D-Flat Music Academy from Singapore is now at Sunway Geo, Malaysia

It is of immense hard work to be able to play a tune out of the book, 
but true talent lies in the ability to play a piece of music with just aural sense.

Gentle AHA BHA Exfoliating Mask - ALTHEA MILK PEEL CREAM MASK review

Nothing gives an improvement on overall skin's brightness and skin texture as instantly as exfoliators do.

My Althea's Wishlist for Christmas 2018

Gone are the days where I was completely devoted to Western beauty, 
I am a total convert now! 

Brunch at Yellow Brick Road @ Batai Village, Damansara Heights

This place has been around since 2015. 
I could still remember those days when the hype revolving this cafe was insane. 
As you may have already known, only a few cafes thrived the competitive 'cafe industry' (if there's one).
Seeing that it's still standing strong and brimming with patrons this day, 
we instantly knew that we could count on them to make our Saturday brunch an enjoyable one. 

Best mineral sunblock for oily/acne prone skin- Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway

Regardless of your age and skin type, sunscreen/sunblock is the most important skincare step in your morning regime.
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