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I am back again today with a very light meal, which is also another recent obsession of mine. Well I guess it's pretty obvious now that I don't just simply like anything; if I like something, I make sure to go ALL OUT! I became obsessed with it. LOL!

So there was another day where my sister and I needed to settle our own dinner before heading home, and also to escape from the crazy traffic, we wandered in the street of famous cafe in section 17 PJ and we found this pie shop, which we thought looks very cute! Of course, we opted for this place all because we were so in love with PIE!

I am guilty as charged for not taking any photo of the place, because the idea of blogging this did not cross my mind when I was there. But then I thought, the pie was great and it would be such a shame that I do not advocate for them.

This place has a modern design, with a row of tables arranged next to the wall. This row has got to be my favourite because these tables are dimly lit, and they are paired with comfy sofas! I love it, especially after a long day at uni!

My sister loves a good salty pie- Mushroom pie with Japanese Potato Salad, 
whereas I love a good sweet pie- Strawberry Pie. 

I must say the pie is very savoury, the salty one I am referring to. It is sooooo rich and creamy and the potato salad, it was soooooo good and as the name denote, it is a reminiscence of Japanese cuisine. It is definitely a best of both worlds combination for both western and Japanese cuisine lover like us! 

The strawberry pie was also something I took pleasure from! They were very generous with the strawberry, but of course, it comes with a price, literally. The base, which is also the pie, was very fragrant and crispy and it is basically everything you could ask for in a pie. 

The price wise, I must say it is slightly overpriced. But if you go for lunch set, it would be so much more worth it. 

I strongly recommend this pie shop, but make sure to visit them during lunch hour for awesome deals! 

Address: Jalan Harapan, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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