Shinmapo Korean BBQ at SS15 Courtyard

Korea's Number 1 BBQ Restaurant, Shinmapo (New Mapogalmegi) has taken Malaysia by storm since its opening in early August! 

We were extremely lucky and honored to be amongst the first few to sample their food a few days prior to their store opening! All thanks to the lovely people from the KetchUp family! 

With more than 500 BBQ restaurants worldwide and more than 430 shops in Korea, 
you know this is the place to go for should you need some SERIOUSLY delicious Korean food fix.

For those who are wondering, they are known as Ma Gal BBQ in Korea, and Shinmapo BBQ in other parts of the world. After the first blooming success of their first store at Courtyard SS15, they are set to open 2 more restaurants in The Gardens Mall and Empire Damansara to feed the tummy of the Korean Cuisine fanatics!

If you think that Shinmapo is just another addition to the repertoire of overrated mediocre Korean restaurants, you will be surprised to find out that this place is totally worth the hype! Unlike existing Korean BBQ joints in Malaysia, Shinmapo's takes pride in Galmaegisal, also known as pork skirt meat. Galmaegisal is only found between the ribs and belly of the pig, therefore it's very precious, only 200-250gm are available per pig. The taste and texture are akin to that of Korean beef. 

The interior of the restaurant is absolutely simple and casual. 
The premise is pretty small for a Korean BBQ restaurant, 
I suppose that explains the long waiting hours many people have been experiencing.
However, this place is definitely great for gathering as most of the seats were separated in cubicles,
providing optimum privacy albeit being relatively small.

 Shinmapo’s Ultimate Set  (RM128)
This set is great for sharing among 2-4 pax. It come with 200g of Galmaegisal, 200g of pork belly, 200g of marinated pork collar, marinated pork skin, Kimchi egg crust and Military Stew. Banchan, the side dishes are bottomless! I love how they put in equal amount of effort in making their banchan too! They all taste amazing! I especially love the Kimchi! It wasn't too spicy or soury, but it was definitely appetising! 

 One exciting experience worth mentioning was trying out the BBQ pork skin. I would imagine my mum devour the whole thing in seconds! Haha! It is rich in collagen and has a jelly-like texture. Nicely barbecued bork skin should be eaten with soybean powder for an extra nutty taste.
The injeolmi (soybean) powder was D's fave! 

 It is highly recommended by the staffs to grill the pork belly before anything else as it’s not marinated. Then followed by the pork collar, Galmaegisal, seafood and finish off with the pork skin.

 Fist Rice (RM22)
Separated rows of rice in gochujang sauce, crabmeat, cucumber, shredded seaweed, and prawn roes served in a nice big plate. 
We were then demonstrated the proper way to make our own rice balls by hand. 
This was the highlight of the night. 
We had so much fun playing with these! 
And contrary to popular opinions, this was the winner of the night for all of us!

My favourite among the bunch of meat was the well marinated pork collar! 
The meat on its own was flavourful, I didn't need any more dippings or sauce over the meat. 
It was also the one meat that was quickly swept clean on the grill. 
I, too, loved the cute addition of half circle kimchi egg crust at the side of the grill.  

 Bbudae Jjigae (military stew)
  Served with sausages, luncheon meat, kimchi, chili padi, scallions and cabbage.
The failed bloggers we are, we forgot to capture the end results of the military stew, 
which looked like Kimchi soup, except without kimchi and way more spicy! 
Fiery I would say! All thanks to the generous amount of chilli padis! 
I had so much fun taking small sips of the soups! 
It was really exciting!

 Volcano Fried Rice (RM25)
This had swiftly become the talk of the town ever since it first surfaced on social media.
The rice was cooked before us by first mixing the kimchi infused spicy sauce that came with bits of meat with the plain Korean rice. Once it was nicely mixed, the rice was topped with shreds of seaweed and finally the lava-oozing scrambled egg was poured over the volcano-shaped fried rice.

 The soft launch ended with Seoul Train Soju Bomb! 
It is a popular Korean way of enjoying soju with chilled beer!
It comes with a bucket of beer and 2 bottles of Soju. You may order either Tiger Beer for RM105 or Heineken for RM120. Approximately 25 cups of soju bomb could be made from each set. 

Address: G-07 Ground Floor SS15 COURTYARD
               Jalan SS15/4G, 47500 Subang Jaya
Business hours: 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 11.30pm
Tel: 03-8601 3722

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