Carlsberg Double Cheers Double Winnings

It's my favourite time of the year yet again, and wow, 
can we just all agree that this year's CNY is coming by too quickly! 
There's always a special place in my heart for CNY because I just love gatherings and foods, 
but this year is extra special to both D and I, 
as it is the first time we are celebrating in our own place! 
It means, not only do we get to CHOOSE whatever beverages we would serve to our guests, 

but it also means, we got the chance to stock up,
#probablythebest beer in the market, Carlsberg. 

As we both were already huge fans of Carlsberg ourselves, 
we were both over the moon when we received an invitation to preview Carlsberg's 2020 CNY campaign, Double Cheers Double Winnings

Carlsberg believes that good things come in pairs and greets beer lovers double prosperity
offering double rewards to commemorate unique occurrence of year 2020. 

This year's Carlsberg CNY campaign entitled Double Cheers. Double Winnings speaks to my heart with its contemporary twist while retaining the traditional crafty side of the Chinese culture

To commemorate the special year of 2020, which symbolizes double, this year, Carlsberg has gone all out in giving back to all the beer lovers, 
with the aim to reward beer lovers nationwide with chances to double-up their winnings
abundantly by bringing home a limited-edition gigantic 3-litre Carlsberg CNY bottle when you purchase any Carlsberg product. 

Carlsberg creatively illustrated ‘double’ via Chinese red paper cutting art and in celebration of the year 2020 featuring fishes to depict abundance, and lion dance to signify good luck and prosperity on all Carlsberg and Carlsberg Smooth Draught bottles and cans.

Managing Director Stefano Clini 
It was an absolute honour to be able to enjoy a night of sumptuous dinner and endless fun with the MD of Carlsberg. 

As long as you're a Carlsberg Malaysia fans, 
you're in the running to win one of these amazing prizes. 

Of which, what caught my eye at an instant was the Carlsberg Smart Mini-Bar,
which has sparked heated discussion that night, as well as all over the participating convenience store! 

 Call it a table, but it can also double up as a table fridge and better yet? it is fitted with Bluetooth speaker and USB charger functionalities
As shared by the Marketing Manager Kevin Choo, 
you now don't have to worry about sacrificing your beer storage for the food produce storage in your filled-to-the-brim domestic fridge. 
Win one of these and you can easily keep up to 144 cans of beers chilled for that perfect beer enjoyment during family reunions or festive open house sessions!
No more complaining from your guests on drinking unpleasant warm beers! 

To stand a chance to win this, simply purchase RM20 and above of Carlsberg Malaysia products at participating convenience stores to be eligible for the weekly draws with chances to win a Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar or a 1664 Blanc-branded Mini Chiller.

The magnificent 3-litre Carlsberg bottle topped with a cork stopper measuring at a height of
48cm is bound to double the happiness at CNY celebrations with every pop! With only more
than 2,000 bottles in Malaysia to be won, there are already 365 lucky winners nationwide
emerging from participating outlets nationwide to date.

To win one of these? Head to participating coffee shops or food courts and check underneath the bottle caps for purchases of Carlsberg (640ml) or Carlsberg Smooth Draught (580ml) big bottles.
At participating supermarkets, hypermarkets; instant beer enjoyment at modern pubs, bars and
restaurants; or shopping online on participating e-commerce sites such as Potboy, Shopee,
Taobao, Sohda, Winetalk, and Boozeat, you too can stand a chance for every promotional
purchase of Carlsberg and participating brands! Get lucky and stand to win the limited-edition
3-litre Carlsberg bottle when you send in your receipt via WhatsApp. 

(L-R): Corporate Communications & CSR Director Pearl Lai, Managing Director Stefano Clini and Marketing Manager Kevin Choo.

That's not all! 

Back by popular demand!
Carlsberg fans also stand a chance to win
up to RM800 worth of groceries all paid for when You Shop, Carlsberg Pays! With 20 locations
held last weekend, 123 lucky winners walked home with their groceries all paid for by Carlsberg!
Held nationwide, grab the opportunity and have Probably The Best CNY Shopping Experience
for your purchases on Carlsberg Malaysia products and check out for the next weekend
activation near you at

After all the interesting sharing session which got us all excited, 
we were then treated to an amazing dinner at Sheng Mun, Plaza Arkadia. 

The CNY dinner kickstarted with the compulsory Lou-Hei. 
The Lou-Hei was presented in a pair of creative illustration of koi fishes, 
as per the Carlsberg campaign, 
signifies abudance. 

Dinners would never be the same without the companion of #ProbablyTheBest beer, Carlsberg
and our choice were the Carlsberg Smooth Draught

And of course, how could we miss the ceremonial toasting with all the big shots from Carlsberg
Here's to double prosperity, health and happiness

And when we thought it was the end of the night, 
we were treated to an enjoyable art jamming session painting koi fishes and lion dance featured in Carlsberg’s CNY 2020 masthead, while enjoying Carlsberg and Carlsberg Smooth Draught with Art & Bonding

Special thanks again to Carlsberg Malaysia for treating us to an auspicious and immersive #ProbablyTheBest Ex-beer-ience featuring great beers,
delightful cuisines and crafts in a contemporary take on the CNY culture. 

For more information on all ongoing CNY promotions or events, visit or follow Carlsberg Malaysia on Facebook at

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