you. I think it adds so much point when the restaurant serve complimentary bread before meal for us to nibble on before we get into our mains. 

This is water boiled water chestnut with sugarcane. I have always loved this drink and I think they did it really well. (RM3.00 +)

 Fish Cordon Bleu. This is chef's recommendation. I didn't try this because I do not eat fried food. But my said it tasted real good! Since she is really picky with food, I guess you could believe what she said. 

 Hainanese Chicken Chop. Which is very unlike usual hainanese chicken chop that comes in tomato sauce. Hahhahahahahha. Not ketchup ok! I meant sauce that is cooked from ketchup. HAHHAHAHAHHA.

My pork rib, which is apparently only available limited time. So I guess we were lucky to have tasted this. And this was my meal. I am not normally a pork person,but since he introduced this, I thought I might as well gave it a go, and boy was it good!!! I like how tender the meat was and the gravy that was perfectly cooked, with just enough of saltiness and sweetness. To ensure you don't get too disgusted with all that meat, they prepared pickles as their sides to complement the meal. (RM 28.00)

Mixed platter! Everything was nicely cooked! They have a variety of meat, and it is definitely only suitable for meat eater, which obviously was my dad! HAHHAHAHAHA. He enjoyed the meal. (RM25++)

Roasted Chicken! Nicely roasted, with a nice gravy on top of it. And also loads of vege that came with the meal. It was nicely done! (RM19.90)

These were all we had tried out! They may not be the best cooking in the world, but for the price that came with the food, I think it is a pretty good deal! Don't forget to drop by this "house" for some western food should you ever visit Penang!

Address: 1, Gerbang Midland
GPS: 5.435457, 100.307839

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