Vilaggio Restaurant, Johor

I am uber excited to introduce this place, because I have finally found an upmarket and classy western dining place in Johor Bahru. I have lived in KL all my life, sophisticated western, or more specifically Italian dining place in KL, was never deemed elusive. Just go to Bangsar, KL city centre and it's scattered all over the streets. But it is the exact opposite when it comes to Johor. 

This place definitely worth a shout out, because it is sooooo beautiful inside out, both literally and figuratively. LOL. The staff, oh wait, we were served by the boss, was super friendly and he recommended the best meal for us. The interior design, OMG, it was sooooo nicely done. The boss admitted that he's spent more than 400k on renovation 4 years ago. The opulent decoration and elegant ambiance have put me to shame, as I was only wearing shorts and tshirt. 

On a side note...  The boss is only 22 this year. I seriously need to reflect on my own achievement thus far. -.- 

I should not bore you further, so let's jump straight into the food sections.

 They offer a wide selection of Italian Cuisine, 
from Pizza to Pasta and even risotto!
You name it, they have it! 

 I love restaurants who provide complimentary plain water. 
Water is human basic needs, 
I don't understand how could some restaurants charge plain water at crazy price. 

 Pan griled salmon. 
The salmon is grilled to perfection. 
You could still taste the freshness, and its moisture was also nicely retained. 
The mashed potato was really nice! 
Adequate buttery flavour and texture. 

 Seafood pasta. 
Very nicely cooked! 
Taste was just exactly how I wanted it to be.
Not too soury and not too salty. 
It is satisfying to my taste buds! 

 Spicy creamy pasta. 
I have forgotten the exact name of this, 
but it tasted really good! 
I think this is perfect for those who want a bit of both tomato and cream. 
This combination was just god's creation. 
Nicely done, the pasta was also cooked to the perfect state. 
The way I loved it. 

 Pumpkin soup!!!
Pumpkin itself has a sweet savoury, 
so do expect this soup to be sweet. 
But I think it is just fine for general taste buds, 
probably only my sister being a tad too picky.
Again, this is worth a try! 

 Foie Risotto. 
This is the bomb, 
I hate eating porridge but I love risotto! 
Great taste, and when you couple it with Foie Gras, 
even delicious is an understatement! 

Lamb Pizza. 
I honestly have never eaten a pizza with lamb toppings! 
So I was very excited when we were recommended to try this out! 
I think after trying all different cuisine, 
I could say they are best at making pizza. 
You gotta eat it to be able to know why I said it is the best. 
Unique combination of toppings, generous toppings, 
roasted in ancient brick oven, 
all the dough are freshly prepared. 
If this is not perfection I don't know what is! 

Overall we had an amazing dining experience there, and the boss was very very kind and treated all of his customers like VIPs. We were even gifted with a free Pizza upon leaving. TOO KIND FOR WORDS. We are definitely re-visiting this place again sooner than later! Not forgetting, the price was also reasonable! Our total bill was less than RM140. BARGAIN! 

I highly recommend this amazing Italian restaurant!

  1. Address: No 48, Jalan Hang Tuah 4, Taman Skudai Baru, Johor, 81300 Skudai, Malaysia

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