Santouka Ramen at Pavilion KL

I love my ramen. And I think my love for Ramen started from this place, Santouka. I can't remember exactly when, but when Pavilion started this Japanese street concept, I came to this street and decided to try out this Ramen place without a single clue of how it would taste like. Guys, this was definitely love at first taste because I fell in love for Ramen instantly.

And since I have vouchers for this place from The Worthy Book, I thought it must be a sign that I should come and get my cravings fixed.

Their service was sterling! That's one of my favourite thing about this place! The staffs were extremely polite and helpful. They would recommend the best dish to us, and explain patiently what's on the menu, should we need any. Complimentary drinking water is also provided to the customers. This is such a plus point!  

I used two vouchers from the worthy book and managed to snag ourselves complimentary chawan mushi and a charshu rice! 

 Chawan Mushi
They were so generous! 
Even though it was complimentary, it came in full size. And it was loaded with tons of mushrooms, prawns and chicken! I love the smooth texture of the egg, it glides down my throat effortlessly. 

 Charshu rice! 
Which was also pretty impressive! 
Though it's complimentary and it's been stated that we would only be getting a mini one, 
to my surprise this mini one was not a mini at all. 
It is definitely enough for one person! 
I love the slightly sweet and salty combination of the gravy, 
the tender pork soaked up the greatness of the gravy,
but not too much that it made the meat mushy. 

 The main character- the ramen! 
With pork, bamboo shoots, fungi and onions separated on the plate. 
We also added on two eggs! 
The eggs were absolutely lovely! 
I love how it is super soft and tender on the inside, but firm on the outside. 
The gravy has also added a really delicious taste to the egg. 
The egg was so delicious that just eating the egg alone brought me so much joy! 
The ramen, of course, noodle was cooked to perfection, springy! 
The broth was thick and fragrant. 
I love love love the charshu. 
I am not the type of person who eats the fats off the meat, 
but I love their charshu so much that I dont mind gobbling down the adipose layer. 

 Of course I was there with the loveliest man on earth, D. 
That was him preparing my portion for me. 
Always putting me first before anything else. 

Simple but very satisfying lunch. I cannot recommend this place enough, for the food, the ambiance, and the lovely staffs.

Lot 6.24.03, Level 6,
Tokyo Street Pavilion,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03- 2143 8878

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