If you've read my article here, you would have known by now that I love Aloe Vera as a skincare ingredient for its immense benefits for the skin. 

Sunfeet International Rehab Centre Review

Do you suffer from recurrent knee pain or back pain which can't seem to be fixed regardless of the times you've seen a doctor? 
Or have you noticed that whenever your shoes started wearing out, it's always that one corner that shows signs of damage first? 

FROMNATURE Aloevera Soothing Products and Sun Protection Review

With the sun getting more and more merciless these days, 
and the fact that there's been a heatwave affecting most parts of the world, 
my skin has been experiencing more redness, and looking more parched and lackluster. 

Winter Christmas in Hanoi 2017 - Day 2 - Hanoi - Sapa

Feel free to read day 1 here!
So after an overnight train ride, we arrived at the Lao Cai train station.

BHT200 Semi Plug and Run Incline Treadmill Review

Why bother driving all the way to the gym while you can enjoy a satisfying cardio session at the comfort of your own home?

ID.AZ 5 MINS CLAY MASK review: Which variant suits your skin better?

ID.AZ makes some of the best sheet masks in the market, both for its quality and its drugstore price tags. 
If you haven't heard about them yet, feel free to read my reviews on the most effective sheet masks here.

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