Little Heritage House, PJ

It is already no secret how much my family and I love Nyonya cuisine. I guess it is in the blood. My mum grew up eating Nyonya food cooked by her parents every single day. So, the best way for my mum to reminisce those old times, has got to be bringing her to a Nyonya Restaurant. 

Vilaggio Restaurant, Johor

I am uber excited to introduce this place, because I have finally found an upmarket and classy western dining place in Johor Bahru. I have lived in KL all my life, sophisticated western, or more specifically Italian dining place in KL, was never deemed elusive. Just go to Bangsar, KL city centre and it's scattered all over the streets. But it is the exact opposite when it comes to Johor. 

Ippudou Ramen, Kulai JB

While you think I am here to talk about the renown Ramen shop in town, Ippudo Ramen, I am so sorry but you will be crestfallen as you read further. I was also, sold by the name and reckless about the slight difference in the spelling.

The Humble Pie & Co.

I am back again today with a very light meal, which is also another recent obsession of mine. Well I guess it's pretty obvious now that I don't just simply like anything; if I like something, I make sure to go ALL OUT! I became obsessed with it. LOL!

Pho Hoa, Tropicana City Mall

Fuhhhh... It's been a long hiatus. I have been so busy living, so as I always said. I am not even in my office much, let alone the time to write up something here. These few weeks were as though I was on a roller coaster ride, emotions welling up, swallowed down, nerve-wrecking and heart-wrenching all in one.
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