Shopee rolls out company-wide staff vaccination programme to protect employees and shoppers

 In a bid to further its commitment in the fight against Covid-19, Shopee announced today that it is participating in the private sector vaccination programme with the aim to have its employees fully vaccinated against the virus.

Shopee employees showing their vaccination shots on their arms and vaccination appointments on the MySejahtera app

Shopee revealed that it has prioritised its frontliners from its logistics arm, Shopee Express, as well as teams working in the warehouses as they face the highest risk and have the most potential interaction with shoppers. 


Commenting on this initiative, Terence Pang, Chief Operating Officer at Shopee said, “Our employees are the backbone of the organisation. Their safety, together with that of our users, is our utmost priority especially as the pandemic continues to affect the lives of Malaysians. We seek to safeguard the health and well-being of our people better against Covid-19 through this exercise, whilst contributing to the nation’s goal of achieving herd immunity.”

An employee from Shopee’s logistic arm, Shopee Express successfully received his first dose of vaccine at the RiVAC vaccination centre in Mid Valley


This measure is also part of Shopee’s reassurance to its users for a better and safer online shopping experience as reliance on e-commerce deepens. Pang shared, “This effort is even more important as we ramp up towards the year-end shopping season, which has always been a highlight for the people and businesses in the country. We want to do our part to help everyone shop with a peace of mind and to help local businesses sell with greater ease and certainty. 9.9 marks the start of the shopping season and I hope that by making buying and selling safer, we can bring smiles to more Malaysians.”

This commitment comes ahead of the e-commerce platform’s flagship 9.9 Super Shopping Day which is the first of its four end-of-year shopping festivals. 

The upcoming 9.9 Super Shopping Day, which will take place from 20 August leading up to the peak day on 9 September, also has something in-store for all its users. Shoppers can look forward to claiming Free Shipping and 99% Coins Cashback vouchers, both with no minimum spend.  Above all, users can also stand a chance to win a brand new Mercedes-Benz by participating in the Play & Win Mercedes-Benz game by collecting golden tickets daily.

With 25 August just around the corner, Shopee will also be holding its August 25 Payday Sale which will feature RM25 Knockout Deals where shoppers can get items such as Samsung Galaxy A12, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, Armaggeddon Shuttle II Premium PU Leather Ultimate Gaming Chair and more for just RM25.

Aside from the employee vaccination programme, Shopee has been championing the fight against the pandemic since the onset of Covid-19.

It allocated 1 million Shopee voucher packs worth RM40 each through the #ShopeeAjakVaksin campaign to reward Covid-19 vaccine recipients at selected vaccination centres across the country to encourage the public to stick to their vaccination appointments. Last year, together with the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), Shopee raised about RM1 million in a public donation drive to support the nation’s medical frontliners.

On the business community front, Pang stated that the e-commerce platform introduced a RM15 million Shopee Seller Support Package in April 2020 to help traditional businesses who were facing cash flow problems due to the lockdown. “Following which, we introduced a Shopee Marketplace Growth Package providing benefits of up to RM1,600 in store vouchers and advertising credit to help existing Shopee sellers grow on the platform. Both initiatives not only drove digitalisation of local MSMEs but also cushioned the adverse impact of the pandemic on their businesses.”


He added that on top of this, Shopee supported consumers with additional free shipping vouchers through its “Stay Home, Stay Safe” campaign to give Malaysians access to essential items such as fresh and frozen groceries, cooking ingredients, beverages, snacks and cereals, milk formula, diapers, personal care products, household essentials, pet food and work-from-home equipment online.


Shop with confidence this Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day at

#ShopeeAjakVaksin voucher packs being distributed at the UiTM Puncak Alam Mega PPV  

BON APPETIT-LAH with 1664 BLANC Malaysia

If you are not living under the rock (or in the current circumstances, all of us should be staying under the roof), you would have heard and probably been sighing about the extension of FMCO for another 2 fortnight. But as you start fretting about getting bored of your own cooking, or running out of exciting ideas to keep you entertained in this tough time, 1664 BLANC has got your cooking plans figured out! 

French's No.1 premium wheat beer 1664 Blanc is bringing you its Bon Appetit-lah campaign where France meets Malaysia in a twist of gastronomy! 

Starting June onwards, 1664 Blanc will unveil five unique French-Malaysian fusion recipes curated by French Chef Nathalie of Nathalie Gourmet Studio, and Malaysian Chef Isadora Chai of Bistro à Table for consumers to cook and try at home during the full movement control order (FMCO). 

To elevate beer lovers’ gastronomic experiences, the Bon Appetit-lah consumer promotion for 1664 Blanc purchases offers chances to win exclusive 1664 Blanc merchandise, Le Creuset cookware, luxury island vacations post-MCO and more!

The French’s no.1 premium wheat beer will be releasing five
recipes curated by French Chef Nathalie and Malaysian Chef
Isadora Chai in a step by step video demo for consumers to try
at home and elevate their gastronomic experience.

At participating supermarkets and hypermarkets, purchase
RM150 and above of 1664 Blanc in a single receipt to instantly
redeem a WMF cutlery set and stand to WIN Grand Prize of an
exclusive vacation at Pangkor Laut Resort or First Prizes of Le
Creuset Round French Oven worth RM1,950 each.

At participating convenience stores, minimum purchase of
RM25 on 1664 Blanc in a single receipt stand to win the Grand
Prize of a luxury staycation at Pangkor Laut Resort, or one of
the 50 First Prizes of a 4-pax premium WMF cutlery set.

The Bon Appetit-lah campaign is also running for purchases on
Carlsberg’s official Shopee and Lazada stores with chances to
win WMF cutlery set, post-MCO luxury vacation and Le
Creuset cookware!

“1664 Blanc believes in inspiring consumers to share good taste moments with their loved ones over a fine meal paired with our refreshing brew. Food connects people, and we decided to bring the best of both countries by introducing five French-Malaysian fusion dishes jointly created by the two award winning chefs for the 1664 Blanc Bon Appetit-lah campaign.”, said Caroline Moreau, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

“Whilst consumers are staying safe at home amid the pandemic, we want to encourage them to try out 1664 Blanc-inspired dishes first-hand! We crafted our 1664 Blanc Bon Appetit-lah campaign by sharing five French-Malaysian fusion dishes in a step-by-step video demo to uplift their cooking experiences at home. Understanding how Malaysians must be feeling during the full MCO, the campaign intends to reward beer lovers for their 1664 Blanc purchases with premium cookware and luxurious island packages post-MCO in line with our brand’s promise of good taste with a twist.”, Moreau explained.

Be sure to like and follow @1664BlancMY on Facebook on Instagram for the weekly series of Bon Appetit-lah recipes. Try the Bon Appetit-lah recipes at home and submit photos of your plated dish with the hashtag #1664Blanc #BonAppetitLah #GoodTasteWithATwist to win prizes! For more info, visit

LIVEON - All natural beauty supplement

 I am not too sure how much have you heard about the damaging effects of consuming sugars. But I am sure you must have stumbled upon one or two posts here and there saying how someone is able to retain their youth merely by cutting out sugar; or you must have heard about how we should all refrain from consuming sugar as sugar feeds cancer cells? 

Aging is a natural process and yet it's almost a taboo; almost everyone I know fears aging and avoid discussing anything about aging as aging in many people's perception means potentially being a burden to someone else as we would be dependent on the others if we don't have the best state of health. 

If we were to talk about Aging, the biological process per se, it's all down to two reaction within the body, namely the Glycation and Oxidative Stress, but regardless of the pathways, it all leads to accumulation of AGEs (Advanced glycation end-products).

Glycation is a spontaneous non-enzymatic reaction which excessive and free"roaming" sugars bind with free amino groups of proteins, DNA, and lipids and forms Amadori products. The Amadori products undergo a variety of irreversible dehydration and rearrangement reactions that lead to the formation of AGEs. This process also leads to a loss of protein function and impaired elasticity of tissues such as blood vessels, skin, and tendons. And essentially, the more sugar content in your body, the higher the formation of AGEs. 

Oxidative stress also results in the formation of AGEs and has been suggested to be one of the critical factors in the progression of various diseases, especially chronic diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. Oxidative stress is generated from glucose oxidation which released excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS), and also the Glycation process mentioned above.

Now if you're in front of the screen, you must be freaking out now wondering is there a way we could reverse these reactions? The answer is, nope. We certainly cannot reverse any cycles, but there are ways we could minimise these reactions in the body. 

To put it simply, we could use antioxidants to scavenge free radicals (ROS). And any supplements in the market with high antioxidants are formulated with loads of sugar which renders them ineffective. Research in the past has also shown that a decrease in systemic antioxidant capacity is one of the causes of biological aging. 

I have been on the hunt for "youth-preserving elixir" but to be honest I don't really enjoy them because at the end of the day I felt like I was consuming more sugars which could be counterproductive. But it all changed when I was introduced to LIVEON

LIVEON, a brainchild and a fruit of intellectual labour of Wellous is made up of 3 major patented antioxidant ingredients, namely Enzogenol® pine bark extract, Superoxide Dismutase, and Sirtmax black turmeric extract.

Enzogenol® is extracted from the bark of Pinus Radiata in New Zealand; 

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is an enzyme produced naturally in the body. But the SOD from LIVEON is extracted from the non-GMO variety of Cantaloup melon, with its concentration 5 to 10 times higher compared with other melons;

Whereas, Sirtmax is a patented ingredient by a Japanese company, Tokiwa Phytochemical Co. Ltd. Its antioxidant effect is 15 times stronger than resveratrol, and 3 times stronger in comparison to the common Black Turmeric

Other than the 3 star ingredients, LIVEON also contains other ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. Just to name a few, they have sea buckthorn which is rich in Omega 3, 6, 7, 9, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant nutrient. The giant knotweed which boosts collagen production. Grape seed extract contains a high amount of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (a type of flavonoids which works to also combat free radicals). Lastly, the green tea extract, rich in polyphenol antioxidant catechin

Direction for use:

Drink 1 sachet per day after meal. LIVEON is handy and ready to be consumed anytime and anywhere, it can be consumed directly without water.

Like for myself, I usually just tear along the indicated openings and slurp it all up from the packaging. It's really convenient and absolutely no fuss.

My Verdict: 

 I have been personally consuming this for a little over 3 weeks now and I must say that although I am not able to see any anti-aging effects in the meantime, however, I do notice some improvements already!

 I have pretty sensitive skin and my skin gets red and patchy easily under heat, but to my surprise, after consuming LIVEON consistently for 2 weeks, my redness is less visible and happens more sporadically. My oily skin has also seemed to achieve a somewhat balance, where my skin produces less sebum. I believe this has got to be how well my skin has been replenished with the fatty acids (omega 3, 6).  

 - As for my body, I definitely could feel its anti-inflammatory effects on my joints. As a gym goer, on hardcore days, I can't help suffering with a little join pain here there due to bad posture (can't blame me as I am such a beginner). But ever since I started consuming LIVEON, the joint pain usually go away rather quickly! 

My husband who has been stealing a few packets ON and OFF has also seen improvement on his rosacea and I haven't heard him complaining about his skin's extreme dehydration which puts his skin on the verge of cracking and crumbling. 

I really enjoyed the natural flavours of LIVEON, and am pleasantly surprised that there's no sugar in it. If you have food restrictions/ concerns, I am happy to report that this product is  HALVEC certified, Fat free & suitable for vegan!


Of course, don't depend on food supplement solely in hopes to achieve "immortality". There is no short cut to anything in life. Of course, consuming natural supplements act as an accelerator, but apart from that, the effect would be enhanced if coupled with physical exercises. Physical exercise improves systemic antioxidant activity by reducing oxidative stress. Besides, it also reduces AGE levels and has a beneficial effect on glycemic control in anyone but particularly those with diabetes. 

LIVEON Ambassador - Lynn Lim  -

Wellous's Pillars @ Jalan Sultan Ismail -

More about the product:

For more information about LIVEON and any other products from Wellous, head over to their official webpage where you can read all about them from product information to their brand story! 

Official website:

How to purchase: 

To purchase this product and many other products which are under the umbrella of Wellous, feel free to visit their official FB page and speak to one of their authorised dealers for the latest offer! 

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