Pho Hoa, Tropicana City Mall

Fuhhhh... It's been a long hiatus. I have been so busy living, so as I always said. I am not even in my office much, let alone the time to write up something here. These few weeks were as though I was on a roller coaster ride, emotions welling up, swallowed down, nerve-wrecking and heart-wrenching all in one.

But, complains aside. I am going to talk about a Vietnamese food that I have tried out earlier.

I guess it needs no elaboration for how avid of a fan I am for Vietnamese cuisine. When I was extolling about Vietnamese cuisine with my colleague one day back in the year of 2014, my friend told me I am missing out big time if I don't try out this one in Tropicana City Mall. I was so eager to try it but when time passes, it was left behind my brain.

But when I was ambling with my sister in the mall one day last month, I saw this shop and all of a sudden I remembered what my colleague said about this shop and my sister and I decided to testify the verdict!

So this is how I look on one of the long school days. 
Hahahahha. I tend to exchange between school days and sometimes work days, 
because I do have a proper office hour to conform to, 
but most days it feels more like work than a student. LOL.

My sister and I both are trying to cut down food intake during dinner time, so we ordered these two, 
which we thought were the best representative of Vietnamese Cuisine. 

Vietnamese popiah ( yes, I still fail to remember the proper name of it,
and what's worse, too lazy to even google for it -.-)
I think this dish is appetising attributed to the special sauce at the side. 
It tastes like peanut butter but sweeter. 

We picked spicy and sour pho to share. 
I think pho generally taste quite bland. HAHAHHAHA. just saying. 
And this is just as any other phos you get. 
It has a certain flavour, but it is not as good as asam laksa or tom yam noodles. LOL. 

OK! It's time for some comments. I think.... All the food here is overpriced. The pho that we ordered was about RM30 which I think is just ridiculous! And the appetiser, was more than RM15 like what. These are just street food in Vietnam and they charge us with gourmet price. The taste was quite all right but not as good as I would have expected it to be. But I gotta say I like the interior design! I love bamboos (probably that's why). 

And my sister and I both had diarrhea the next day, and we have yet to figure out what was the cause of it. So, you may have to think twice before visiting this place. Oh well, these are just my piece of advice. 

It is located at the first floor of tropicana city mall. Just take the escalator nearby secret recipe and you will see it! 

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