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Publika has never lacked interesting eatery. So what makes Okonomi stood out amongst the other competing Japanese restaurants in the vicinity of the bustling mall? 

Okonomi, which translates into 'as you like it' in English, is the first ever Japanese restaurant in KL which allows you to customize your sushi rolls to your own preferences! From bases to toppings, there are 40 different fillings, 16 types of toppings, and 20 homemade sauces for you to choose from!
This unique and daring idea has attracted throngs of food adventurers since they first opened about 2 years back. 

However, Okonomi has since evolved into a restaurant that serves more than just customised sushi rolls. The Okonomi's innovative team is always thriving and pushing their own limits to bring surprises to their patrons! Using urban Japanese cooking methods coupled with modern cuisine ideas and borrowing some ingredients from the western menu, they are finally proud to present you the all new 2017 menu which features some really exciting dishes!

 Okonomi is located just outside of the Publika square, but your tummies are sure to be rewarded with this little detour off the main mall. 

Despite its minimalistic design, the warm lightings in the restaurant exude elegance. This place is brightly-lit and most absolutely welcoming. Though it may not be a big premise as it's only occupying half of the shop, it could easily accommodate about 40 people at one go.

The open kitchen concept was definitely my favourite part of the shop. Not only we got to peruse how each and every dishes of ours was made, we could also clearly see how clean and hygienic the entire kitchen is. This and the warm and friendly staffs have altogether elevated our dining experience. 

Our interesting lunch kickstarted with a unique Japanese burger from their all new menu! 


The food was served directly from the kitchen to us once it was done!

It is made with simmered fresh salmon, avocado, tamago, bird's eye chilli, tongarashi and tobiko, layered in seasoned rice. 
If the usual salmon and avocado combo has always been your cup of tea, you are most definitely going to enjoy this dish, but think of it as a sushi that comes with a bigger portion? 
The rice was perfectly seasoned, with the right amount of stickiness, the rice did not fall apart upon cutting, which means you are not left with a mess after you gobble down this dish. 
Salmon was absolutely fresh, best paired with the ultra smooth and buttery diced avocado while Tamago added just a touch of sweetness. 
Bird's eye chili added some excitement but nothing too spicy. 
All in all, this is like an upgraded sushi roll, especially a really filling one. 

On the new menu, we also had
Made with uramaki, seaweed, white rice, tempura tiger prawn, blue fin tuna, Japanese cucumber, tempura crunch, ebiko, roasted garlic sauce. Toasted.
This was definitely the winner of all the dishes served! 
We truly relished the toasted tuna which had been topped with roasted garlic sauce and mayonnaise beforehand! 
The crunchy bits inside of the rolls added an intriguing texture to the sushi rolls.
I highly recommend this dish!

Next, we customised two different sushi rolls! It was an amusing and exciting experience. We had so much fun experimenting with what we wanted, but it was also a turmoil for an indecisive person like me. LOL.

Patrons can basically customise anything from the base to the toppings! We were given the choice of either white or brown rice and seaweed wrap or soy wrap. We could even choose to make it a roll maki (with wrapping outside) or an uramaki (wrapping inside).

There are two different maki sizes to choose from: The 6-piece regular roll (RM 15.9) comes with 3 regular fillings, 1 topping, and 1 sauce. The 8-piece large roll (RM 19.9) comes with 4 regular fillings and the choice of a topping and one sauce. Feel free to upgrade your maki to include premium fillings such as scallops and unagi only with an additional of RM5.

White rice, Uramaki, Soy Wrap, Avocado, Salmon, Tuna Mayo, Ebi; Sauce: Sesame Sauce and Topping: Ebiko (Large) - by our Chef M. 😂😂😂

White rice, Utamaro, Seaweed wrap, Japanese cucumber, Seasoned scallop, Marinated lobster; Sauce: Mentai mayo and Topping: Tobiko. (Large) - by our chef D 😄😄😄

Frankly speaking, we were quite worried that our sushi would turn out to be a catastrophe because we pretty much just ticked the boxes of everything we wanted in a sushi roll. 
But we were so surprised to find out that both of the customised sushi rolls tasted just exactly like what we pictured in our head. And in the end, it was difficult for us to pick a winner between the two. 

Another new dish on the menu, this was quite a simple dish.
Perfect for those who want to have an additional protein boost besides nibbling on the usual sushi rolls.
The chicken was tender and succulent, best go with a bowl of rice!

Again, on the new menu, we had the 
Smoked Norwegian salmon and eggs served with golden brown waffles.
This is something you would normally see on a brunch menu, but what being offered here is a simplified version of what you normally get in a cafe. 
All the waffles are made in-house to ensure its freshness and crispiness. 
Smoked Norwegian salmon was a great complement to the mashed tamago. 
Quite a simple dish, but truly interesting on our palate. 

Other than customised sushi rolls, this place is also incredibly popular for their matcha flavoured desserts! 
I personally have visited this place just for their matcha lava cake, which was the bomb by the way, but that will come in a later post. 
And that's how I knew we were in good hands for matcha flavoured desserts. 
We are matcha freak so you can surely take our words seriously! 

Double matcha excitement in a dish! 
Matcha waffle was relatively bland in comparison to the matcha ice cream, so I'd highly recommend coating the waffle with the sweet and flavourful matcha ice cream for an ultimate matcha sensation! 
Adding just a bit of whipped cream would tone down the sweetness if you don't like it too sweet! 

This is pretty much the same thing as the Matcha lava cake, except the matcha lava was kept in a big square toast in place of a rounded cake. 
Bread is great at absorbing any moisture, so that means you are able to soak up as much Matcha lava as you like! 
I like to add a little bit of ice cream on top of the drenched toast to enhance milky / vanillary  flavour, 
but it is already absolutely delicious as it is! 

Having tried and tested a few matcha latte in Malaysia, I must say this is one of the best matcha in the market! 
You could taste the slight bitterness of the green tea in the drink and not just any matcha syrup which is all sugar. 
The matcha ice cream that melts slowing in the drink thereby adding sweetness a little bit at a time. 


If you like sushi and has gotten bored of the usual combinations, rush over to Okonomi to customise maki rolls the way you want it! And if you're not feeling adventurous, their specialty rolls are really delicious too! You will definitely leave this place with a happy tummy without burning a hole in your wallet! 

Address: A4-G2-02 Solaris Dutamas, No.1 Jalan Dutamas, Publika, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening hours: 11 am till 11pm, daily *usually busy around 7pm so reservation is preferred for dinner

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