ViQ Apparel Paradigm Mall Grand Launching

Activewear is no longer restricted to the gym only! 

As depicted in the song above (LOL), 
activewear has been such a huge part of our lives. 
I used to not care about how I look when I go to the gym, 
I would wear something casual and comfy and off to the gym, I went. 

But with time, I have experienced first hand how wearing a nicely designed activewear could boost my self-confidence in the gym. 
And to me, while looking pretty is not on top of the priority list, 
I would still want to look cute and stylish all the time. 

Which is why I was pretty excited when I was introduced to this amazing local activewear brand, 
VIQ Apparel

ViQ Apparel was founded in Malaysia and with an aim: to provide customers with dressing solutions. ViQ Apparel believes that colours can enhance an individual’s charisma and fashion style and that each individual’s fashion style is unique. All the products are properly examined and controlled for quality assurance. 

Had the honour to speak to the owner and founder of ViQ Apparel!
Happy to learn that she hand drawn each and every piece of the outfit and watch them turned into physical products!
She is so passionate about what she does and is always adding new designs into their lines just to make sure workout fanatics get excited and motivated all the time!

ViQ Apparel convictions:
At ViQ, we believe in comfort, creativity and value for money. We are committed to meeting the individual dressing needs of women and men with comfortable and trendy apparels.
We believe in treating our customers well by providing them with excellent service and value added products.

Come experience yourself a whole new activewear shopping experience in their stunningly renovated shop lot! 
The spacious premise boast an industrial design which is both trendy and inviting, 
makes for an extra enjoyable browsing experience. 
All of their pieces were pretty affordable too! 

The ViQ Apparel is located at Paradigm Mall - 2F (08, 09, 10)

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