Swarovski Gel Manicure @ Enchanted Siblings, Publika

After attending the Enchanted Sibling's 2nd Anniversary Celebration, I was literally enchanted by their creative artworks and I knew I had to experience for myself, what the hype was really about. 

As much as I wanted to say getting a gel manicure is overly hyped, getting a manicure in Enchanted Siblings has proven me awfully wrong! Such cynical remark arose mainly due to the fact that I had been visiting a rather dodgy manicurist all these while. Although my nails did look great for a while (I'd say 8-9 days?), the gel would then get peeled off after a few hair washes and my nails would look dried and yellowish after the removal. 

Enchanted Siblings is a salon that advocates the harmonious co-existence of beauty, health and safety! Each of the beauticians in Enchanted Siblings is certified and they were only allowed to practice their service after a series of intense training by the directors themselves.  

Started off as a childhood dream, the Chan siblings have always had a passion for art. 
Such humble dream was made brought to life when the eldest sister Celeste finally decided to pick up nail arts. And since then there was no looking back. The younger siblings followed her footsteps and they established Enchanted Siblings in 2015! Their excellent service and high popularity have also accelerated the opening of a second branch at Publika in merely a year's time! 

Even having carved a name as the best nail salon in the city, the Chan Siblings deemed learning as a never-ending process. They continued to take up new skills and they even underwent strenuous training in Japan/ Korea to be awarded various certificates to perform an array of beauty services! 
They currently offer services such as: 

→Nail enhancement- Exclusive Japan/ Korea designs 
Japanese Express Gel extension
Bridal Nail Manicure 

Korea Embroidery- Micro-feathering; Micropigmentation; Combo 

Nail courses

→Swarovski Crystals Supply

→ PinkuBizu - Customisation of Swarovski Crystals Bracelet

Having witnessed the beauty of Erelise (Pastel home themed outlet in Bandar Baru Sri Petaling), I have decided to visit the Lunaria Palace at Publika for my nails pampering session. 

Due to popular demand, booking your slot ahead of time is strongly recommended

Being the first ever themed beauty salon in Malaysia, arriving at the Lunaria Palace certainly did not disappoint. We were greeted by an adorable pink heaven palace right at the entrance! 

We were welcomed in no time upon arrival and the staffs were absolutely friendly and courteous! 
As the name suggests, Lunaria Palace is completely decked in pink and white decorations! 
The bright lights equipped in the entire premise have revealed the sterling cleanliness of the premise and I was highly satiated.

On display are the great variety of their gel nail colours. 
All of the products used were handpicked and imported from Japan / Korea by the director herself! 
With so many colour options available, there will never come a time where they run out of manicure designs! 

Before heading straight to the service room, I was brought to the display board to pick a theme for my nails! The manicurist was absolutely observant and attentive to my requests!
Not only was I given sufficient time to make up my mind, I was also well assisted with the endless options of mix and matching! 

She picked out my favourite combo and provided me an overview of how they would look like all together. 
Once she's gotten a nod from me, I was brought to the manicure station where a welcome drink was already served on the bench! 
How thoughtful! 

I was then required to fill up a customer consultation form where I had to describe my style for a bit so that the manicurist would know me even better and could then finalise the design with something that doesn't only look good together, but also represent each of their client's style! 
This is probably my fave thing about Enchanted Siblings!
They prioritise communication to ensure highest customer satisfaction! 

After getting to know my style better, my manicurist brought a palette of interesting handmade accessories for me to choose from! 
It was honestly tougher than picking out what's for lunch! HAHA! 
Each design was unique in their very own way, be it sweet, dreamy, classy, mermaid, unicorn, and pretty much just anything you could think of, they could do it. 

The process started off with removing the existing colours on my nails. 

Before commencing with the painting, we discussed the best shape to go with my fingers (I mentioned I wanted a shape that would elongate my stumpy fingers), she then shaped them ever so gently into an oval shape without tugging my nails. She also paid extra attention to my needs as I requested for shorter nail length for the two fingers I'd use for contacts wearing and removal. 

The rest of the procedure felt absolutely luxurious as she went on providing my nails with a ton of nourishment! She made sure to restore the health of my nails by applying various oils and ampoules before starting dressing up my nails! It was such a posh treatments for these little nails of mine! 

I just couldn't not showcase my love for rose gold so I had to put them on my nails! Rose gold is a rather difficult colour to achieve and it was from these little 'difficulties' that the patience and amazing attitude from the manicurists shone through! Each and every one of them was such a perfectionist! They made sure to redo my nails again and again even if it was way past their working hours just to make sure my nails are in an excellent state before I left. They were so diligent in the application of protective coating in between each and every layer of the colours they applied just so we could enjoy these pretty nail designs for the longest period of time possible. 

I was lucky enough to be able to fit two of their iconic styles onto the fingers of mine, one being the Swarovski crystal nails and the other one was the handmade accessories! If you haven't already known, they are the 1st and only nail salon in our country that used authenticated Swarovski crystals on their nail designs and they are also an authorised dealers of Swarovski crystals for fellow nails salons! They insist to use only Swarovski crystals on our nails because of the way these crystals reflect lights! The perfect cut and angle allow maximum light reflection from any angle so you'd be sure to be blinding eyes when you move your fingers. 

The handmade accessories was another huge favourite of mine! It's the first 3D 'snow globe' effect nails I've ever seen in Malaysian market. Choose from all sorts of shapes, frames, content inside the 'globe' and the decorations around the frame, and seriously the options are endless! 
You don't have to worry having the same nail designs as anyone anymore! 

Once they've nailed all the designs (geddit geddit?), they applied more nourishments onto my nails and cuticles to ensure that the health of my nails was not compromised. 

Here are some of the close up look of my nails! 

UPDATE: It's been 18 days now and all the Swarovski crystals and the accessories are still intact! I am really impressed as I have really long and tangled hair, hair washing had always been a nightmare for my beautifully dressed nails. No signs of peeling or tarnishing are seen so far and I am still very much in love with my nail designs! 

Although the price for their nail services may seem a tad daunting at first, I assure you, it's well worth every penny spent! Not only would they take great care of your nails, you are also paying for amazing quality products (breathable nail colours, Swarovski crystals, nails serums etc), your nail designs would last for absolutely ages too! 

I highly recommend checking them out! 

Enchanted Siblings @ Publika
Address: (Beside Thai Tuk Tuk,Same row with Nunber76 Hair salon)
Block A1-G2-08, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 KL.
(Bandar Baru Sri Petaling outlet : 11, Jalan Radin Bagus 9, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.)
Hours: Daily 11AM–8AM
Phone: 0136686688
(Bandar Baru Sri Petaling Outlet: +60 12-668 8717)

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