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I am so pumped for today because it's been years since our last visit to this beautiful island, my mother's hometown. I have loved Penang for the way it is, the food, the western influenced buildings, the great people there. That explained why I was willing to wake up at 3 in the morning just to get ready so that we all could depart before 5am to avoid the horrible traffic.

I slept all the way to Penang. And it was the first time we travelled on the Penang second bridge. Which is fairly boring, it is not as attractive as the old one and it is definitely longer than the old one.

We needed food to feed our hungry stomach so we looked for food around Penang, and we dined at a coffee shop, which is located at Malay Street Penang. It is corner shop which is fully loaded with customers. I honestly did not have a great time there because we were seated in front of a char kuey teow stall and they were frying the noodles there and yes, the smoke lingered on me and I dislike smelling and feeling greasy. -.-

Generally the food was all overpriced and the portion is scarily small. Hahahahahhaha. But I would recommend the herbal soup kuey teow, it tastes really good.

I captured some photos along the street because I was so enthralled with these old buildings. It looks like each of them has a story to tell.

After meal, we hopped on our car and left to look for Chendol! When you are Penang, how could you not eat the infamous Penang Chendol? :D

 It is still crowded as ever. Hahahahhahaha.

 Ohhhh yeayyyy! My bowl of chendol! :D

In the past, if you were to eat this chendol, you would have to stand beside the stall and gulp down everything quickly because of the unforgiving heat! Hahahahhahaha. But now, the boss has renovated his house and opened for us to sit and enjoy our chendol! :D

 My mum, being an asam laksa fanatic, ordered one from the stall in front of the boss' house. But she was very disappointed because it doesn't taste as good as she would have expected.

Address: Jalan Penang, 10450 Pulau Pinang

If you can't find it, it is somewhere near Komtar. 
This is Komtar. What used to be the iconic building of Penang. 

 Spotted a beautiful gate which I thought would be a perfect backdrop for a portrait! :D

Then we hopped on our car again to visit two temples, Siamese Temple and the Sleeping Buddha temple. OMG! The heat was sooooooooooooo unbearable it made me very frustrated. But I braved the heat and captured some beautiful photos. We started with the Siamese Temple.

Next, it is the Sleeping Buddha Temple.

After walking for more than half an hour under the sun, we were all lethargic and frustrated. I thought it should be good time for some tea at Macalister Mansion.

But in the end, we did not even dine there and we left after visiting the places and captured some photos of it. But in case you haven't already know, this place serves casual dining and fine dining. You can pick the one you desire.

  1. Address: 228, Jalan Macalister, Georgetown, 11400 Pulau Pinang

Everyone got tired after that, so we thought we should just go to the hotel and get some rest. 

My sister and I spent the entire afternoon by the poolside and beach side. It was a rather relaxing afternoon. But we had so much fun just enjoying ourselves under the sun (though I hate the sun, but the breeze made up for it). 

Around 5.30p.m, we left the hotel for dinner. I did a lot of research before coming and I saw this, or my friend suggested this to me, can't remember, but I thought it must be a great experience to be able to listen to the waves hitting the shore, children screaming, the breeze caressing whilst having dinner. I also thought it would be really nice to catch the sunset while we are at it too. 

But my mum did not seem to like this place very much. She thinks it is not very clean and the food they serve are only average. Well, I agree. 

No photos of food because frankly speaking the food was really average. 

Then I suggested that we visit Clarke Quay to enjoy the breeze and look at the houses of the rich people. HAHAHHAHAHHAHHA.

While we were taking our stroll slowly by the walkway, we saw a man with a huge dog, which looks like ball of fluff, but very fierce. Hahahhhaha. We were very interested so we looked at it and I snapped a photo of it. 

 Suddenly the man stopped and gave the dog water and stuffs. It also looked as if he was giving us the opportunity to take a photo of his dog. Hahahahahaha. 

The sun finally set and this is how Clarke Quay looks like at night. 

We heard the landed house here cost 7-8 million.So expensive! But if I have that much money, I would really purchase a property here because I enjoy this place a lot! 

That is pretty much the first day of our Penang trip! 

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