Horien Eye Secret 38% 6 Months Colour Contact Lens Review

Have you ever wondered why regardless of the number of makeup tutorials you've watched and tried to recreate, it's extremely difficult for the outcome to come close to what's seen on screen? 
If it's a struggle you're facing, try putting on a pair of colour lenses and see how they transform/complement your entire look! 

Contact lens is neither a new topic in this space nor to myself as I'd been an avid coloured lens wearer for donkey years now. But the innovation in terms of new design and interesting but wearable colours in the contact lens market had been rather stagnant and nothing had interested me until I discovered a brand that's pretty new to me, but has had a long history in Taiwan. 

Horien Optics Malaysia was established in the year of 2014 and they aim to introduce only the safest and best quality lenses to Malaysian contact lens users.  And these lenses that I am talking about is none other than the Taiwan-made contact lenses under the name of Horien Eye Secret. Having been in the optical industry since the year of 1995, their reputation has always been associated with high quality and safe products with competitive price tags. There is no denying that these Eye Secret series lenses are one of the most loved brands in Taiwan when it comes to cosmetic lenses and its popularity was then made evident with the crowning of the Taiwan Excellence Award for 2 consecutive years! 

Horien Optics Malaysia carries a wide array of products from clear lenses to coloured lenses and there are even options from dailies, monthlies to even 3 months and 6 months disposable soft lenses. The options are endless. 

Being a person who is practically blind without my lenses, I found myself drawn to this particular range of contact lenses which are made to wear for up to 6 months! 

These Horien Eye Secret 38% 6 Months Colour lenses came in the cutest pink packaging. 
Each box contains only 1 soft lens soaked in the solution, tightly sealed under the aluminum foil.

 So what actually sold me on trying out these lenses are as below:

1. 38% Water Content - The moisture content of the lenses are preserved as a result of the reduction in the rate of water loss, which means lenses will stay comfortable for a longer period of time.
2. Rich in Sodium Hyaluronate & Trehalose - lenses are enriched with these natural Moisturising Formula that mimics the moisture source of our eyes.
3. BMW 3D Wrap Technology - Colour additives are wrapped by HEMA, therefore, there will be no direct contact with our eyes with the colour additives; colour additives used are FDA approved.
4. UV Protection Function - from UVA and UVB
5. Artificial Intellectual - Dual aspheric design technology that optimises lens curve to contour our eyeballs better for comfort and high definition vision; improve optical aberrations formed by traditional spherical lens for a more comfortable and clearer vision even in the dark
6. Bigger Tinted Area - enhances the diameter of our pupils ever so slightly 
7. 7-9mm Wide Optic Zone - enhances the colours of the iris without obstructing our vision 

To be honest, the idea of using a pair of lenses up 6 months sounded very daunting initially. I had a ton of skepticism running in my mind, I was constantly questioning its safety, its comfort levels, its price tag etc.

But all of my doubts were cleared when I tried them on! 

1. Poppy Brown 

Even just by holding the lenses on my fingertips I could already feel how soft these lenses are!

Putting them on was a breeze all thanks to its innovative curve designs that hug our eyeballs snugly.

I love wearing poppy brown for days where I want to look more confident but not necessarily eye-catching if that makes sense. There were so many times that people thought that this was my natural eye colour and I was super pleased! For this reason, I'd count on this pair of lenses for formal business events, for meetings, interviews and the basic day to day vision correction.

I absolutely love sticking to the neutrals with a little bit of shine whenever I'm putting on these lenses. 
A little extension on the eyeliner and a light wash of warm Browns all over the eyelid and crease and I'd instantly look as if I've taken hours to get ready. Pair this eye look with a nude lip for an everyday look or switch out into a red lip and you're all ready to walk the red carpet!

2. Lily Hazel

I have always wanted to try hazel coloured eyes but I could never find the right ones. 
Either the diameter was too small or the colours were too light, hazel lenses had always made me look lethargic than anything else. 

But! These lily hazel lenses from Horien Eye Secret ticked all the boxes for the perfect pair of hazel coloured cosmetic lenses! No fact, it's my favourite colour out of all the colours in the range! 

Not only do they come in the most Asian-flattering tone of hazel, the slightly larger diameter also means the colour will not wash out the size of my pupils. 

Lily hazel lenses under flashlight.

Lily hazel lenses under normal lighting.

These lenses are definitely my go-to special occasion lenses! 
They go well with pretty much any eye look from smokey, to a pop of colour, it has the ability to make you look like a mixed race in just seconds! 

So far I've been loving the pairing of hazel eyes with a pop of red or a coppery eye look. 
These lighter eye colours have the ability to bring out the vivid colour of the eyeshadow when juxtaposed side by side.

Coppery eyeshadow and lily hazel lenses - under flashlight.

Without flash, natural lighting. 

3. Cosmo Grey

I personally think grey is the best colour to go for if you want to look like you're obviously wearing colour changing lenses. I used to love wearing grey lenses but the thing is they never really come out as grey as I'd wanted it to be. It's probably because those lenses were targeting at the foreign market where the people already have a pretty light coloured iris. 

When I took out the lenses from their packaging, the grey colour was a tad intimidating. 
I was so worried that I was going to look like an alien with them on. 

But as you could see, they look surprisingly flattering on my super dark iris! 
I guess it's because these colours are designed for Asian iris! 

I love wearing these grey lenses if I wanna be more out there with my make up. 
Though being a cool tone colour, I personally think that it went well with both cool tone and warm tone eyeshadows! 

Here is how I tie the colour of the lens together with a cool toned purplish eye look.

I also tried wering a cool toned coppery colours on my eyes and see if it would go with these lenses, and they went perfectly well together. 

Although this colour looks really daring and transforming on the eyes, I love these for special occasions. All thanks to the darker rim on the outside of the colours, it changes the colour of my iris while enhancing the pupils of my eyes too! 

After wearing these lenses for a couple of weeks now, I really still think that despite with extended use of these lenses, they still stay fairly comfortable on the eyes. I love how soft they are and how they stick onto my eyes easily. 

For more info about them, you could find them at:

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