FROMNATURE Aloevera Soothing Products and Sun Protection Review

With the sun getting more and more merciless these days, 
and the fact that there's been a heatwave affecting most parts of the world, 
my skin has been experiencing more redness, and looking more parched and lackluster. 

Just as I was foraging the entire neighbourhood in hopes to steal some of the mother nature's best skincare ingredient, Aloe Vera, I was so kindly sent these products which are mainly composed of aloe vera

Before providing a first impression for the products that I had been testing out for about a week now,
let me just remind everyone some of the benefits of slathering aloe vera on the skin. 

Aloe Vera is the best natural soothing ingredients on earth. 
Its anti-inflammatory effect, when applied on the skin, is on par, if not better than some of the topical medication over the counter. 
As it is very moisturising to the skin without leaving an oily residue, it is an ideal ingredient to aid and speed up wound healing
Its high penetration ability travels across the epidermis layer better and provides hydration within the skin layers. 
Its great anti-microbial properties also made Aloe Vera my favourite remedy for acne or post-acne care regime
From soothing inflamed and angry acne to managing the scars and fading dark spots left by acne, Aloe Vera is probably the cheapest and most effective ingredient to tackle all these skin concerns. 

Now enough of me gushing over the benefits of Aloe Vera, let's move straight into some of the products from FROM NATURE ALOEVERA series which I had been testing out! 

FROMNATURE Aloevera Perfect Sun Block SPF50+PA++++ 50ml

If you're not applying your sun protection on a daily basis, I assure you, in 20 years time you would look back and regret the days you could've put on sun protection and protected your skin.
Sun damage is irreversible.
So it's better to prevent any sun damage rather than trying to cure it when damages have been made.
This Perfect Sun Block provides a whopping SPF50+ and PA++++ provides a complete protection from both UVA and UVB rays.
It is also a mixture of physical and chemical sunscreen, so it is gentler on sensitive skin and acne prone skin.
As it contains Titanium dioxide as one of their UV filters, this product can leave a faint white cast on the skin, which I personally quite enjoy; The white cast physically blocks out UV rays.
The Aloevera Perfect Sun Block has a pretty light consistency compared to other sunblocks in the market.

It blends easily into the skin and leaves a dewy finish, but not necessarily oily.
It does not have any unpleasant chemical scent to it and it comes in a convenient squeezy tube, everything I look for in a sunblock.

FROMNATURE Strong Barrier Sun Stick UV Protection SPF 50+ PA++++

As you all may have already known, applying sunblock just once before you step out of your house in the morning wouldn't provide the complete protection you'd expect.
We should always be diligent in reapplying out sunblock to make sure that the UV rays have no chance to make its way into our skin layers.
Which is why the Koreans have recently gone crazy with their latest trend, Sun Stick which is ideal for reapplication!
Small and easy to bring around, this sun stick glides on the skin surface like a dream!
It's great to be used over makeup or over the base layer of sunblock you've applied at home without leaving a streaky appearance on the skin.
It is invisible (thanks to its chemical filters), but yet provide maximum protection to both UVB and UVA rays.

You could use this under or over makeup.
But I personally prefer applying a layer of sunblock all over my face before leaving the house and bring this out with me for reapplication.
I would also recommend wiping down the surface after each use for anyone with sensitive skin because you're rubbing it onto your skin out and about, where dust and dirt and bacteria have colonised on the skin.

FROMNATURE Aloevera 98% Soothing Gel 150g

This product has replaced my moisturiser in my skincare routine especially now that the weather is so hot! 
My oily skin always turn into an oil mess just half an hour after any moisturiser application, so switching my usual moisturiser out with something refreshing like this Aloevera soothing gel has really worked wonder! 

It moisturises the skin without leaving any tacky feeling on the skin. 
Its gel texture also spread very easily all over the skin. 
It does have a slight aloe vera scent to it, just like any aloe vera gel available in the market, 
but it doesn't bug me at all as the scent usually becomes undetectable after a while. 
Not only does the Aloevera soothing gel moisturise my skin, I have also noticed less redness throughout the day and at the end of the day when I cleanse my face. 
I have also enjoyed the suppleness and a subtle glow as a result of deep hydration this Aloevera soothing gel gives. 
Overall, I have really enjoyed simplifying my skincare with this does-it-all product. 

FROMNATURE Aloevera 98% Soothing Gel Mist 120ml

For lazy girls, this could be your easiest way to perk up your skin anytime, anywhere.
I love replacing this with my toner on those where I get too hot to patient pat on the toners into my skin.
Just mist the soothing gel mist all over the face and give it a few taps and your skin is prepped for the day!
As it is a gel instead of a watery mist, your skin is less prone to transepidermal water loss even using this throughout the day.
The gel mist locks in moisture with a burst of soothing ingredient to provide hydration that penetrates deep into the skin layers.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend using this all over make up cause like I mentioned, it has a rather thick consistency in contrast to the usual watery mist, so I am concerned that it may leave your base make up looking patchy.
It also has a pretty strong spray instead of a super fine mist so I would make sure to hold it quite a distance from my face to ensure an even distribution without getting caught into the creases of my eyes etc.
That said, using it during mid-day to provide an instant relief from the hot heat has proven beneficial to my skin.
My face had been rather calm despite walking under the sun in the afternoon.

FROMNATURE Premium Aloevera Soothing Mask 15EA

This is a firm favourite of mine! 
I love to put this on after a long day out under the sun to instantly cool down my skin.
Heated skin leads to increased sebum production and aggravates inflammation,
so applying a face mask like this at the end of a day helps a lot in calming down the skin and keep any skin concern at bay!
What I love about these sheet masks are that they are really thin and they adhere really well onto the skin.
They are also packed with generous amount of aloe vera ampoule to keep the sheet masks moisturised for the 20 minutes of masking and you will even have enough left to be applied all over your decolletage!
Again, it has a rather strong scent to it so those who are concerned should take note.
But so far I haven't found that the fragrance irritate my skin at all, given that I have uber sensitive skin.
If you're in need of an instant skin hydration burst, this is your best bet! 

FROMNATURE Real Aloevera Foam Cleansing 130g

This is quite a mediocre product in comparison to the other products in the range. 
I mean it still does its job, the cleansing, but there's nothing mind-blowing about it. 

It lathers up fairly decently, and it cleanses, fairly effectively. 
But one thing that is noteworthy is that, instead of leaving my skin feeling really tight after a face wash, this cleanser actually cleanses effectively without stripping off the moisture from my skin. 
However, for someone who's used to cleansing with a rich lather, I found myself having to use more product than my usual cleanser to thoroughly cleanse my skin down to my neck. 
Again, this product comes with the iconic Aloe vera scent, which I personally find pretty refreshing to use at the end of the day. 

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