BHT200 Semi Plug and Run Incline Treadmill Review

Why bother driving all the way to the gym while you can enjoy a satisfying cardio session at the comfort of your own home?

We have had the opportunity to give the BH T200 Treadmill a test run (pun intended) over the past weeks and I am now a total convert. Now I am totally convinced that driving to the gym for a 30 mins run is not necessary while you can own a compact treadmill for less than the price of a year's worth of gym subscription fee. Not to mention, it also saves you from the hassle of looking for a parking space, getting caught in rush hour traffic, competing for your turn to use the machine etc.

BH T200 Treadmill which comes together with Floor Protection Mat

This semi plug and run model is the latest addition that adorned my living room.

Not only is it compact, this semi plug and run model is also really easy to use and store as it does not require any assembly! Give it a quick lift to spare space or gently press the foot pedal cylinder to unfold the machine! In as little as 90 seconds, you're all ready to burn some fats while catching up on your favourite drama! If you're concerned about the safety issues pertaining the folding and unfolding of the machine, it adopts a soft drop system. There's no need to worry about it damaging the floor or cases of back injury.

Whilst being absolutely compact, the BHT200 has the widest stand posts amongst the other treadmills of the same class! The arc shape also enhances stability to the machines as well as aesthetic feature to the machine!

If you're concerned about the staggering electricity bill that comes with owning a treadmill, the BHT200 is built in accordance to the EU's green efficiency regulation. From the brush, to the bearing and steel axle, every component of the treadmill is designed to work harmoniously in power saving manner without compromising efficiency.

For beginners, this machine also comes with 6 pre-set workout programs with a maximum speed of 16km/h. Just in case you like experimenting with different settings, you don't have to fumble with all the complicated keys on the console as there are colour-coded quick key controls to get you from the lowest and highest setting in just one click!

Here are some of the features that I adore about the BHT200:

BH Multi Cushion

People who have experienced knee dislocation, or just any knee related issue (aka both of us) will try to stay away from treadmill as much as we could because we couldn't stand the impact it causes onto our knees. The compact BHT200 which is equipped with BH Multi Cushion and shock absorbers absorbs the impact and shock for our poor knees. Frequent treadmill user will get me on this, you won't feel like a heavy elephant stomping the world on this treadmill, if anything, it feels slightly 'bouncy' in a good way and I could feel it's less taxing on my knees.

The MP3 & Dual Speakers

Cardio is Hellish without music, admit it. I love listening to music at the gym, but then again, I hate having to take care of my earphone (both wired and wireless). BH T200 took care of this problem for you as you can blast the music through the built-in dual speaker which is also compatible with MP3 player through a line-in connection. Other than just listening to music, answering phone calls is also possible with this audio system! How convenient!

Fingertip Controls

Keep everything in control within finger's reach. This feature allows for convenient adjustment of running speed and inclination without breaking your stride. This is ideal for someone like me who loves interval training. Changing the speed or the incline during different segments of the run actually burns more calories than say just jog at a fixed setting.

Contact Pulse Measurement System

I like monitoring my heart rate to know if I am actually working hard enough of it have subconsciously cut myself some slack. This strategic placement of the pulse sensor at the arm bar allows ergonomic measurement of pulse while you're on the run.

Enhanced safety features

Bid farewell to those days where you slip off the treadmill, both sides of the BHT200 are equipped with safety mats to increase friction that grips your feet. There’s also an emergency stop pull tag which you should clip to your clothes when you’re working out. Pulling the tag out of its position brings the machine to a halt; this will be handy in cases of slip or fall.

Despite all the good things I have to say about the BHT200, here are some of the things to consider:
1.  This treadmill can only support a maximum weight of 115kg, given its compact size. That said, we noticed that anyone with the weight of 80kgs and above might find that the belt is slightly tugged while you're running.

2.  Although it does have a smooth and noise-free inclination, the inclination is not as high as I would personally have preferred. I love being able to work on a bigger area of the lower body (I.e hips and thigh) and not just the calf. Though this machine is fairly great at switching up your mundane cardio , I was expecting more from the inclination. But I do know that they have just added an Incline Trainer to their collection, that may work better for anyone who’s keen in working your gluts and thigh may take a look at it at

But overall, as an active couple, we still think having a compact treadmill at home is excellent for making up those days where we have no time to hit the gym and get some sweat dripping.
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