The Best of Both Worlds - The Tokyo Restaurant x Creme De La Creme

If you've read my previous post on Hello Kitty themed artisan ice cream
the name Creme de La Creme is definitely no stranger for you. 

Just when you think they must have exhausted all of their creative juices on the utterly adorable Hello Kitty themed desserts, they are here to prove you wrong with yet another out of the box collaboration; 
This time they are teaming up with The Tokyo Restaurant (TTR),
to bring you another sensorial experience.

If you haven't heard about TTR's famous burnt cheesecake
I'd assume that you probably don't own any sort of social network accounts. 
There was a time where crowds would throng the passageway just outside of the restaurant, 
trying their luck to reward their palate with a taste that's so memorable, 
that one would probably lust for life. 

That said, the passion for such deliciousness hasn't dwindled just a tiny bit. 
Many people would make their way all the way to the 5th floor of Lot10 Isetan just for this dessert, 
of which the same people could later be seen leaving the premise grinning from ear to ear. 
That's how much people love this wholesome flavour!

Lio Lim, managing director of CDLC was seen diligently serving each and every one of this guests with his brainchild. 

And we were so lucky to be amongst the lucky ones who got to taste this creation firsthand! 

That's me busy telling all the cheesecake lovers this great news! 

This collaboration saw 2 variation of dessert. 

First on the menu, we have the plated dessert,
featuring TTR's burnt cheese cake which needs no introduction, 
coupled with a scoop of Burnt Caramel Ice cream, 
and a sprinkle of hazelnuts and a drizzle of caramel. 

If you are already a fan of TTR's burnt cheesecake
this is just an elevated version of it. 
The best way to eat it is by cutting a small slice of the warm and fluffy cheesecake and top it off with a piece of the cold and creamy ice cream.
Not only does it add an interesting multi-textural sensation to the palette, 
it also adds an enthralling flavour that complements the cheesecake without overpowering it. 
The sweet and salty combination is one that your taste buds will remember for a very long time. 

Of course, 
a collaboration wouldn't be complete without artisanal ice creams.
They have launched two all-new flavours through this collaboration: 
1. Burnt Caramel Cheesecake
2. Tokyo La Creme

Burnt Caramel Cheesecake

Tokyo La Creme

Tokyo La Creme: 
Creamy cream cheese ice cream featuring fresh Australian Cream Cheese texturised with the perfect proportion of TTR burnt cheesecake - an amazing balance that will throw your senses off-balance! 

Burnt Caramel Cheesecake:
Enjoy delicious burnt caramel ice cream swirled with TTR burnt cheesecake with such smoothness and richness that is sure to tantalise your tastebuds. 

We love them both the same, but if we were forced to pick our favourite child, 
we were leaning towards the Burnt Caramel Cheesecake flavour! 
There is just something so entrancing about having both salty and sweet flavours mixed into one. 
We felt like we could eat that again and again and never grow sick of it. 
For those cult follower of the TTR's burnt cheesecake, you would absolutely love love love the Tokyo La Creme flavour. You practically get the best of both worlds in a scoop of ice cream as you would discover pieces of the burnt cheesecake as the ice cream melts away. 
This is especially one for those who are fond of milky flavours.
Both of their textures, of course, needs no elaboration; ultimate smoothness and creaminess that melts upon landing on your tongue, releasing such relish that would excite your taste buds and your mood. 

Cheesecake lovers don't miss out! 
Hurry up and head to CDLC / The Tokyo Restaurant and have a taste! 

Creme De La Creme
Address: 35G, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/60 Damansara Utama.
Operation: Daily
                  Sunday - Thursday : 12pm - 11pm
                  Frida y & Saturday : 12pm - 12am
Takeaways🚢🏻& deliveries🚚: +60 12-281 5123 (12pm - 10pm)

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