Authentic Nyonya Cuisine in KL - Lima Pulo

Don't be fooled by this shabby looking premise hoarding loads of things from the ancient times;
most of the items the current kids would never fathom. 
Inside is where you will find a family owned authentic Nyonya Cuisine restaurant!

This place sees patrons filled to the brim during lunch hour daily. 
Avoid leaving with disappointment by booking yourself  a table in advance. 

We couldn't contain our excitement and ordered a bowl of chendol (RM3.50) as soon as we arrived. 
I mean, who could resist a bowl of shaved ice covered with creamy coconut milk intertwined with aromatic and flavourful caramelised palm sugar? 
Definitely not me. 
The verdict from this simple looking bowl of ice topped with what may seem like an ordinary brown syrup?
We devoured this bowl down in just a matter of seconds.
this bowl of chendol needs no further affirmation from us as D and I both nodded in agreement as we shoved them spoonful after spoonful until depletion. 

A fine collection of "China" stored away in cabinets for 'distinguished guests' reminded me so much of my very own grandma. 

There aren't too many options on the menu, 
but we had selected some of the must-try dishes upon the owner's recommendation. 

Cucur Udang (RM9.90 from the lunch menu)
A balanced mix of shrimp and paste made for the perfect tenderness and crunchiness in any bite. 
Sweet and spicy homemade chilli sauce added an extra oomph to the delicious bite-sized awesomeness.

Unconventional looking satays that actually taste good. 
What I adore about the dish was not the way it looks whatsoever, 
but rather the quality of the meat they used in each stick! 
Instead of throwing in fats every now and then to make up a stick of satay, 
they used only the flesh, all of which was nicely marinated, and then grilled to golden perfection. 

Not the most impressive dish but then again, how creative can one be with an omelet?
Well, at least it was on par with my ideal of an omelet,
not too greasy overall and fluffy to eat at.

Nyonya Curry Chicken
All I could remember from this dish was how spicy it was. 
I felt like the spicy level has totally masked the flavour of the dishes. 
I was also expecting a bigger portion from this RM19 dish. 

Gerang Asam Pari RM28
This dish was yet again another spicy dish. 
I was hoping for an appetizing soury broth to go with my rice but alas all the flavours had seemed to be masked due to the overpowering spiciness. 

Delicious aubergine dish but a bit too oily for my liking. 

Nyonya Fried Chilli (seasonal price)
Not a fan of fried fish, but love the sauce that came with the fish. 

Adorable heart-shaped fragrant rice. 

Couldn't leave the place without another sweet treat. 
This time we decided to try out the Sago Gula Melaka (RM3.50)
It was a pretty sweet compared to what we are used to all thanks to their generosity in the utilisation of palm sugar. 
Again, it's a dessert for those who love the palm sugar and coconut milk combo.
D licked the whole bowl clean even though he hates sweet food. 

I would recommend trying out their noodles, 
we had a bowl of laksa (not pictured) and loved every bit of it. 
Thick and creamy savoury curry soup with a generous portion of noodles and all the sides, 
it was fulfilling and well worth every penny. 
Also, don't leave limapulo without trying their desserts! 

Limapulo, Chow Kit Road, KL
Address: 50, The Row, Jalan Doraisamy, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur 53000
Contact: 03 26983268
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 12Noon to 3PM, 6PM to 10PM


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    1. Hi Su, they are only serving Halal food. They have an all Halal menu. But I am not sure if they are certified or not. I have seen some Malay friends dine there.


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