San Nae Deul at Nexus Bangsar South

Korean eateries have burgeoned ever since K-wave hit Malaysia like a pandemic. Guilty as charged, I was once utterly obsessed with Korean celebrities. I would always dine in Korean Restaurants and yes, I even imitated the way they eat. LOL. But that did not last long because Korean food generally costs a bomb! I do enjoy eating spicy and salty Korean food, but I am constantly petrified by the hefty bill that came afterwards. 

The Han Room at The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City

Ever since our discovery of the The Oriental Group of Restaurants, I've been longing to try all of the restaurants and pick out the best from the 9 restaurants. Well, because their restaurants are really posh and upmarket, we are only allowing ourselves to indulge in such luxury for special celebrations. This time, it was for my mum's 50th birthday celebration! 

Tulip by That Latte Place at Sunway Pyramid

If you are a fan of lovely brunch, especially the ones with al fresco dining, you must have heard of That Latte Place. It was once very popular with its garden cafe setting, which its location has witnessed the spurt of several cafes. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, they have relocated themselves to Ikon Connaught. 

Yeast Bistronomy at Bangsar Telawi 2

It was more than two years ago when I last (or first) visited this restaurant. 
This place had been at the back of my mind after my first visit despite my love for it, because it is always a full house, with a long waiting list. 
I love my weekends to be relatively fuss-free, and stress-free, because, my life is highly stressful all the other time, so I prefer a relaxing dine out on my weekends.

Santouka Ramen at Pavilion KL

I love my ramen. And I think my love for Ramen started from this place, Santouka. I can't remember exactly when, but when Pavilion started this Japanese street concept, I came to this street and decided to try out this Ramen place without a single clue of how it would taste like. Guys, this was definitely love at first taste because I fell in love for Ramen instantly.

Chakri Palace at Suria KLCC

KLCC has been one of my favourite malls to go to, not that I could afford all the luxury items there, but I just really enjoy looking at some of the beautiful window displays and draw inspirations from all the designer brands, how the high street brands over there have a whole myriad of choices compared to other outlets, and I love how the mall carries certain brands that we would not normally find in other malls. 

Marco Polo Restaurant, KL

It was the 7th day of CNY, which was also everyone's birthday. What is a birthday without celebration right? Knowing that this year's 7th day of CNY falls on a Sunday, I made a reservation at this infamous luxury Chinese restaurant, not just to celebrate life, but also to wish for a prosperous year ahead! 

This restaurant had a long way since founded in 1980 by the late Dato' Lim Foo Young, who was undoubtedly the pioneer hotelier and restaurateur. Dato' Lim had passed away just a few days ago prior to our visit to one of his legacy. But one thing for sure, his legacy will live on and prosper. 

They have given this place a revamp so I was expecting a really nice interior design with modernised decoration. But my dad commented that the current design though look new and more luxurious, it doesn't differ much from the old design, especially the chandelier that they have preserved from the older days. 

This place is also really to find as it sits centrally in the heart of KL, opposite of the Istana Hotel. And what made us really happy was the fact that we didn't need to pay for parking? I don't know if it's applicable to weekdays where the building is filled with white collars struggling to make ends meet. 

Anyway, let's get right into the food! 

It was CNY! So we can't get away without having Yee Sang,
which is thought to bring loads of good luck and prosperity to the new year! 
The higher you bring the food, the higher you will go in life. 
So yeahhh... Table always ended up in a mess. 
This dish was good but nothing great. 

Allegedly, this place serves the best shark fin soup in KL? 
My sister Jasmine was really obnoxious when she found out that shark fin was one of the dish for the day lol. 
I personally think the gravy was quite nice and I quite like it! 
It was not too starchy, and it tastes sweet and salty but at the perfect blend. 

Smoked Chicken. 
Which D was a huge huge huge fan! 
He absolutely adores this dish and he pretty much finished the whole thing. Hehe. 
The toppings were really good! 
Can't really remember the mixtures of ingredients they used, 
but it was out of the world. 
Never tasted anything like this before. 
But do note that it could get a tad too salty. 

Steamed Grouper. 
They are also really famous for their steam fish. 
Although I am never a fan of steamed fish, 
I must say I absolutely love this dish! 
It is so good! 
They steamed the fish with eggs and soy sauce underneath! 
And gosh, the egg was super soft and fluffy and it tasted like cotton candy, but salty version. 

Prawn which was really very average. 
They used a really nice soup to simmer the prawns, 
so the prawns have retained the freshness. 
But it wasn't too strongly flavoured because the soup was a clear soup. 
But it was really refreshing.

Then we were served this dish, which comprised of broccoli, mushrooms, and tons of bean curd kinda food. BUT I LOVE THEM! 
This dish has a sweet gravy, so it enhanced the already sweet nature of the ingredients. 
Me being a passionate lover of strongly flavoured food, 
 I surprisingly love this dish! 
I love how chewy everything is, and it was really easy to eat them.

Contrary to the usual glutinous rice, they have used normal rice to make these,
which was such a plus point as glutinous rice is really sticky and it takes a longer time to digest. 
So I don't really like the idea of having glutinous rice for dinner. 
The rice was salty and fragrant. 
I thought it was a really good replacement for the usual oily and sticky glutinous rice.

Nian gao covered with shredded coconut. 
I love these! 
Simple yet nice, 
It was a great way to end the meal. 

Sea coconut soup which was obviously a cheat one. 
So there's nothing much to say about it. 

It was the very first time for D to join my family dinner for CNY! 
So we were both really excited and happy we did it. 
It was a really short and lovely evening. 

We were gifted some dim sum vouchers upon making payment. So we might come back again to try out their dim sum, which was claimed to be one of the most delicious dim sums in KL! We shall see...

The total bill came up to RM800++, which was kinda overpriced in my honest opinion. But this place is great for special occasion to dine out, as the place is pleasant to the eyes and the service was really good.

1st Floor, Wisma Lim Foo Yong,
Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hour:
Noon to 2.30pm, 6.30pm to 10.30pm (Monday to Saturday), 9am to 3pm, 6.30pm to 10.30pm (Sunday and Public Holidays)

Contact Info:
03 2142 5595 / 03-2141 2233

Fusion food, Ben's at Bangsar Shopping Centre

Being a frequent visitor of the Bangsar Shopping Centre, it is such a shame that I hadn't visited Ben's. The contributing factor that refrained me from stepping my foot into this nicely decorated space has got to be the mixed reviews I have seen online. 

It was our first Valentine's day together, and because our exact Valentine's day was going to be filled with tons of socialising and visiting, we have decided to have a simple luncheon at this place a day ahead. We were both really glad that we made that decision because we didn't have to squeeze with the crowd and swallowing overpriced food that don't worth the money. 

D has been a frequent patron of Ben's, so I knew this place could not go wrong. As I mentioned earlier, this place is absolutely beautiful! Every corner is a photo opportunity. And that explains why this post is loaded with tons of unrelated photo taken by my Boyf, who was experimenting with different settings on the camera. 

This place was convenient divided into 4 sections, of which two are outdoors and two are indoors. As much as I adore the outdoor space, with tons of greenery and woody furniture, it wasn't the place for us as it was filled with smokers huffing smokes trying to suffocate themselves. 

 D got me a bouquet of flower as my Valentine's day gift, 
so I happily brought them along for lunch. 
I love these anemones. 
They look so cute! 

 And yes.... If you cannot already tell by now, 
we were slightly obsessed with the beautiful decorations, 
and yes we were entirely enthralled by the beauty of this place. 

The food took pretty long to be served, 
which I took as an advantage for this particular day because it allowed us to take tons of photos. LOL.
The staffs weren't the friendliest but they were okay. 

Balsamico Chicken Salad (RM26.00) 
D got himself salad! 
Chopped avocados, semi-dried tomatoes and buttered almond nibs. These were the perfect addition to the nicely roasted and marinated chicken. 
It was refreshing and delicious! 
But the portion was a very devastating. 

 Golden Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti (24.00)
In my honest opinion, I am not a big fan! 
I think the soft shell crab was way too oily. 
I remember taking a bite of the fried bits, 
and ended up in an oil explosion in my mouth. 
Which gave me the guiltiest feelings for the rest of the day, 
because I was so afraid that it will break my skin out, 
and gave me unnecessary calories. 
Taste wise, I really like the sauce, though I didn't expect it to be creamy carbonara. 
I love that they added a hint of spiciness into it with chilli flakes and curry leaves. 

I think this place serves pretty good food with a variety of choices ranging from Asian fusion to Western food. One good thing about this place is that all prices are inclusive of GST and service charge soooooo hooorrayyyyyy!!!

We had a great time there and I look forward to trying more other dishes in our next visit!

Lot-T-06, Level 3
Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maarof
Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour
Monday - Sunday
11:00am - 11:00pm
10:00pm: Kitchen last order
10:30pm: Bar last order

Contact Info
Tel: +603 2095 7988

Website :
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