Kailis' Fish Market Cafe, Fremantle, Perth

They say if you ever visit Fremantle, you got to give their Fish N Chips a try! If you don't, you might as well not going to Fremantle altogether. 
Just to make sure we have no regrets, we have decided to dedicate our lunch time and tummy for this renown Fish N Chips.

There are 2 famous Fish N Chips Restaurant in Fremantle- Cicirello and Kailis'. There has been a perpetual war going on between them ever since their establishments. Some have preferred Cicirello's over Kailis' and some have recommended otherwise. 

We, however, decided to dine in Kailis'- the award-winning Fish N Chips cafe, upon the recommendation of our tour guide. 

 Established in 1928, Kailis' one and only aim is to provide the freshest seafood available in a unique working fish market environment. It has then been voted Western Australia’s best fish & chips of all the restaurants in Fremantle, on numerous occasions.

The restaurant can be divided into an indoor and an al-fresco dining area. I think fresh Fish N Chips are best enjoyed by the sea at the outdoor seating area, with a little bit of sun shining at us, accompanied by the sound of the shore hitting the walls of the harbour, and some boats and yachts cruising on the sea. Regardless, this place is relaxed and laid back. 

 It was, however, slightly annoying that we kept getting uninvited guest- the seagulls, trying to steal our food. 

 This place is also unique as it has a working fish market. 
So rest assured that we are getting only the freshest and best quality seafood on our plate. 

 This place could get really really busy, that I felt suffocated while placing our order in the cafe. 

 Price was pretty reasonable too! 

 Outdoor seating means, perfect lighting for selfies! 

 Seafood Platter ($49.90)
This is the best dish to go for if you come in a group and want to try a little bit of everything. 
All of us agreed that the chilli mussels was the winner of the meal! Fresh and huge mussels were covered in utterly fragrant and flavourful chilli garlic sauce.
Calamari rings were really nice too! 
The perfect balance of crunchy crust and chewy flesh was definitely heaven to our mouth.
The alad was a refreshing addition to the oily fried food. 

 Sardine N Chips
Not sure if this was seasonal or something, but we ordered this to try out! 
I've been eating canned Sardine all my life, so this was quite an experience to be able to lay some fresh sardine on my palate! 
Just like the rest of the seafood here, it is best ate with the tar tar sauce provided. 

Grilled Fish N Chips ($21.00)
This was the highlight of the meal IMO. 
I love how it is not oily! 
The fish was of the best quality! It was neither processed nor appeared greyish. 
It was a whole piece of fresh fish fillet! 
Grilled to perfection, the fish fillet retained the juiciness and tenderness, 
and yet no fishy stench or aftertaste was present. 

Anyways, no regrets. Period.

Though the settings were rather shabby in comparison to Cicirello's, their seafood was incredibly fresh and the portion was really generous too! I highly recommend checking them out if you're ever coming to Perth!

Kailis' Fish Market Cafe
Address: 46 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
Hours:  8AM–8:30PM
Phone: +61 8 9335 7755

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