Dolly Wink 10 seconds Easy Lash

I am sure at the mention of Japanese makeup, 
one of the most iconic brands which would strike out mind instantly would have to be Dolly Wink.
Launched in the year of 2009, 
Dolly Wink has been in the Japanese make-up market for more than 10 years now! 
Tsubasa Masuwaka, the founder of Dolly Wink has always capture the hearts of women of all ages as the iconic trend setter. 
10 years later today, Tsubasa has yet again surprised her cult followers with a rebranding.

Carlsberg Double Cheers Double Winnings

It's my favourite time of the year yet again, and wow, 
can we just all agree that this year's CNY is coming by too quickly! 
There's always a special place in my heart for CNY because I just love gatherings and foods, 
but this year is extra special to both D and I, 
as it is the first time we are celebrating in our own place! 
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