Kin Ryu Tei Japanese Restaurant, SS15

It is yet again, those days where we were craving for Japanese cuisine. Me, being the organizer of all family outings, had to look up on Japanese restaurants which are new to us. We were pretty bored of all the ordinary Japanese restaurants in the mall. 

I came across this Japanese restaurants street (I am the one who named it though), opposite of Sime Darby Medical Centre, Subang Jaya. They have a lot of restaurants for me to pick. So I decided to just go there and decide which one to go. 

Finally, we picked Kin Ryu Tei. WHY? Because.... They put up a sign stating all taxes are exempted. HAHAHHAHA. With this ongoing recession, of course, we opted for tax free one. :P

When dining in a Japanese restaurant, it's an unwritten rule that we drink green tea. LOL. 
After all, drink tea is very beneficial to the body, attributed to their high anti-oxidant property. 
Their green tea has a decent richness, 
I am immediately chafed if a restaurant serves stingy bland tasting green tea. 

Now let's get going and jump right into the food photos. 

 We ordered a tofu salad for sharing. 
It tasted great! 
The salad dressing was good and everything was just right! 

 My dad ordered this, 
which I thought was a deal! 
It came with soup, rice, chawan mushi, salad and fruits! 

 This salad, which I shamelessly failed to remember the name. 
But it's great!!!! 
It comes in a variety of three types of fish, which are tuna and salmon. I can't remember another one. 

 I picked this, 
because, I was craving for noodles. 
I am a noodle person if you haven't already know!
The soup was nice, clear but it has a great flavour, 
ramen was great! 
I especially love it with extra chilli flakes! 
I thought this was a good deal too. 
These good deals are in their lunch set menu. 

 Though simple, but it's our all time fav! 

 This is the result of picking different sushi singly. 
Everything was nice! 

The last one, was also the best one!
It's soft shell crab! 
Everything in it was a perfect combination. 
It was extra delicious when you eat it with the mayonnaise. 

Sorry for the incomplete information. This is the result of backlogging posts. HAHAHHAHA. 

But will I revisit this place? I WOULD SAY YESSSSS DEFINITELY!

The decoration was great, the ambiance was perfect- a high-end lush design, the food was up to my expectation, and the price was fairly reasonable. Our total bill was about 250. And plus point, like I mentioned above, NO GST! Hahahahahha. I highly recommend this restaurant!

Address: No. 3, Jalan SS 15/5A, 47500 Subang Jaya,
                Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2300

Telephone: +603 5621 2668 / +6016 216 6668


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