Shinmapo Korean BBQ at SS15 Courtyard

Korea's Number 1 BBQ Restaurant, Shinmapo (New Mapogalmegi) has taken Malaysia by storm since its opening in early August! 

Flower Blooming Teas from Tea Life Asia

They say you're either a coffee or a tea person, I am without a doubt a tea person! 

Wings Music Cafe, Puchong

Almost everyone has dreamt of becoming a singer in their childhood, shamelessly, I am no exception. 

Lucky Chan's Laundry and Noodle Bar, Northbridge, Perth

We'd all remembered vividly that upon passing by this shop the day before, we have seen throngs of people flooding this place. At that very moment, I was really curious as to how can the Oz get so lazy with doing their laundry, and how they'd rather brave the cold standing outside the shop, just to get their chances to get their laundry done. 

Carbon Peel at Skin Gym Laser Centre - Second time

Just like I have promised in my previous blog post, I am here to update on my second carbon peel treatment at Skin Gym Laser Clinic. 

Kailis' Fish Market Cafe, Fremantle, Perth

They say if you ever visit Fremantle, you got to give their Fish N Chips a try! If you don't, you might as well not going to Fremantle altogether. 

Deutsches Haus German Restaurant and Bar at Jaya 33

It was D's mum's birthday. Instead of heading out to dine in just another Chinese restaurant in town, we have decided to try out German cuisine! 
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