Deutsches Haus German Restaurant and Bar at Jaya 33

It was D's mum's birthday. Instead of heading out to dine in just another Chinese restaurant in town, we have decided to try out German cuisine! 

German cuisine normally costs a bomb, so despite having seen this place a thousand times, I always put it at the back of my mind, and remind myself to come back for some special celebrations, or when I am feeling daring and want to explore some new restaurant. 

When I stepped into this place, I thought I finally know why it was somewhat intimidating to be dining at this place. This place basically has no customers, regardless of time. My frequent patronage to Jaya 33 has shown me how busy the restaurants here can be. But there are always only a handful of them over here. 

When we were brought to our table, I was even more horrified when I saw the place wasn't well kept. The cushion had broken, the seat and the table looked greasy, air conditioning wasn't working at its best. All in all, it wasn't a pleasant experience but I was still hoping that the delicious food would make up for the disappointing ambiance. 

 Oh, and I have to mention that this place is not the best for big groups. 
The 6 of us had to squeeze in a somewhat tight cushion seat, and that made eating slightly uncomfortable. 

Waiting time was REALLY long too! 
I haven't had much dining experience in a German restaurant, 
so I don't know the standard waiting time. 
But it sure felt like forever till we got our meal served, 
and there wasn't any other customers when we were there. 
So, they clearly need to work on this matter.  

 Herb Pork Knuckle. 
We can't leave a German restaurant without trying out their infamous pork knuckle. 
And I hoped so much that it didn't disappoint. 
But turn out, it was nothing impressive. 
To me, the pork knuckle was extremely salty and greasy. 

 Wirstplatte (RM88.00)
 This meal is best for sharing between 2. It comes with a mixture of German Sausage platter, served with sauerkraut, potato salad, senf, garlic mayo and haanero mayo. 
This is yet another staple of German cuisine. The 8 different types of the sausage in the set are as below:
1. Bauerwurst is the big germean farmer’s sausage.
2. Knackwurst is one of my favorite where the the smaoked garlic pork sausage.
3. Weisswurt is a white sausage which is made with the veal and pork and served with sauerkraut and potato salad. The texture is incredibly smooth.
4. Hahnchenwurst is a spicy chicken sausage.
5. Thuringer Bratwurst is another pork sausage.
6. Nurnberger Bratwurst is another pork sausage that appears shorty and thin.
7. Bockwurst is made of smoked pork and cheese
8. Chorizo is a Spanish pork sausage which is being seasoned with paprika and is best served with the sauerkraut and pan fried potato.

I must say it's somewhat difficult for me to like sausages, as I can't help thinking about how the meat is processed and preserved, and how processed meat lead to cancer. -.- 
And I also can't justify myself eating such greasy and high calories of processed food, which taste nothing but salty. 

Pork Roulade  
Mushroom and cheese pork rolls, wrapped in bacon and served with red cabbage and potato. 

Sorry to say, but my favourite was the red cabbage. :/ 

I would however, love to try out other German restaurants and hope that it would change my mind for German food being all greasy and salty. 

If you, love a good German cuisine, and not wanting to burn a hole in your wallet, you could consider visiting this place and the price tag is rather wallet friendly in comparison to other German restaurant. 

Deutsches Haus German Restaurant and Bar
Address: PG-01A, Grd Flr, JAYA33, Jalan Semangat, Section 13, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: 03-79605736
Phone: 03-79311983
Mobile: 012-3072773

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