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July's Althea Beauty Box- Save Our Skin (S.O.S) Box Review

Our crazy weather lately has prompted me to switch up my skin care in accordance to the weather. we all know getting a brand new set of skin care can be incredibly costly, but this may not be the case at all through Althea

If you haven't already known, Althea is the leading KBeauty site which carries over 150 Korean beauty brands. We no longer need to admire Koreans' flawless skin, in fact, with just a few clicks on Althea, we too can have imported Korean beauty products delivered straight to our doorstep. How cool is that!

One of the main reasons I love shopping on Althea is that, other than selling individual products, they also release 2 - 3 curated beauty boxes each month that addresses different skin concern! Unlike those normal beauty boxes you've seen overseas, you only buy these beauty boxes if you like them! There's no commitment to subscribing for a monthly, quarterly or yearly payment to get these beauty boxes. Do note though, these Althea boxes are only released in limited quantities and they sell like hot cakes!

I was over the moon when I was informed that I have managed to snag myself one for the month of July. July's Althea box was named S.O.S box and all of the products that came with the box are targeted towards angry skin which is absolutely perfect for calming my skin amidst the grueling heat! 

July's Save Our Skin Althea box also came in the prettiest pale pink box! 
All of these products are imported from Korea so rest assured that all of the products that you're getting are 100% authentic! 

The S.O.S box consists of 8 actual size products

AC Balance Spot Patch 
It's a transparent film-type spot patch that covers and soothes breakouts. 
Infused with Salicylic acid and willow herb extract that unclogs pores and soothes skin irritation.

Sweet pudding Tone Up Cream Moisture 50ml
Other Etude house products can be found at:
This product restores skin's oil and moisture balance with Hyaluronic acid, Shea butter and strawberry and soothes the skin with chia seed, centella and hattuynia cordata. 

Real Mask Peppermint
This peppermint-infused clay mask deeply cleanse our pores like a clay mask while peppermint calms the skin. 

The Chok chok No-wash Green Tea Cleansing Water 300ml
Other Tony Moly products can be found at:
Made with pure green tea extract, this cleansing water removes skin impurities without stripping skin's natural moisture barrier. 

Fresh Apple Cooling Gel 90
Other products from this range:
This 90% Fresh Apple Extract gel cools down and hydrates irritated/dehydrated skin. 
Can be used on the face and all over your body. 
Lightly scented to provide your body with a refreshing and yet aromatic experience upon application.

Healthy Vinegar Skin Toner _ Makgeoli
Available at:
Made with fermented rice extracts to nourish and soothe irritated skin. 
It's great for balancing out skin's pH after a face wash while also gently exfoliating the skin. 

Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Sheet Mask
Other sheet masks can be found at:
Baby mugwort extracts calm and reduces redness on the skin. 

Choosy Lip Pack (2 each) 
White pearl + Purple pearl
Enriched with vitamins, this moisturising lip patch nourishes and repairs dry, cracked lips while you sleep. 
It's infused with Grape extract, cactus flower extract and shea butter that prevents your lips from cracking while revitalizes it. 

And here's my updated skincare routine to adapt to the hot and humid that's been bestowed upon us recently.

Just because the hot has been extra unforgiving lately, I've been using sunblock more religiously than ever. For that reason, I've been extremely diligent with my double cleanse. 

I use the TONY MOLY CHOK CHOK NO-WASH GREEN TEA CLEANSING WATER as my first step of cleansing. 

I just drop a few drops of this on a cotton pad and swipe it across my face! 

This one step cleansing water takes away all the dirt and grit on my face with just a few swipes! 
I'd recommend placing the cotton pad on your eyelids for a good 10 seconds to prevent tugging your skin unneccesarily. 
I must say, I am really impressed with how fuss-free this cleanser is! 
I no longer have to use a separate eye make up remover as this takes away stubborn waterproof mascara like a dream without stinging my eyes at all! 
This product is gentle enough to be used on the eyes and lips area. 
This product also leaves my skin feeling incredibly hydrated. 

Of course, I'll have to follow up with a double cleanse. 

Once I pat dry my skin, I am ready for a skin treat! 
I love giving my pores a thorough cleanse 2-3 times a week. 
But people with dry skin may have to reduce it to once per week depends on your skin condition. 

This INNISFREE PEPPERMINT REAL MASK is such a treat to my skin in this hot weather. 
Did you know that our skin produces 10% more oil with every 1 degree increase in temperature? 
That's why it is important to calm my skin at the end of the day, to bring my skin back down to its usual temperature. 
And for this reason, I love using this clay mask as it kills 2 birds with one stone. 
Not only it pulls out all the gunks in my pores without stripping away skin's moisture, the refreshing pepperming also leaves my skin feeling really cooling. 

You will be able to feel bits and pieces of green tea particles mixed in the clay. 
And I love using them to gently give my skin a scrub at the end of my 10-15 mins masking session.
It's really cool to see how my blackheads have reduced and skin remains supple after rinsing off the clay mask! 

The Koreans have been really crazy about toners. 
They even named toners as "skin" in Korean, indicating how crucial it is to use a toner to "restore our skin" after each face wash. 
I personally love gently exfoliating facial toners as this type of toners helps a lot with pigmentation and texture issues as it gently lifts away dead skin cells to speed up skin cell renewal. 
And this toner from REAL SKIN with fermented rice extract has quickly become my holy grail toners! 
Fermented rice extracts is also a big trend in the Korean Skin care industry after the success of SK-II fermented extract! 
I love how I could easily balance my skin's pH, gently exfoliates my skin and shrink my pores all in just one step! 
For those who are keen to try out SK-II but are horrified by the huge price tags should give this a go! 

I'd normally use a sheet mask on an alternate days to replenish my skin with the moisture it's lost to the environment throughout the day. 
I've really enjoyed using the HANYUL PURE ARTEMISIA WATERY CALMING SHEET MASK so far! 
The thin cotton fiber sheet mask is drenched in essence and it adheres perfectly onto all the nooks and crannies on my skin! 
Leaving it on my skin for a good 15 minutes is akin to feeding my skin with a few litres of water, my skin looked instantly plumper and more radiant. 
I've even noticed the red angry spots on my face to have calmed down by a ton! 
I highly recommend anyone with irritated and angry skin to try out this one! 

I'd normally seal all the hydration from the mask with a moisturiser, but in a hot day, my best bet was this SKINFOOD APPLE COOLING GEL
Gel texture products have always been my favourite for me, the oily skin gal. 
This lightweight gel absorbs into the skin in no time without leaving any sticky residue behind. 
This product is also ideal to be used all over our body in place of our usual tacky body lotion! 
Not only does it hydrates the skin, the cooling gel also cools down our body temperature immediately, making us feel extra comfortable during those hot and sticky days! 

On days where I have spots, I'd been relying on this MAMONDE AC BALANCE SPOT PATCH to get rid of the spots in the shortest time possible! 

These acne patches have got to the the thinnest patch I've ever laid my hands on! 
It disappears into the skin once you stick it on, and its incredible waterproof formula makes it stays on for absolutely ages. 
I'd try using it overnight and I've noticed the pus underneath my zits being pulled out all thanks to the gentle yet effective Salicylic acid. 
Some days I'd even use it under make up to prevent exacerbation of those zits from environment aggressors. 
They are so thin that it's completely undetectable on the skin unless you view it up close. 

In the morning, I've also replaced my facial wash with the the TONY MOLY CHOK CHOK NO WASH GREEN TEA CLEANSING WATER.

This gentle formula makes sure all my hard work of moisturising in the evening do not go to waste as it removes grease without drying out the skin. 
However, cleansers generally contain surfactants so I'd recommend rinsing your face with water before proceeding with toner. 

Just like my evening skin care routine, I'd soak up a cotton pad with the vinegar toner and swipe it all across my face to prep my skin for the rest of my skin care! 

I love giving my skin an extra hydration boost in the morning so I'll go on with my second 'skin' by using a hydration mist. 
One tip is to always pat the mist into your skin to enhance absorption otherwise the evaporation would actually take away the hydration on your skin. 

I'd also apply an eye serum to wake my tired eyes and give them a good depuff. 

And lately I'd been appreciating my healthier skin by piling on as little covering products as I could. 
The ETUDE HOUSE TONE UP PUDDING CREAM has been my go to as it evens out skin tone like a cc cream but without the 'foundation like' feeling like many of the cc cream in the market. 
This is definitely the newest no-makeup-makeup trend seen on many Korean girls. 
It's also the secret to smoother and brighter skin without actually putting make up on! 
You're able to expect visibly brighter and clearer skin immediately after application. 
The white-coloured cream gives you a healthy and glowing skin without leaving you looking ghostly. 
On days where I needed extra coverage, I'd use this as a colour correcting base before applying a thin layer of cushion foundation to create that easy and dewy skin look! 

While you're busy taking care of your skin, don't forget to show your lips some love too! 
Our lips are equally if not more vulnerable to the sun!
I'd enjoy putting these PURE SMILE CHOOSY LIP PACK on as part of my evening skincare routine. 
It's gel-like texture sheet clings onto the skin dearly while locking in all the moisture your lips need to look extra juicy and plump! 

I'd leave it on for a good 20 minutes before sealing in the moisture with a layer of lip balm! 
You'll be surprised to see how the lines on your lips have reduced with just one use! 

This S.O.S box is priced at RM107 though all of these products add up to RM320! What a bargain! 
Just like all of the boxes, these boxes are completely sold out by now! 
If you're interested to buy these products individually, just click on the link to each product above! 
And if you'd like to try more Korean beauty products without breaking your bank, stay tuned to these Althea beauty boxes which is released twice a month! 

If you are new to Althea, head over to their website now and sign up to become a part of the quad family to be entitled for an additional RM5.00 discount + RM30 worth of new member discounts!
Sign up now and shop away! 

Learn more about Althea Malaysia from the following:
Althea Korea's Malaysia Website:
Instagram: @altheakorea

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