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Omaya SS15

  Since the introduction of first Korean drama, which I believe was Winter Sonata to the Malaysian nation in 2002, Korean culture has been inculcated in the everyday lives of many Malaysians.

Today, K-wave pandemic is not only restricted to the obsession of K-drama or K-pop, it has expanded its reach among Malaysians to Korean beauty trends, Korean tech gadgets and more so the interest for Korean food.

Frankly speaking, although the idea of having Korean food did fascinate me a few years back, this passion has begun to die down a little with time. And that's attributed to the mushrooming of too many similar restaurants which essentially are all selling the same thing - Korean BBQ. 

But just when I thought I am ready to shun away from Korean BBQ for good, a new trend of Korean cuisine exploded - Korean BBQ with melted cheese. I go ape over the imagination of the stretchy cheese pull, let alone feasting them. Now, serve me the food! 

After its humungous success in Taiwan, Omaya had finally decided to open its overseas offshoot in Malaysia two months ago in the ever so popular SS15, bringing the cheesy craze to another new high. This place is so hyped up that it's almost impossible to get a seat during the peak hours. So, be smart and call in for reservation for an enjoyable but extremely sinful cheesy adventure. 

This premise looked really crowded and felt slightly suffocating if I may. Ventilation wasn't given great attention, we were soaked in sweats just minutes upon entering.
This place clearly lacked fancy interior design with its intentional undone and rustic design.
But then again, we were here for great food so the interior design didn't bother us that much.

Our feast kickstarted with an interesting and refreshing alcoholic drink. 

Watermelon Soju Cocktail (RM36.90)
Made from a mixture of watermelon juice and flesh along with a bottle Korean Soju and served in watermelon skin, this drink was absolutely creative. 
As much as we wanted to enjoy it, none of us really loved it because it was a too bitter for our likings. 

Honey Mustard Boneless Chicken Cubes (RM25.00)
These convenient bite-sized fried chicken cubes glazed with the sweet but absolutely delicious Korean sauce was definitely the winner of the night. Wrap these chicken cubes around the melted stretchy cheese for an additional buttery aroma.
I can't recommend this dish enough. 

[Simseun Stew] Arm Troop Soup + Cheese Topokki Chicken + Korean Fried Rice (RM84)
Get the most out of your money with this 3-in-1 dish! 
 The Arm Troop Soup came with traditional rice cakes, Korean ramen, sausages, luncheon meat, ham, baked beans and kimchi cooked with my all time favorite thick Topokki paste and then topped with generous amount of mozzarella cheese. 
There are also cheesy Chicken Topokki and Egg at the side of the grilling pan.
Once we completely devoured the Ramen at the center of the pot, Korean fried rice was added and cooked in the similar pot, soaking up all the remaining flavors of the broth, and again, with tons of smooth and elastic melted cheese covered in the middle of the fried rice.

This dish is value for money- the huge portion is great for sharing, and especially great if you want to try a little of a few signature Korean dishes. 

Rainbow Shaved Ice (RM11.90)
This drink is made by layering multiple colored syrups. 
Its vibrant color and cooling sensation are supposed to give off a lively summer vibe,  
But, if I'm honest, this drink reminded me of the cough syrup I used to drink when I was little at the first sip. But the taste got better as more of the colored syrup melted. 

Squid Cheese Toppoki Hotpot (RM45)
Using only imported squids from Argentina, this dish is made fresh upon ordering.  
Underneath these crispy squids, you'll find abundant of melted creamy cheese and some topokki cooked with the sweet and slightly spicy Korean sauce. 
This dish came as a close second for us after the honey mustard chicken cube. 

Served in an interesting tray! 

Lee Kwang Soo Cheese Dakgalbi Stir-Fried Chicken Chop Hotpot (RM68)
This dish is one of the most popular dishes and is definitely a favorite for all the cheese lovers. 
You get deliciously marinated and de-boned chicken drumsticks stir-fried in the middle along with some other Korean food staples like Korean rice cakes and cabbage etc. Surrounding the grill, you get a mixture of melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese. 
Eat the chicken on its own for a spicy and flavourful experience, or wrap the chicken in the melted cheese for an assertive flavor.

Plus point: You don't even have to worry about cooking anything yourself, just leave it to the expert and enjoy the final product!

These grilled chicken drumsticks are best paired with lettuce, kimchi, and some garlic. 

1200mm Korean Giant BBQ Skewer (RM138)
Hung high and detached at intervals to be grilled on the pan - this dish stole the limelight when it was served.
The 15 layers of food comprised of pork, chicken, squid and prawns, supplemented with some fiber source like chunks of sweet pineapples, capsicum, and onions. 
These meats taste rather bland on their own.
Dip these nicely chargrilled pieces in the pineapple vinegar provided for an interesting flavour which is also beneficial to the digestive system.
Surprisingly, all of us gravitated to the delicious circle of crisp and fluffy egg more than the meat in the center.

From out experience the other day, service was fantastic! They were prompt to attend any of our request and made sure customers' needs were well taken care of.
Their price is slightly more expensive than other Korean BBQ restaurant but if you really love cheese, it's definitely worth it.
Taste wise, there weren't a lot of varieties, but then again, Korean food pretty much taste the same as the same sauce is always used to cook a variety of dishes.

Address: A-02-2, Menara Rajawali, Jalan SS15/8, Subang Jaya (Beside Inti College)
Phone: 03-5611 7949
Opening Hours: 11.30am-3pm & 5.30pm-10.30pm Daily.
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