Tulip by That Latte Place at Sunway Pyramid

If you are a fan of lovely brunch, especially the ones with al fresco dining, you must have heard of That Latte Place. It was once very popular with its garden cafe setting, which its location has witnessed the spurt of several cafes. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, they have relocated themselves to Ikon Connaught. 

If you, a Klangite like me, think it's a hassle to travel all the way to Counnaught just to get yourself a cuppa, you can now rejoice as they have opened a new branch, located conveniently in Sunway Pyramid Mall. 

I remember passing by this cafe several times and wanted to try out their menu, because (duhhhh...) it's by That Latte Place and I have heard a lot about them. So I was really happy when I finally got the chance to explore this place, and see what they have to offer. 

 This cafe, being all new and different from the popular That Latte Place, however, did not want to run too far away from the coffee theme, therefore the name Tulip came around, of which Tulip is a reference to the latte art. 

 This place has great interior design, with a fusion of both industrial and homey design, it certainly gives off a very relaxing vibe;  
Perfect for patrons to not just rest their legs after a long day of shopping, but also to relish in really good porky western food, which is really difficult to find in a mall. 

If you love beverages from That Latte Place, 
Tulip has got all of them covered! 
Using the same high quality coffee beans, 
well-trained baristas are determined to bring you the same coffee you've been craving for, 
right in this popular mall.  

 Just like the first That Latte Place in Ampang, this place is absolutely family friendly as they have set up a kids' corner where you can let your kids have fun, while you enjoy their food. 

 Say Hi to the owner, Priscilla (on the left)! 

 Signature Pork-Chetta – RM25.90
This dish has gained its popularity since it's introduction by That Latte Place. 
Pork belly is freshly rolled each day to ensure you get the juiciest and tenderest porchetta you'll ever taste.
I love how crunch it is. 
Pour the yummy sweet and sour sauce over it, to get the perfect taste of this dish.

 Oh-My-Rib! (Prime Pork Rib) – RM35.90
It tasted like nothing I have tasted before. 
It was sour and sweet, with a tinge of spiciness. 
I however think the pork is slightly overcooked because my jaw muscles got really tired from chewing it. 

 “Siu Yuk” Egg Ben – RM19.90
If you love egg's benedict, but you think it's never filling enough for you, the meat eater, 
this would definitely fit your appetite. 
Runny egg yolk enclosed in the smooth and tender egg white with
hollandaise sauce covering the whole egg - the perfect egg's benedict. 
It was incredibly satisfying to see the yolk ran all over siu yuk, 
a little bit of egg, a piece of siu yuk and a slice of the toast, 
it was one of the best egg's benedict anyone could ask for. 

 Bacon Baked Egg – RM18.90
If you are an egg person like I am, this dish is definitely for you. 
Sunny side up on top, with loadssssssss of eggs underneath that is seasoned and baked with cheese, 
topped with crispy bacon, it was heavenly. 
I like to eat it by dipping my baguettes into the eggs
and allow them to absorb all the goodness.

 Combo Bruschetta Melts – RM23.90
This is what I'd like to call, lazy food, which all the ingredients have been mounted to the baguette with melted cheese;
Eat it with fork and knife for extra elegance, 
but I much preferred eating them with my hand, just so that I can get all the ingredients in my mouth. 
The ones with mushrooms were my favourite (I love mushrooms), 
but all of them were incredible. 

 Creamy Salted Egg Carbonara with Crispy Battered Chicken – RM18.90
This is just oh so yummy! 
I love salted eggggggg!! I mean... Who doesn't? 
But I especially love theirs because they added a twist by putting in loads of curry leaves and chilli flakes. 
These two were the heroes that have helped eliminate the sudden nauseous feeling due to too much cream intake. 

 Iced Coffee Float- RM10
This is certainly not new but it was my first time trying it. 
I love how they used ice cream to increase the creaminess of the coffee, 
and at the same time adding a bit of sweetness to the coffee. 

 Mocha - RM10
With only chocolate syrup and coffee and no sugar added, 
so it wasn't too sweet. 

 Iced Hazelnut Mocha Nutella – RM15
This was insanely good. Although it is yet another mocha, they have added nutella to add more sweetness to it, and it was also blended with hazelnut taste, so this was more nutty and fragrant. 

 Flavoured Milk (Salted Caramel) – RM8
I thought this was a brilliant idea! I love salted caramel and who would have thought you could add them in your milk? 
But, this was a little too sweet for me. 
But credits for their creativity.

This place is an awesome place for all the pork lovers. They offer great food and great ambiance, not forgetting their famous beverages too, without breaking your bank. So, if you have had a long day in the mall, or you need something to feed your hunger, drop by this place as they are launching new menu with more options. There is certainly something that will fascinate you!

Tulip by That Latte Place
Address: LG2.88, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall Jln PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact no:  016-850 3546
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00am – 10.00pm

Disclaimer: This blog post is in collaboration with FoodInk. However, it is written based on my sincere opinions.

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