Photolog of 21st BSGC UM

Last year was a year of milestones for me! I have joined three conferences in total! 
These photos below are taken during my final conference of the year, also the final battle I had before I flew off for my year-end holiday to celebrate Chrismas with the love of my life!

 In front of my poster.

 So happy to have bumped into my Uni bestie in this conference! Had so much fun catching up! 

 Thanks to Guat Ru, my secondary school mate, I was able to make so many new friends! 
They are all really lovely people and they kept me accompanied all the time! 

And then we got changed and attended the Gala dinner together! 
I also tagged along my fave person D to join me in this dinner! 

Although I was slightly upset that I couldn't win anything this time, but I've also realised that perhaps the results didn't matter as much when I had such awesome bunch of friends with me throughout the entire conference. Also, really happy to be able to catch up with all my long lost friends and learned knowledge from different fields. 

I am all ready for more exciting challenges like this in 2017! And this year is going to be a real tough one as I am aiming to complete all my experiments at the end of this year! 

Let's do this! 

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