Brunch at Yellow Brick Road @ Batai Village, Damansara Heights

This place has been around since 2015. 
I could still remember those days when the hype revolving this cafe was insane. 
As you may have already known, only a few cafes thrived the competitive 'cafe industry' (if there's one).
Seeing that it's still standing strong and brimming with patrons this day, 
we instantly knew that we could count on them to make our Saturday brunch an enjoyable one. 

If you haven't been here, I'd strongly emphasize that one should not leave the premise without trying out their coffee. 
Made with passion by the award-winning barista Jason Loo, only the sky is his limit. 
You're ensured with the most aromatic of coffee, the creamiest of broth and the perfect temperature for that perfect enjoyment. 
We honestly didn't know about this earlier and had to learn it through the award displayed by the counter. 
And it instantly hyped us up for our beverage. 

If you are still unsure of its quality, it will perhaps ring a bell if I told you it's tied to the famous Red Bean Bag at Publika ? 
Having verified the food quality and its relatively reasonable price tags at Red Bean Bag,
the bar was set pretty high, 
as I was eager to see a totally different menu but still expecting the same quality. 

The premise was minimally decorated to a Scandinavian theme, adopting abundance of earthy tones incorporating wooden furniture and white colour as an accent. 
We adored how buzzing this place was, 
the crowd was lively and the waiter was friendly and responsive. 
The only drawback though was that due to its high volume patrons, 
it was pretty difficult to get a table;
although we didn't have to wait for too long, we were seated by the entrance, 
where the door was consistently opened as visitors tried their luck for seats. 
The blazing weather didn't help either. 
We started heating up as soon as we were seated
and no amount of ice drinks could cool us down. 

Always appreciate complimentary drinking water. 

D went for the latte where he fell head over heels for. 
It was the perfect ratio of coffee to milk, 
where no one of the two was overpowering another.
The coffee was absolutely aromatic and uplifting, 
without any unpleasant sour-y taste. 

My houjicha latte with soy milk replacement was to die for! 
It was the creamiest houjicha latte I have ever tasted! 
The multilayered sensorial experience led by the fluffiest froth followed by a smooth and delicious milky texture instantly brought me to latte heaven.
The soy milk was thick and creamy, the perfect complement to the incredibly fragrant houjicha. 
I love the strong but absolutely pleasant roasted aftertaste of the houjicha. 

Can't recall the name of this dish, 
but it's shakshuka. 
I would recommend this dish to anyone who loves a hearty breakfast.
With the warm and toasty eggs and savoury tomato sauce and other ingredients cooked into what seemed like a thick broth, this dish is sure to fill your tummy despite its deceivingly small portion. 
Use the bread to soak up the awesome eggs and tomato concoction so you don't leave any behind. 

Haven't tried out savoury pancakes just yet so thought would do so this time. 
We ordered this hopping for something with a lot of sauce but it turned out to be a dry dish, 
which I personally think is not the best option for brunch/breakfast, 
especially when you haven't had much water in the morning. 
We were also disappointed that the menu didn't mention that the mushrooms were deep-fried. 
We liked the juxtaposition of crunchy fried bits and the fluffy pancake,
as well as the salty and sweet taste. 
But if given a chance, we would not order this again. 

Pulled Beef Benedict (RM25)
In-house pulled beef with broccolini and basil topped with spicy thai mayonnaise and 2 poached eggs on an English muffin
If you're a beef eater, I highly recommend trying out this dish. 
The tender pulled beef was incredibly flavourful. 
We didn't want the spicy Thai maiyonnaise to disrupt the flavour so we opted to drop it. 
And it was the best decision made in that afternoon. 
The basil added an aroma to the delicious pulled beef without overshadowing it whilst adding an interesting texture to it. 
The poached eggs were also nicely done; just a gentle cut through the centre and you'd see the yolks bursting through the egg white flooding the pulled beef. 
It added more flavour to the delicious beef and soften the texture of the muffin. 
I must say, they were pretty generous with the amount of pulled beef, and we really appreciate it. 
This dish is definitely worth the price tag. 

It was overall an enjoyable experience, if it wasn't for the unstrategic seats. 
We loved their food and we especially loved their handcrafted beverages! 
Highly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Yellow Brick Road
Address: 7, Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 9AM- 4PM ⋅ Reopens 6PM-10PM
Phone: 03-2856 0903

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