If you've read my article here, you would have known by now that I love Aloe Vera as a skincare ingredient for its immense benefits for the skin. 
Having had a positive experience with some of the FROMNATURE ALOEVERA products, especially the face mask, the aloe spray and the aloe vera gel, 
(as mentioned in the previous blog post)

I'd decided to give the entire skincare set a whirl and see if they are any good. 

First of all what drew me to these products were the posh packaging. 
The packaging of the FROMNATURE ALOEVERA series screams luxury not just by the look of it, 
but it also feels sturdy and weighs substantially. 
All of the products except for the facial wash sport an elegant emerald green packaging with some silver accent all around the bottle. 
The toner and emulsion come in a pump bottle whereas the cream comes in a tub (with spatula). 
I love a good pump bottle for how hygienic they are, and I love the thoughtful addition of a stopper at the pump to prevent leakage should you travel with these products.

The drawbacks though are the fact that you won't be able to know how much product is left in the container and that both the emulsion and toners are housed in the same packaging. 
I personally have experienced picking up the wrong product early in the morning as I was getting ready to uni. 
If I could change anything about it, I would probably give them a different colour, or opacity, to help differentiate the bottles. 

Appearance aside, the most prominent feature to note about these products is that they are pretty heavily scented. 
Those who are particularly sensitive to fragrance should take note, 
but so far they haven't caused me any irritation, 
probably owing to the fact that the main ingredient of all of the products were of ALOE VERA water which is pretty soothing itself.

FROMNATURE Real Aloevera Foam Cleansing 130g (RM79)
Contains glycerin and lauric acid that hydrates while they cleanse; the latter also possesses anti-bacterial properties.
It is also rich in botanical extracts to care for the skin as it cleanses oil and dirt from your pores.

I have written my thoughts on this product in my previous blog post.
After several usages, this product has slowly grown on me.
This facial wash really does moisture whilst it cleanses.
I haven't been experiencing tightness around my cheeks ever since I've been using this in place of my usual foam cleanser.

FROMNATURE Real Aloevera Toner 120ml (RM149)
Made up of  84% Aloe vera Water 
Carrot Root extract - To moisturise and improve elasticity
Pumpkin extract - Exfoliates
Mushroom Extract - Hydrating
Niacinamide- Brightening

This toner has a viscous texture and it is packed with hydrating ingredients.
I would imagine this toner to be the perfect "skin" to perform the 7 skin method.
As it has a borderline slimy texture, I would recommend patting this product directly onto the skin instead of using a cotton pad.
Repeat a few times to hydrate your skin from the deep layers.
For those who are particularly oily, you may actually stop right here for your daytime skincare routine, but provided you have to repeat a few times until your skin feels supple and well hydrated.

Unlike conventional toner which is made up of mainly water or alcohol denat, this toner is packed with aloe vera water, makes is a great product to soothe any skin irritation or redness that you may experience in our hot and humid weather.
As it is nutrient-packed aloe vera water, you don't need to worry about accelerating trans-epidermal water loss like any ordinary water-based toner does.

FROMNATURE Real Aloevera Emulsion 120ml (RM149)
70% Aloevera water
Olive Oil
Macadamia Seed Oil  - Moisture barrier
Argan Kernel Oil - Water oil balance
Shea butter - Intensive nutrition 

As the name suggests, this product has a watery-gel kinda texture,
it applies easily onto the skin.
It is also quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving any sticky residue.
This emulsion has the ability to balance the skin's water and sebum level due to its great moisturising properties.
As it is rich in botanical oils, you will also notice plumper looking skin which is also bouncy to the touch.

For anyone with oilier skin type, I would stop the product at this step cause I think that this product has already provided sufficient moisture to my skin on top of the toner.

But if you're a dry skin girl, you would like the following product.

FROMNATURE Real Aloevera Cream 50ml (RM129)
63% Aloevera water
Konjac Root Extract - Skin barrier protection
Grapefruit seed extract - Moisture
Carrot Extract - Skin brightening
Pumpkin- Exfoliating

As it is a cream product, you would notice that it leaves an oily film on the skin,
which does not really suit my skin type.
Dry skin girl, on the other hand, would appreciate this thick texture that seals in all the hydration you have applied earlier while protecting the moisture barrier.
I also notice that using this in a hot humid weather on my oily skin exacerbated my sebum production.

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